Chapter Eighteen

Delia broke the kiss immediately.

"Seto…" she whispered, terrified. She'd never seen him so angry before, not even when she was pushing his limits when they first met. Now he looked absolutely murderous, but the worst thing was his unbreakable control over his emotions.

"So this is why you won't leave Egypt." Seto looked her straight in the eye, the accusation there only fueling her despair.

"It's not what it looks like." Man, how do I explain this to him? Delia was so scared that she couldn't even form a coherent explanation in her mind. Though she had a pretty good explanation, she knew what it looked like, and all the excuses she came up with seemed feeble.

"There's no need to explain, Delia. I saw everything."

No, you didn't, she wanted to say, but nothing came out. His tone was so cold and dismissive; much like when she'd first met him, but a lot worse. Worse because back then he didn't really care, but now he hated her. Delia could literally feel her heart breaking into little pieces. No doubt Seto must be feeling the same way.


At that moment, Delia hated herself for the tears, for her inability to say the words. Why was she panicking now? Where was her voice?

"I see coming here wasn't such a mistake after all. I'll send you your things when I return to the US," Seto said coldly, already turning to leave.

Just like that? Could it be over so quick and simple? No. No. It can't. Delia wanted to scream, but a lump lodged in her throat. Don't go! Don't leave me, Seto! The words were stuck in her throat, in her heart. She took a step forward, but Zaid stopped her.

"Thanks for coming. Delia was worried about how to break it to you," Zaid said casually, almost triumphantly, beside her.

Delia froze, shocked. How could he say that? Even now, with everything on the line, with her future happiness on the line, how could he still pretend? If she could find her voice or strength, she'd scream and beat him, one or the other, or both, but she didn't have either.

Seto halted in his movement and turned back slowly. "And who are you?"

"I think it's clear I'm Delia's new boyfriend." Zaid flashed a smug smile. "But if you really want to know, I'm Zaid Kontar. Nice to meet you."

"Zaid Kontar, huh?" Seto's eyes once again landed on her. He must be thinking about the time when she'd told him about Zaid on the phone. "Seto Kaiba. Can't say the same about you."

"No offense taken. I guess it's not every day that another guy steals your girlfriend."

Seto said nothing back, but his first clenched. "Good-bye, Delia," he said it with a soft nod as if it was just an everyday normal goodbye one says to another, but this was the end. When he left the room, he didn't even have the decency to slam the door shut. It only showed just how in control he was of his emotions. How Delia wished he'd lose that terrible calmness, even just for a second!

"Well, glad that's over." Zaid slumped down on the couch. "Your ex is a scary man, Delia."

My ex? Is it really true then? Did that seriously just happen?

"Who is he?" Delia turned at the sound of Brie's voice. She'd forgotten that the girl was in the room. Now that she was no longer feeling as numb, her eyes focused on her. Deadly, while her mind went through several ways of murdering the girl. It was more Brie's fault than Zaid's. If she hadn't been here, if she hadn't asked to see them kiss, then nothing like this would've happened.

"You bitch!" Delia stalked toward Brie, who must've have seen the murderous look on her face, since she backed away from her.

"What did you say?" Even though she backed away, her spirit still hadn't faltered. She wouldn't run away when someone had just called her a bitch.

"Bitch." Delia repeated the word. She wasn't one for cursing others. In fact, she resented calling other people names, but this time, she was furious, and the fury masked the emptiness that was beginning to spread through her, so she'd take fury over despair any day.

What am I doing? I should be chasing after Seto. Not picking a fight with this girl! Yet, Delia didn't. She needed someone to blame, but deep down, she knew she should blame no one but herself for acting the way she did. If only she'd been stronger, then she would've refused to help Zaid. She thought she was being helpful, but she had hurt Brie.

This must be her punishment.

Yet no matter what her logical mind told her, she buried it deep within, under the fury, under the despair. Now, she just need to do something, anything, to feel less helpless.

"Watch what you say! It's not my fault you lost your ex! In fact, I think you were the one who chose to be with Zaid!"

"Shut up!"

Fury bubbled inside her, waiting to explode out of her like lava inside a volcano. It only made her angrier that what she said was true. The despair she felt increased, until Delia realized that it was not only hers, but Layla's as well. She wept in sorrow, and she realized that the time to choose was near, nearer than any of them had thought.

If what she saw at the temple that first day was real, and she knew it was, then it was almost time for Seto to choose again. Yet this had to happen now. Knowing Seto, Delia was certain he would choose her as unworthy, especially if he didn't have the time to mule it over.

Pain vibrated through her cheek and then her head. Brie had slapped her. She now looked at her with hatred, but not fear. "You took Zaid from me, and you dare blame me for losing your ex? I'm not the bitch here. You are!"

