Hey this is my new story hope it's good and hopes I have some returning readers. In this fic Team 7 saves the land of snow after learning Chidori and Rasengan. Also Team 7 doesn't go to the exams the first year.

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Snow Storm


It was one of the best days of Naruto's life. He had just killed a vicious dictator and helped in the return of Princess Yukie to the throne. He was heading back to the boat when Sasuke had confronted him.

"You could never defeat Doto because I couldn't. I bet it was just a fluke. Fight me so I can prove that your a loser." He said

"No I won't fight you my Rasengan would tear through your Chidori and I don't want to kill you." Sighed the blond.

He turned away to go to get on the boat when a Chidori appeared in his chest. Kakashi had driven it through him as he turned around.

"How dare you say you could ever kill an Uchiha. Sasuke would beat you to a bloody pulp. I bet no one even cares if you die you Demon. You killed my sensei. Your nothing but a blemish on this earth you shouldn't be allowed to stand in the presence of someone like me. " Said the scarecrow

Naruto just lay there in a puddle of his own blood as they turned and left. The fox wasn't going to cut it without help he was going to die. All of the sudden he saw a woman appear above him. Her blond hair glistened in the sun and her eyes were soft with kindness.

'An angel. So this is how it ends. Killed by my own sensei. I never became Hokage.'


2 years later

The Village hidden in the leaves would be holding the Chunin exams this year. Also the Land of snow would be appearing this year. They had become powerful and had learned how to work the generators so that it was spring all the time except for the borders where they had a snow storm up all year long. Travelers would have to take the one train in and out. It had also become a Hidden Village with successful Ninjas that did missions. They were also the leading exporter of crops because of the fertile land.

The Yukikage was supposed to be a powerful man. He had trained in the harsh north of the land of snow. He had lived with a tribe of nomads learning from them and fighting the most ferocious beasts. He couldn't be at the finals but he had sent his finest team. Also the two Sannin would be at the Exams. The news of 3 people as strong as these had brought trade and people from far and wide.

As the Snow Team walked through the gates they were looked at strangely. The lead student had what looked like a bear skin cloak over his shoulders. He had on black cargo pants, combat boots, a mask and some snow goggles. His blond hair was shoulder length and he had what looked like tribal tattoo's and a tribal wolf fang necklace. He had a spear strapped to his back. The man to his left was bald as an egg. He sported sun glasses, snow camo pants, a crimson shirt, combat boots, and a trench coat. He had twin katana's strapped to his back. One was black and had the kanji for death on it and the other one was blood red with blood written on it. The last member had snow white hair and piercing black eyes. he had a black vest with a hood, some shinobi pants, and combat boots. His arms and mouth were wrapped in bandages. He also had what looked like fingerless gloves except for the metal plate was on the palm instead of the back. The woman with them was what was drawing all the attention. She was none other than princess Yukie(she's dressed like shizune)

The guards checked them in and pointed them towards the tower. On the way they got a lot of stares. They walked in and sat down in the lobby to wait until the Hokage was free. A few minutes later the doors opened and out came Team 7.

"Hi guys where's Naruto" asked Yukie.

"He died right after we left killed by one of Doto's loyal subjects." said Kakashi

'Man she would have been great in the Icha Icha movie' he thought

"sorry to hear that who's your new member." The princess replied

"His names Sai." said the Pink Menace

The boy just grunted and stood there not unlike Sasuke except for he wasn't broody looking.

"so this is your team i didn't know you had any Ninja training." Said Sasuke

"No this is someone else's team but he can't be here and so I took his place so I could come to this beautiful city again. This is Onkan Kei "

She gestured to the white haired Kid.

" Nora Shinji " to Baldy

"and Chiarashi Naramo" she pointed to the last one.

They nodded and turned away. After the princess had talked some more to Team 7 she said goodbye and went into the Hokage's office. He was sitting behind his desk. When the walked in he looked up from his pile of work.

"Ahh hello. You must be the snow team." said the old man

"Yes but we have something to discuss. " she said "Naruto Uzamaki was killed by his own sensei."

The old man looked startled.

"How do you know this do you have proof." he said

"I'm still alive he tried to kill me but i was saved by the tribes of the north." Said the blond spear wielder

He took off his mask and the old man gasped. It looked exactly like Naruto except for the fact that he had no whiskers.

"but how? when? what?" he said

"Kakashi put a chidori through my chest because i killed Doto and not Sasuke." replied the blond

"How did you survive." asked the Hokage.

"The Tribes that live in the frozen north saved me. I lived with them and trained in the way of nature manipulation. Also the Fox was killed by my Nature Spirit" he said

"your what "

"The tribes have a way to unlock the spirit that we all hold within us. This spirit can then come outside us and through it we can manipulate nature. Mine is a Snow spirit giving me the power over snow."

"and it killed the Fox"

The room temperature dropped drastically. All of the sudden white wolf sprung from the blonde's chest. It shook itself and stood beside Naruto

"Yes I did" Said the wolf "I drove the fox out back to Nature itself"

The Hokage was flabbergasted. Naruto put his hand on the wolf's shoulder.

"This is Yukinu" he said

"will you come back to leaf I can punish Kakashi." asked Sarutobi

"NO" the blond and the Yukinu said at the same time sounding in unison as one

"We have found Our place and we have come back stronger than ever. We will not attack Konaha but if it attacks anyone we see as precious we will send snow storms to freeze this land and we will kill all that gets in our way. Our one purpose is to protect The Snow Village for it is all that we hold dear."

Outside the wind started snapping, and it grew cold as if to emphasize their point.

Hope you liked it. Its just an idea that popped into my head.