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Dusk sat watching through the window, it had been a week since the military left and she'd not eaten in almost two. She was starving, angrily she kicked the window frame, repeatedly, unexpectedly the frame gave and the whole window fell from the church steeple, shattering on the ground below.

A butterfly slowly flew through the window, Dusk was unmoving at the sight of the insect.

"Pretty" The word sounded right, it was what Curtis had said.

As she thought of Curtis she unconsciously ran one of her hands through her hair till it found the hair clip, as she did this her other hand shot out and grabbed the bug from the air. She stared at it contemplatively for over a minute before putting it in her mouth and after two short chews swallowing the still wriggling bug.

It wasn't much, Dusk was still hungry, she caught another 3 of these strange new insects before night fell but she was hungrier than ever.

In the half light of dusk her world came alive, she could see everything.

Carefully she left the church and began looking through the houses, in most of them there were things which opened, she'd seen the people opening them the day before they left.

She hadn't managed to duplicate it yet but she knew there was food inside them, particularly metallic ones.

She stopped inside the fourth house she came to, something had caught her eye. It was one of the metallic boxes but this one was silver.

She ran her hand over the surface trying to figure out how the humans had opened it, eventually she curled her fingers round the handle before letting go, her brain not making the connection.

As she left the house a rat came running down the street, the rats looked a lot like the mice the humans in white coats had given her, instinctively she jumped on the large rodent.

A rat will normally defend itself if attacked and these rats were modified to be even more aggressive than normal, a short fight ensued. By the end Dusk was had cuts and bites all over her arms and torso but the rat was definitely dead, its head bent backwards beyond even a rats flexible spine's limits.

Carrying her prize back to the steeple, Dusk rejoiced internally.

Once inside Dusk ravenously devoured the rodent and now full - and drowsy from the large meal- she fell asleep.