Delia struck back. She didn't understand anything, but she was angry? A red haze clouded her vision as she fought her. A buzzing rang in her ears. She'd never felt so angry before. A small part of her knew it will pass and leave her as she was. Empty. Desperate. And dead inside, but as long as the anger lasted, she won't feel any of those things, so she gladly accepted the destructive emotion and fueled it on by fighting.

Until she felt someone grab her from behind.

"Delia! Stop it!" Zaid's rough voice penetrated through the buzzing in her ears. He had pulled her off of Brie. "Stop it! You're killing her!"

That shook her out of her trance. Delia blinked rapidly to make the red haze disappear and saw Brie choking. She instantly jumped back. Before she knew it, she had started bawling and didn't even notice hen Brie ran out of the room.

"Shh… It's okay."

Zaid hugged her. Delia shook her head stubbornly as she cried. No, it won't. "I'll explain it to him." Delia didn't move. The tears were just coming out too fast. "You didn't think I'd be that heartless, did you? I'll explain it to him tomorrow. You helped me. I'll just help you this time," Zaid promised.

"Thank you." Delia managed to squeeze out between sobs.

Zaid only held her tighter.

In the car, Seto reflected back on what he witnessed. He still couldn't quite believe it.

Delia cheated on him with Zaid, a man she'd barely know for a few weeks.

He'd never felt so angry, or so hurt in his life. This just showed that he was right in not caring about anyone else other than himself, but he never thought she'd do this. He just didn't understand it. How could she? After everything they'd gone through together?

Seto dared not to think about it further, afraid that the fury will take control of him and make him do something he'll regret later. He definitely felt like destroying something, or killing somebody. Anything to rid of this swirling anger within him and return to normal again.

And I was so worried about her. He laughed bitterly at his own foolishness. He realized that even if she did break it off, it would've been better if she'd called him, instead of him seeing it in person. At least, it wouldn't hurt this much.

And that man, Zaid Kontar, he dared to mock him and gloat. It was the first time someone had taken something that belonged to him, and Delia definitely belonged to him. Seto swore then and there that Zaid will pay.

"What happened?" Seto bellowed angrily when the car suddenly skidded to a stop.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kaiba, but I think we hit someone on the road.

Great, just what I need. Sighing, Seto got out of the car. He seriously had no time for this. God must be against him today. First he loses Delia, now his stupid driver hits someone on the road. Hopefully the person wasn't hurt badly, so he can deal with this thing fast.

He stopped in his tracks when he caught sight of the girl with the pale blue hair lying on the ground, unconscious. Kisara, the name came to him instantly. Howe did he know that? He swore that he'd never met the girl before, but yet he did know her. As much as he despised those supernatural things, he knew that this wasn't a coincidence. She was here for a purpose.

"Sir, what should we do?" the driver asked. Nobody else was on the road, and he could tell that the driver just wanted to move the girl and leave.

Seto ignored him and crossed to Kisara. A quick glance told him that only her leg was slightly scraped and bleeding a little. Other than that, she was fine.

"Get back in the car. I'm taking her back to the hotel," Seto told the driver, picked up Kisara, and carried her back to the car.

Seto laid her down on the seat gently as the car begun to move. His thoughts temporarily left Delia's betrayal as they turned to Kisara. From his dreams, he knew that Delia had revived Kisara for him while he thought he'd used her powers to lock away and damn Kisara's soul in anger.

He tried to think of the reason that caused the rift between Layla and him, but a pounding headache came on. For some odd reason, he could never reach that part of the memory. It was hazy, and whenever he tried to think about him, his head began to hurt like hell.

At the hotel, Seto carried Kisara inside while the bellboy brought up his luggage. Kisara was light as a feather in his arms. Even though logically he didn't know here, he still felt a certain affection toward her. It certainly felt strange to feel affection for someone he'd never known in his life, but had probably loved dearly thousands of years ago.

Once in his suite, Seto laid Kisara down gently on the bed and ordered dinner for two. The sun had just gone down and darkness was setting in. While he waited for the food to come, he called Saki, his secretary, and told her the telephone number of the room just in case she needed to find him and his cellphone didn't work. Then, he found the first aid kit in a drawer and went back to the bedroom.

Seto still couldn't make himself to fully believe all this past life nonsense even as it was happening all around him. He prayed that it will be over soon so that his life could return to normal, meaning no more strange dreams about something that had happened lifetimes ago, and no—

His heart gave a painful lurch and his stomach knotted together when he imagined going back to a life without Delia. It hurt so much that he had to stop what he was doing and breathe deeply until it passed.

I have to get over it. She's picked someone else. He replayed the event earlier in his head with bitterness and anger. Just what did he do wrong? He'd given her all of himself, the best of himself, but she still chose another.

Carefully, Seto pushed up Kisara's skirt to expose her injured leg. It had already stopped bleeding, but he still saw a little bit of red on the white bed sheets. He dampened a towel in the bathroom and cleaned the cut. It wasn't that back that she had to go to a hospital, which he was glad for. Then, he took out the disinfectant in the kit and sprayed it. Afterwards, he finished it by wrapping the gauze around the wound.

