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Yo! Finally, a new oneshot for Angels on the Moon.

This one is canon-based and syrupy sweet.

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FIDGETY by sammy_sakura

Ah, now the sky could be blue

I don't mind

Without you, it's a waste of time.

Could be blue, I don't mind.

Without you, it's a waste of time.

The sky could be blue

Could be gray

Without you, I just slide away.

The sky could be blue, I don't mind.

Without you, it's a waste of time.

--Coldplay "Strawberry Swing"

It was safe to say that Rock Lee wasn't the smartest Konoha shinobi; but there was one thing he knew for sure:

At this very moment, Sasuke Uchiha was a nervous wreck on the inside.

Outwardly, the Sharingan-wielder, was staring apathetically into the flickering crimson and golden flames of the campsite fire. He was perched on top of his nin pack, arms crossed over the traditionally green jounin vest, emblazoned by a small uchiwa fan, in a petulant, brooding manner.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Nothing except for the incessant tapping of the former missing-nin's sandal against the forest floor.

Even timid, mild-mannered Hinata Hyuuga was on the verge of hitting some paralyzing chakra points and tying the Uchiha to a tree. 'He might make a break to try and find the other team soon. I don't think Lee-san and I can stop him.'

'Where the fuck is she? They were supposed to be back to the rendezvous point by now,' thought the Uchiha. Sasuke cursed himself for letting his wife of 3 years accept this mission. 'Ch. Like whether or not I was okay with it would have deterred that woman.' The muscles in his thighs shifted (Hinata and Lee stiffened) as his fingernails dug a little deeper into the pale flesh of his wrapped forearms. '5 more minutes and then I'm going after her. Screw that dobe Hokage's orders!'

The 26-year-old man thought back to the day she told him about the mission.

Sasuke glared pitifully at his 18-month-old son, his mirror image in almost every way, minus the smallest Uchiha's darkened emerald orbs. It was lunchtime at the Uchiha manor, but Shunsuke wasn't interested in Sasuke's cooking or in settling down for a meal.

Usually, Sakura would be here to calm the fidgety, hyperactive Uchiha enough to get some food into his little body, but for the past couple of months, at least 4 times a week, she would sneak off in the early afternoon to run errands, gossip with Yamanaka, or whatever other woman things she did. Sasuke didn't ask questions. Now that he thought about it, what did she do with her free time?

So distracted was Sasuke that he barely managed to dodge the mashed potatoes flung directly at his forehead. 'Hn. My son has good aim.' Sasuke chuckled as he watched Shunsuke drop his baby spoon in favor of punching and banging his tiny fists on the highchair table top.

"Shunsuke," said Sasuke, sternly, yet gently. The toddler turned mischievous, wide viridian eyes toward's the sound of his father's deep baritone. "Enough."

"'Tou-san! Down!" whined Shunsuke.

"Aa," replied Sasuke, striding over to the bouncing toddler and releasing him from the evil highchair prison.

Light laughter from the kitchen entryway caused both Uchiha males to pause.

"Looks like Shu-chan has Otou-san wrapped around a little finger, ne?" cooed Sakura, a teasing glint dancing in her emerald eyes.

Shunsuke squealed in Sasuke's arms and reached excitedly towards his mother. Sasuke rolled his eyes and pecked his wife sweetly on the lips before handing off their boisterous son. He leaned back against the counter, a content and rare smile on his perfectly chiseled face as Sakura baby-talked and tweaked Shunsuke's cute little nose. He noticed his wife's attire—black, sleeveless, v-neck shirt with the Uchiha clan emblem on the back, her short, light khaki skirt with the slits up the side, and teeny black spandex shorts—as well as the slight sheen of sweat on her body. Not only was he quite turned on by Sakura right now, but more importantly—had she been training? He remembered her knee-high heeled nin boots missing from the front entrance earlier, too. Suspicious, very suspicious.

"Ano, Sasuke-kun?" interrupted Sakura, noticing her husband's not-so-subtle perusal of her form. She shifted Shunsuke so he sat perched on her right hip. "I talked to Ino-chan, and she'll be watching Shu-chan for us tonight."

Inner Sasuke did a happy dance. Since his son had been born, his alone time with Sakura had been sorely lacking. Their sexual encounters were quick and frenzied, like horny teenagers hiding from their parents and other authority figures. While their hasty couplings were always satisfying, Sasuke missed exploring his wife's gorgeous body and bringing her to orgasm multiple times before his cock even penetrated her. Speaking of his male anatomy, just thinking of Sakura writhing underneath him in their king-sized bed was causing a reaction. He shifted to hide the evidence of his arousal, slightly uncomfortable because his son was still in the room.

Just as the sun was beginning to sink behind the hills, Sakura left for Ino's place, Shunsuke and his overnight bag in tow. Sasuke took this as an opportunity to foster his newly found romantic side and lit some candles so the soothing scent of lavender and vanilla could fill the spacious master bedroom. It was cheesy, he knew, but he was still a novice, despite 3 years of marriage and 2 years of dating prior to that. And besides, Sakura would love it. Sasuke decided to look over some Uchiha family scrolls while he waited for Sakura.

