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Anticipation (n.) - A previous view or impression of what is to happen; instinctive prevision; foretaste.


Character(s)/Pairing(s): Black Star/Tsubaki

Theme: 022. Legs

March 25, 2009

Tsubaki looked up from her desk to see him doing push-ups on her rug while she was attempting to finish taking notes for the following day's lectures (she figured he would try and borrow them from her when he was finished). She was slightly amused that Black Star would choose her room, above all other rooms in their apartment, to work out in, but she appreciated the company nonetheless.

He remained quiet (usually), sans the little grunting noises he would make as he progressed in his sets.

Notes becoming less captivating, her eyes drifted slowly over to the man she had known for at least five years now. She couldn't help but notice that Black Star had grown, and with each passing day she couldn't help but allow her eyes to linger a little bit too long. His arms, his shoulders... the contours of his muscles... they were far more interesting than taking down notes for a class she was being forced to take.

She relied on him being oblivious to everything under the sun except for his ever-present need to become better and stronger. As this was so, she did not figure that he would notice her staring after a few minutes. Sometimes it was better to know how high up he had been counting in order to gauge how long she had left to openly admire his physique.

"Tsubaki? Something wrong?"

That broke her trance quickly, and she tried to hide her blush with her bangs as she leaned closer to the table to pretend she was actually reading like she was supposed to be doing. "Hm?" She attempted a passive tone. "No, nothing." What was she doing? She was acting like a child with a crush–

"Your face is all red," he said from the floor, much closer now than before. His angle allowed him to peer underneath her bangs that were casting more of a shadow than anything else. "Are you hot?"

"Y-Yeah. Hot." I guess?

"You shouldn't work yourself so hard, Tsubaki," he chastised, getting on his knees now to be able to see over and onto the table. "You're more than halfway done, that's good. Wan' me to finish up for ya and you can get a cold shower?"

Wait. He was offering to help with schoolwork? Was he sick and dying?

"Are you sick, Black Star?" she asked, finally gathering up enough courage to look him in the eyes–only to see that he was now much closer than she had thought he would've been. "...Black Star?"

"Hm?" he said, his deep voice rumbling in the back of his throat. His green eyes were tracing the curve of her lips before catching her look.

"You stopped exercising to... help me do homework? This is so unlike you," she said, a nervous laugh bubbling past her lips. To give up something he did religiously to aid her in doing homework... it was a very odd thought. She had noticed his absentminded fixation on her face, and if she didn't know better... no, it couldn't be.

She thought she was warm before.

"Sometimes people notice what's good for 'em at weird times," he replied. "You deserve to relax more and worry less." She nearly fell off of her chair when she felt his hand slightly above her knee; what held her on was the smile he was giving her.

"It's alright," she said softly, moving her hand to cover his on her leg. "Is there a reason why you're so sentimental right now or should I just let this one pass? Or, did you break something of mine that I haven't noticed yet?"

Chuckling, he righted himself and stood to his full height (which, by now, had passed hers a bit). She immediately missed the warmth that his hand had left; it confused her, how she could feel so hot and cold at the same time when it came to him.

"If it's going to pass, it'll go on its own time in its own way." He paused, then grinned. "And no, I didn't break anything... today."

"If you say so, Black Star," she said, moving to stand. "I'll go shower and get dinner started, and you can finish up taking the notes? I'll make you your favorite tonight as a 'thank you' for helping me out."

He grinned in that boyish way he had always been famous for and chuckled, "And I'll get dessert after."

If those weren't foreboding words, she didn't know what were.

She blushed, wondering what dessert could actually be–with the tension in this room, it could be anything. "Sounds great to me." If she learned anything from him, it would be to accept a challenge willingly and head-on.

"Ya-hoo!" he shouted, pumping his fist into the air before taking over at her desk to see where she left off with the notes.

She smiled tenderly at him before leaning down to place a quick kiss on the crown of his head before taking off in the direction of the shower.

If she had chanced a look back, she would've seen the bright blush that had taken over her partner's face.

Neither could wait for dessert.