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Hello! Starting a new story! I'm going to put the other one on hold, I'm going to revise and re-post it. but until then, please enjoy this one! :)

Title: Zoan
Author: ZOroronoaRO
Fandom: One Piece
Pairings: nearly gen, but with pairings hinted at and/or mentioned.
Timeline: After Ennies Lobby before Florian Triangle Series.
Spoilers: Do not read if you care about spoilers and are not up to date to Ennies Lobby.
Summary: At the newest island, Zoro's strength is admired…a bit too much, and he is now the next target of an X-world government scientist.

Zoan – Chapter One



The man reclined in his chair and mulled over his plan. It was flawless. He gazed at the spread of papers before him, all wanted posters from the same crew. One of the posters was separated from the rest; he picked it up and gazed into the green eyes of his next target.

"Mr. Rika, sir?"

His thoughts interrupted, he looked up. "Is everything in place, Chris?"

"Yes, sir." Chris replied with a nod, "Everything is stocked and ready for the operation and your associates have been contacted, all you need to do is say the word and they'll be here."

Rika set down the paper and walked over to the window, staring blankly through it, "and the pirates?"

"They left Water 7 several days ago; they should arrive in about 10-20 hours."

"Excellent." His lips turned upwards in satisfaction, "Notify me when they're on the horizon."

Chris nodded and left the room without another word.

Rika turned back to the table and went over how hard it had been to get this far.

He had been planning this for months; his eyes set on the one person in the crew that he had calculated could survive the operation.

And if it worked he would be reinstated on the World Government Research and Development Team. But if it didn't there would be one less pirate in the world, it was a win-win situation.

But it had better work, he thought, he had spent too much time, money, favors, and resources to get the information about the individual. To find out everything he could about him to formulate a solid plan. He had several of them actually, each varying in different ways if things didn't go as he wanted them to at first.

He sat back into his chair and closed his eyes as if resting his overworked brain. Soon, he thought, soon he would achieve the greatest step in Devil Fruit research, and "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro would help him get there.


Zoro breathed out as he did his last one-handed push-up and turned his back so the five sandbags could fall off. He got up and sneezed. Zoro itched his nose thoughtfully and gazed at the half-set sun through the window. He wasn't a superstitious guy but it bugged him a little. Shrugging it off he decided it was time for a nice long shower. He grabbed a towel and headed down the latter, straight for the bathroom. As he got to the deck he noticed that the rest of the crew was gathering in the kitchen for an informational meeting about the next island. He shrugged, it wouldn't hurt to miss one, besides, he wasn't planning on going on it anyways.


"Alright, eggheads, I'm only going to say this once. NO. TROUBLE." Nami's heated eyes pierced every soul in the room, "We really need water and if you cause trouble we won't be able to get it." she noticed a missing crew member and looked around, "Where's Zoro, he really needs to hear this."

"Nami! I told you that water thing was an accident!" Luffy crossed his arms and pouted like a small child.

Nami raised her eyebrows at the boy, "You and Usopp, I'm still not exactly sure how, destroyed 40 BARRELS of water, and you think it's not a big deal?"

"42 actually." Chimed Sanji

"WHATEVER!" Nami said, irritated.

"I never said that." Luffy pouted more.

"Look, I don't want to talk about this anymore. All you need to know is that we're here to get water and leave. This island has the fastest resetting time on the whole Grand Line, that's why it's common knowledge." She placed a map on the kitchen table, "this is the island. It's covered in a dense forest and there's one small city right in the middle. We'll dock here where one of the three roads lead us to the middle." She stretched and yawned, "I'm tired so I'm off to bed. Franky, remember, you have first watch."

"Roger!" he said with a "super" thumbs-up.

The rest of the crew exited the room, minus Sanji and Usopp, being on kitchen duty.

As the Going-Sunny's residents settled down for the night the waves parted quietly on their way to their destination, and before they new it morning came.


"Would you like to wake them or should I?"

Nami looked up from her cup of coffee into the big eyes of the archeologist, "Knock yourself out."

