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Snow Storm Ch 5


Naruto sat on the middle of the lake and meditated. He thought about his beautiful girlfriend. His head jerked as Kei's message reached him. He slowly stood and turned just in time to see 5 chunin walk into the room. One ,obviously the leader, stepped forward.

"Surrender your scroll"

Naruto looked at the five of them and sighed.

"Fine" he said tossing the scroll to him. Many thing's happened at once. The Chunin leader opened it and got leveled by a Shadow clone as the real Naruto ran towards a Hyuga clansman. The clone slammed the leader into the wall, knocking him unconcious. The real Naruto was engaged in a taijutsu match with the Hyuga. They were evenly matched and dodged and weaved between blows. He had just started to smile when he felt his body seize up. He noticed one of the Chunin had his hands in the Rat seal.

"Kage mane: Sucess" the man said

"Hey Shikimaru, How ya doin." Naruto said

"I don't know how you know me but check him Neji." The pineapple headed teen said.

Naruto looked at the Hyuga as he approached him.

"Boom" He said. He exploded and sent the Hyuga flying into the wall. The 2 more Chunin ran in and they all looked around trying to find Naruto. They found him sitting on their unconcious leader.

"You guys are good but I used substitution with my Kamikaze Clone" He said standing up. He jumped and threw three exploding Kunai at their feet making them jump back onto the water to avoid the blast. They fell into a defensive position and prepared for an attack. Narutosimply walked onto the water with his hands in his pockets.

"You should feel lucky I'm about to show you a move I got from my first girlfriend just before she died." He said


Water rose and formed into a dome of mirrors. Naruto walked forward and sank into one of the mirrors making it look like they were surrounded by Naruto's. He drew several senbonand took off faster than they could see. When the blurs stopped the five dropped to their knees filled with senbon.

"How would she feel about you using it on a friend. If that is what you profess to be." the pineapple headed Nin asked. This illicited a laugh from Naruto.

"In order to protect her master she put her feelings of friendship and love, and used this very move on me." He said before launching another attack.

Shikimarusat there trying to come up with a plan. Obviously he couldn't gauge the man's position from his voice, so they couldn't go attack him. They would have to bring him to them. Shikimaru started throwing Ninja wire all over the dome. Naruto of course just laughed and dodged through the wire. After a few more assults Shikimaru stopped throwing wire and Naruto stopped moving. The other 4 chunin were knocked out and only Shikimaru was left.

"So what next going to try and get me to stop with more sentimental words. We are ninja we do and see terrible things." Naruto said sadly.

"Checkmate." was the only reply he got.


"You had to go through this hole here" Shikimaru said pointing to an opening in the wires." It was a trap."

Naruto looked confused and saw an exploding note stuck to his shoe. The explosion sent him through the wall of the cavern and into the room where Kei sat. He looked up and saw his friend sitting there looking at him like an idiot.

"We must have doubled back. You look like shit." He said before getting up and going back into the room he had been in. He saw the chunin had likewise been blown through a wall.

"Looks like I win." He said before whistling. Yukinushowed up withthe scroll in his mouth.

"It's time to go to the meeting place." He said helping his friend up.

They found Shinjiat the meeting place with their hot proctor over his shoulder.

"Can you get a girl without kidnapping her." Narutotried to say with a straight face. He even got Kei to giggle a little bit.

"Ha ha ha. Hardy Har Har. Your hilarious she attacked me and it's not right to leave a lady in a cold dank cave." He said before entering the tower that signaled the end of the exam.

"The prelims will be short." Kei observed

"Yes they will" Naruto said watching a grass nin and the Sakura knock each other out. The first three rounds had been boring. A rock nin had beat a sound nin and Sasuke had beat a mist nin with his weird tattoo.

The board began to pair up somebody for the 4th match.

Kei VS Dosu

Dosu looked at the board and decided to give up. Everyone looked at him weird because of the sudden refusal to fight but decided he had seen Kei fight before. They all looked back up at the board.

Naramo VS Kiba

Naruto smiled and stepped back through an ice mirror. This thoroughly scared Kakashi who quickly went to ask the Hokage something. Kiba just barked something about being sure to win and jumping down.

"Kiba give up he is in another league." Hana yelled from the sidelines. "His teamate tricked me and two other proctors you have no chance."

Kiba just ignored her.

"Go Akamaru." He yelled

The boy's dog took off running towards Naruto.

"Yukinu it's time." Naruto said.

Yukinu burst forth from Naurto's body and tackled the poor dog knocking him unconscious.

"Akamaru." Kiba yelled before jumping and turning into a whirling twister.

Naruto simply stood between the boy's attack and Yukinu.

"MOVE" Hana yelled "That is the Inuzuka's most dangerous attacks. You can' t live through this if you take a direct hit."

Naruto just looked into her eyes. Without looking away he rose his right arm. Hana gasped as his eyes turned white. The whirlwind hit and dust swirled outwards blocking eveyone's view. Hana just turned away.

"He's dead." She said. She started to walk away but bumped into Shinji's chest. He put his hand on her shoulder and pointed to the arena.

"It is going to take a lot more than that to kill him." He said. She blushed at the closeness and turned quickly to hide it. Kei noticed the blush from both the Inuzuka and his teammate.

'OH Yeah Black Mail'

Out on the field the dust had begun to settle. Hana gasped at what she saw. In the middle of a small crater stood Naruto holding Kiba by the neck. Naruto's hair had turned white and spiked up like ice. His cloak and shirt had torn off making a few of the females blush. He was quite muscled and had a variety of battle scars across his body. That wasn't what was the weirdest. His skin had become pale white making his tattoo's more prominent. His eyes were still white but they had begun to swirl like a snow storm.

"It is very odd is it not. His eyes I mean." Shinji asked. Hana and a few others just nodded.

"It only happens when he is using his powers. That is his battle form." He added

" How powerfull is he. What powers." the Inuzuka asked.

"The powers of the north. The will of his spirit. Don't you see it. His eyes, his power. He is the Snow Storm of our land." Shinji said.

All other talking was cut off as Naruto began to move. He pulled his hand back and held Kiba at arms length off the ground. His palm began to glow white and ice began to swirl in his hand.

"Do you give" he asked. Kiba was having trouble breathing so he just gave Naruto the finger."Then their is no hope."


He slammed his palm into the boy's stomach sending the boy flying into the wall. Ice and snow swirled between the two combatents. The palm shaped patch of ice on Kiba's shirt began to spread and soon he was encased up to his neck against the wall.

"Three options" Naruto held up 3 fingers.

"You give up and I let you go." He put one down. needles of ice as long as Naruto's forearm positioned themselves against the ice around the boy and several points.

"You don't and I push these needles in you at strategic, painful, and nonleathal points, starting with your right foot and ending with your balls. Until you give" he put another down. Every male in the room thought about a foot and a half long cold ice needle being pushed slowly through their balls and winced.

"And last I get bored and just crush you to death with the ice." He put the last finger down.

He created 20 ice clones and had them stand at the ends of the needles and get ready to push. Kiba gave a defiant look.

"Bring it Frosty." He said and spat at Naruto. Naruto simply froze the spit and made it into a needle.

"Screw this I'm going straight for the balls." He began to run at the poor boy and just as he hit it slid through the ice like a knife through hot butter and..................................."


I'm just joking I'm not that evil.

Kiba immediately passed out. The needle simply spread out through the ice coating. Naruto turned around and walked up to the side.

"Tell your brother that his steel resolve is a good thing for a ninja to have." The ice began to crack and the clones melted. "However teach him that in something stupid like this exam he needn't get himself killed."

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