About half an hour later, Sasuke was rubbing his forehead, trying to decipher some old kanji, when he felt Sakura's unmistakable chakra and heard her climbing the staircase, nearing their bedroom. Sasuke rolled up the scrolls and turned off the desk lamp.

Seconds passed and the shoji door slid open to reveal his wife, who he never tired of looking at. Her long, pastel pink hair was tied up into a messy bun, and she had changed out of her earlier attire into a light green, spaghetti-strapped, empire waist sundress that reached a couple inches above the knees. She looked so completely feminine; any stranger would have trouble believing inside that petite, womanly form was a deadly, cunning kunoichi. Sasuke sat at the foot of their large bed, leaning back on his hands, and watched Sakura pad over to her vanity. Sakura removed the band holding up her hair; the rose locks tumbled down around her face and shoulders. She ran her fingers through her hair, smoothing out any kinks, and unknowingly seducing the man on the bed. She caught his smoldering gaze in the mirror and turned around sharply.

"Sasuke-kun," gasped Sakura, her breath hitching in her throat. She nibbled on her bottom lip, a sign that she was hesitating. Sasuke's eyes darkened further and Sakura spun back around to avoid his sultry stare.

"Sa-ku-ra," purred the raven-hared shinobi impatiently.

Sakura could feel her knees weakening and clutched the vanity chair tightly, the wood almost splintering beneath her grip. 'Kami, it should be illegal to be that sexy,' thought the kunoichi.

Taking a deep breath, Sakura said, "I need to tell you something first."

Sasuke's brow furrowed as he made his way over to his wife. His strong arms wrapped around her waist and turned her to meet his eyes. He didn't like the fact that she was hiding something that made her shy away from him.

Finding her strength, Sakura continued, "I have a mission that begins in a week."

Sasuke's fingers tightened on her waist. She hadn't been on a mission since they found out she was pregnant with Shunsuke. That was a little over 2 years ago. Sasuke knew this day would come, of course, because she was adamant about remaining a kunoichi, protecting the village she loved. He just assumed they would at least discuss this before she accepted a mission, and he wasn't expecting for her to go out so soon. She had only been back working shifts at the hospital for a mere 6 months. Naruto, the newly sworn-in Rokudaime, would not actively seek out Sakura for a mission; so, Sasuke could conclude that Sakura had gone and asked for one.

"You didn't feel the need to discuss this with me, your husband?" hissed Sasuke, trying to keep his anger in check.

"I-I wasn't planning on asking for one," replied Sakura, bringing her arms around to rest on Sasuke's shoulders and wrap around his neck. "Ino and I were waiting for Shikamaru at the front gates. He had been sent on an S-rank 3 weeks ago. And, I don't know, Sasuke-kun," she sighed and walked over to the bedroom window, "I miss getting out of the village and kicking ass. I miss walking through those gates and telling you how my mission went. And then I hear you and Ino-chan and Hinata-chan tell me about your missions. I just feel," Sakura ran her finger down the window pane and paused to find the right word, "weak."

Sasuke's hand trapped hers against the window.

"You're not weak," whispered Sasuke into her ear from behind. Sakura shivered from his proximity and leaned back into his hard body. Sasuke had seen every facet of Sakura's strength over the years. From the gaping craters she had caused when her fists hit the ground to witnessing the 15-hour labor of their son. Yes, he knew she was the strongest kunoichi this village had ever known. "Which mission?"

Being the Rokudaime's best friend and closest advisor had certain advantages. Sasuke was privy to the latest information, and he couldn't recall intelligence reports that would lead to any missions of A or S-Rank status, save for the Nara's latest mission. He had been off for a couple of days, however, and some new skirmishes may have come about. The area between Suna and Mist was always filled with rogue shinobi stirring up trouble of varying intensity.

"It seems the rogues occupying the borders of Suna and Mist have gotten some help from ex-Sound-nin. They managed to successfully fend off and injure some of Gaara's shinobi, including Kankuro. Gaara contacted Naruto early this morning asking for assistance. Also, they've attacked a number of travelling civilians, severely wounding some and kidnapping the majority. They have yet to make any demands or release any hostages. My mission is to infiltrate their camp, gather information, and get out as quick as possible without arousing suspicions," concluded Sakura.

"Damnit, Sakura," cursed Sasuke, backing up and sitting on the bed again. He ran his fingers tiredly through his raven locks and continued, "You have no idea how sadistic those former Sound-nins are. That bastard Oorochimaru trained them to be nothing but merciless robots with weapons."

Sakura knew Sasuke was recalling his own days in Sound under the snake sannin's corrupt tutelage. She knelt on the wooden floor in between his knees and grabbed his hands. Looking up into his handsome face she said, "I'm sorry for not telling you, but I need to do this."

"Hn," replied Sasuke. That was as close to an agreement as Sakura was going to get from her prideful husband.

"Besides, it's not exactly a solo mission," stated Sakura. "I'll have someone with me, as well as a 3-man team waiting from a secure distance for added reinforcement."

"And who will be with you?" questioned Sasuke, feeling a little relieved; though first thing in the morning, he was going to visit the dobe and ask to be her escort, or at least part of the backup team.