Robin smiled and gently closed her eyes, focusing. Even from in the Kitchen they heard Luffy.


Sanji's expression darkened as he hurried to exchange the lady's special food for the idiot's breakfast.

The door burst open bringing forth Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper in a big heap of happiness.

"Breakfast!!" all three cheered as they shoved food into their mouth.

It wasn't long before Zoro and Franky joined the festivities and the normal breakfast.

"Fo, Mafi. Wemb bo whe gebt toh bah ihlend?" Luffy asked, food flying.

"Huh?" she said looking at him strange, "How many times do I have to tell you? Swallow then speak!"

"He asked you when we get to the next island." Usopp said smiling.

Luffy nodded frantically, mouth still over pilled with food.

Nami sighed and took a bite of eggs, "If the wind and current keep us at this pace about two hours."

The news gave the boys permission for a bigger party.

"Woo-hoo! Two hours!"

After a bit more fun and food, and the occasional arguments between Sanji and Zoro, the crew dispersed to their morning activities.

Franky, now with a lot of wood on his hands thanks to the broken barrels, went to work drawing up something to use all the wood for, Robin and Nami were casually talking, Sanji was doing preparations for lunch, Zoro preceded to work on his leg muscles, chopper was in the sickbay concocting and researching who-knows-what, and Usopp and Luffy were sitting on Sunny-Go's head, to Luffy's protest.

"Usopp! You can't sit here! It's my special seat!"

"Luffy, there's tons of room up here! The whole crew could sit up here comfortably!"


"'So'? So why can't I sit up here? I want to watch the island too and this is the best spot to see it from other than the crows nest, but Zoro's training up there."

Luffy crossed his arms and looked at the island in the distance, "Fineee." He said with a sigh sitting down.

"Thanks!" Usopp joined him and they both sat in silence, just enjoying the view and the breeze.

Shirtless, Zoro grunted as he did another lunge, then set down the 55 kg weight carefully so I didn't roll off to somewhere it wasn't supposed to. He gave a soft sigh and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Time for my morning nap." He stated to no one putting on his shirt. He headed down the familiar ladder and positioned himself against one of the trees on the lower deck. But before he fell asleep he heard a cry of happiness.

"It's so close now!"

He chucked to himself and promptly fell asleep.


"Alright bring it in, nice an easy. Turn 40 degrees south. Perfect."

Sanji coolly, and adoringly, followed Nami's instructions and the Straw-Hat Crew officially docked on the island Kigi, named for its numerous trees.

"This dock doesn't look very stable." Nami looked over the edge of the boat.

Robin smiled and joined her in looking down, "That's the life of a pirate, always have to take the back way to not be seen."

Nami mumbled something about falling then turned to the rest.

"Me, Robin, Luffy, and Zoro will go first. That way we can carry the most water back and know where we go."

She turned to sleeping Zoro and kicked him in the gut.

"Zoro, get up, we need to go."

Zoro snored in response.

Nami's expression darkened, "You always sleep!"

But before she could punish him more, Robin approached her.

"He was actually up most of the night. He took watch after Franky for you and me."

Nami stared at her, bewildered.

"Oh, I totally forgot…" She looked at the sleeping figure, "After it was over, I was so tired I just went back to sleep. How did he know about your…?" she trailed off, not wanting to say it out loud.

Robin shrugged, "I'm not sure. Perhaps I was too loud." She turned and started down the ladder. "We should be going, Navigator-san."

Nami smirked at the sleeping swordsman; he could be so weird at times, and at others considerate.

She turned and joined over-excited Luffy and Robin on the rickety dock.

"Nami-san!" Sanji appeared on the ladder, "Can I come too? There's some spices we're out of."

"Sure, Sanji-kun."

"Nami-san is so kind to me." He said, wriggling towards her like a noodle.

"Sanjiii, what about lunch?" Luffy whined.

"You just ate! Besides, I set out lunch for those guys and I have our lunches right here." He held up a bag.

Luffy smiled brightly, he couldn't wait for lunch!

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