Title: The Ear of the Beholder

Author: FoxPhile

Status: Complete 3/25/2009

Category: Romance, Drabble

Pairings: Danny/Lindsay

Timeline: Season 5 thru Green Piece

Rating: K+

Content Warnings: none

Summary: Beauty is….

Word Count: 129 words

Disclaimer: CSI-NY and its characters are the property of CBS Productions, Alliance/Atlantis Productions and Jerry Bruckheimer. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. Please do not post or archive without the consent of the author. © FoxPhile

Author's Notes: I'm so obsessed with D/L that I have the soundtrack of Green Piece on my MP3 player. I was listening to it on the walk home from work today, and this just came to me.


The first time he ever thought about it, it was "I've fallen in love with you."

In spite of everything that was said just afterwards, and everything that happened thereafter, for a very long time, that was it.

Then, it was "I'm pregnant."

That took awhile. But after he'd had a chance to get over the initial gripping fear, he found it had an even greater appeal. Taken in context, it encompassed everything that the first had, plus so much more besides.

Now, as he stood outside the City Clerk's office, holding his soon to be wife in his arms, Danny Messer realized that he had a new candidate for "Most Beautiful Words in the English Language". This one totally blew the others away.

"You got a money order?"