" Well," Sakura hesitated, "Suiget—"

"Absolutely not," interjected Sasuke. "That fucking pervert will not be anywhere near my wife." Sasuke growled under his breath. Suigetsu loved to tease Sasuke when it came to his weakness for Sakura. The sword-loving shinobi would make blatantly suggestive comments and endlessly flirt with Sakura just to elicit some emotion from the stoic Uchiha. It pissed him off even more that Sakura found it quite hilarious, which further encouraged Suigetsu's raunchy behavior.

Sakura hid an amused smile, knowing Suigetsu's advances were harmless, and climbed onto Sasuke's lap, straddling his legs. Truthfully, Sasuke's dominate nature had always been a real turn-on. Inner Sakura literally melted into a puddle of unidentifiable goo whenever a possessive Sasuke emerged.

Sakura rolled her hips forward against her husband's covered crotch and sucked lightly on the side of his neck which extracted a heavy groan from Sasuke, who massaged the side of her waist. The sexy kunoichi grabbed her husband's strong, calloused hands and slid them down to her supple rear. Leaning up to nibble on his ear, she whispered playfully, "Now, now Sasu-kun. You know you're the only one allowed to touch me like this."

The image of anyone touching what was his and what had always been his caused a deep rumble in Sasuke's chest. His hands groped her ass roughly and pulled his woman even closer, allowing Sakura to feel the growing bulge in his pants. "Aa. You're mine, woman."

"Mhmm," purred the seductive pinkette. "And you, Uchiha-san, are all mine."

No more words were spoken between the two lifelong lovers as their lips and tongues collided in scorching hot kiss that left both eager and aching for more.

As Sasuke coaxed the cherry blossom kunoichi down onto the dark sheets of their king-sized bed, Sakura could already tell there would be no sleep in the Uchiha household tonight.

Sasuke took complete control and slowly peeled the dress from Sakura's willing body. His wife's most sacred parts were covered only in cream-colored lace. Her pastel pink hair decorated the pillows as her thickly lashed eyelids clouded over in lust.

Sasuke closed his eyes and smirked recalling how many times he had made love to his wife that night and into the next day. 'Kami, please be safe Sakura,' pleaded the Uchiha.


Sasuke's eyes shot open as Hinata dropped the metal cup she had previously been drinking from. She was stiff as a board, searching intently with the Byakugan activated to the east. Sasuke moved to her side immediately, waiting for the Hyuga heiress to speak.

Finally, after 20 minutes, Hinata let out a sigh of relief and her shoulders relaxed. She turned to see Sasuke a little too close for comfort, but held in the startled shriek when she noticed the look on his face. His eyes were wide in panic and anticipation.

"Please calm down, Sasuke-san," soothed Hinata, her mothering nature taking over. "Sakura-chan and Suigetsu-san got into a small scuffle before they could make it out of the rogue camp completely undetected. Her chakra is low, but her vitals are fine. They should be here—"

"Oi! Uchiha, this hot wife of yours can fight!" interrupted Suigetsu, emerging through the surrounding shrubbery. Being held in his arms (a bit too closely for Sasuke's liking) was a bruised pink-headed kunoichi.

Sasuke snatched Sakura from the sword-nin gently and cradled her close to his chest, where his heart was hammering. Sakura must have heard the rapid beating, because even in her low-chakra state, she murmured, "I'm okay, 'suke-kun."

The sharingan was activated, scanning her entire petite frame for any internal and external signs of damage. A couple bruises, a shallow gash on her right thigh, and maybe a twisted right ankle. 'She's okay. She's alive,' repeated Sasuke over and over in his head. Leaning against a fallen log, Sasuke continued to hold the kunoichi close and reached into his nin pack for some chakra-restoring pills. As he did this, the Uchiha addressed Suigetsu and demanded, "Explain."

Suigetsu, familiar with Sasuke's dangerous tone, decided not to goad his former teammate right now. He replied, "We were almost in the clear when one of those fuckers detected our chakra and used some kind of earth jutsu to bind our feet to the ground. Sakura got us free with a counter jutsu, but it drained a lot of her chakra. Luckily, only about ten of those bastards came at us. We kicked their asses, and she passed out on the way back."

Sasuke nodded then returned his attention to his wife. He slipped a couple tablets between her lips and coaxed them down her throat. Hinata, Lee, and even Suigetsu marveled at how gentle and patient the raven-haired male was with his lover. Suigetsu smirked and promised to remember to use this against the Uchiha in the future.

Sakura swallowed the pills and within a few minutes, began to stir. Her brows furrowed cutely, and she grasped Sasuke's shirt in her little fist. When two bleary eyes finally opened, emerald met a sea of expressive onyx. Sakura smiled because she had made it back safely to her husband.

Finding her voice, Sakura raised a hand to stroke Sasuke's cheek and whispered, "Hey."

Sasuke placed his forehead against Sakura's and replied lowly, "Stupid onna, making me worry so much is annoying."

Sakura's only reply was a soft giggle.

Tee-hee. Cute, fluffy family SasuSaku.

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