When dinner came, he instructed the waiter to serve it on the balcony, where a small dining table and two chairs were. Sitting down and looking over the night view of the city, all he could think about was Delia. He kept telling himself to get over it, but how could he when she had meant the world to him?

Today, he realized he'd ended things too quickly because he hadn't trusted himself to stay there, watching her with Zaid. Maybe he should've given her more time to explain? What am I thinking? I'm just giving her a chance for more excuses. God knows how many of those I've heard before.

When his cellphone rang, he took a quick look, saw it was Delia, and hang up. It rang again, but he didn't pick it up. Instead, he turned it off. It hurt to think about her, and he didn't trust himself to speak to her at the moment. He could still say something he might regret, just for the chance to hurt her more than she'd hurt him.

Seto was given a reprieve for maybe fifteen minutes, then the phone in his hotel room rang. He picked it up again and wasn't surprised at all to hear Delia's voice.

"What do you want?" he snapped.

"Seto, what you saw today…" Delia begun hesitantly. "It isn't what you think." Delia sounded so forlorn, like a lost and scared child. His heart instantly went out to her. He recalled the mess she was in when she regained her childhood memories and thought she sounded much like she did those few days. Scared and lost. Yet, when he saw her with said, all his sympathy left him to be replaced with anger and coldness.

"I know what I saw." He hated how he had to force himself to sound angry at her.

"Please, Seto," Delia begged. "Give me a chance to explain."

"Fine." Seto rolled his eyes. "Go ahead."

"Actually, can you come to the site tomorrow around noon? I'll be waiting."

"Why can't you just explain it over the phone?"

"Please, I want to speak to you face to face."

"I'll think about it." Seto didn't really want to return to that place again. Then, before she could say anything else, because he knew he'd give in if he hear her sad voice anymore, he said, "Good night, Delia."

Delia stayed behind when everyone had left. No one could persuade her to leave, not even Zaid, who wouldn't leave her alone, but she somehow managed to convince him that she would be safe. Besides, there were guards at the site at night, so she wouldn't literally be alone in the middle of the desert, although she felt that way.

After eating some pizza she'd warmed up in the microwave, only because Zaid made her promise she'd eat before leaving, Delia stared at the phone. She needed to call Seto, to explain. Perhaps he'd be calm by now. Maybe Zaid had promised to explain, but she would feel better if she talked to him first.

Delia dialed his cellphone, hoping that it would work. Amazingly, it went through, but after three rings, it got cut off. She had no doubt that Seto probably hung up on her without answering, but just in case it was a glitch, she tried again, to no avail. Seto definitely didn't want to talk to her.

She called several more times, except now she only got his voicemail. Great. Guess he's still pretty mad. Of course he is. What was her thinking? It's only been what? Like four hours since Seto caught her cheating on him?

Finally, when she thought of giving up, she instead called his secretary. Saki answered the phone on the first ring and then told her where Seto was staying and his number so she could get in contact with him.

She called again, this time using his hotel room's number. Seto picked up on the second ring. This time, instead of hanging up like she had expected, he snapped, "What do you want?"

Delia's heart jumped at the tone. Yet, she forced herself to talk. Her heart felt like it was going to burst through her chest, but somehow she found the strength to plead with him.

By the time it was over, Delia had to sit down and catch her breath. The tears threatened again, but she bit them back. She couldn't cry. If she started she wouldn't be able to stop.

To distract herself, she called Japan, to Hara, and her parents. She didn't understand why, and her body almost moved by itself as she dialed the number. She probably shouldn't do this now, but if she was having a crisis, why not have them all at the same time instead of just one at a time? That way, she could get the heartache over all at once.

On one hand, she had no idea if she was doing the right thing, but she had to tell them. They deserved to know if what she suspected was true. However, the answering machine picked up after several rings.

Delia hesitated a little, but actually found herself grateful that she didn't have to talk to her parents, or Hara, for that matter. Finally, she said, "Mom, Dad, I think I found Tony."

After hanging up, Delia was at a loss for what to do. She wanted to go to the temple, maybe she'll find more answers, but something pulled her away from it, so instead of going there, she wandered to its left, in the direction of the parking lot. There was something there. Something that was very important to Layla, or else, she wouldn't feel so compelled to go this way, but before she could get there, everything around her changed.

The air cooled down considerably around her as a breeze passed. Delia smelled flowers and heard water trickling near her. She was no longer standing in the middle of nowhere, but in a garden. She watched life go around her in contentment. This place is so peaceful. Much like when she was in the temple, the thought was no hers. Delia instantly knew she was back inside Layla and sharing her thoughts and memories from the past.

Layla sat down beside the little river and dipped her feet in the water. The coolness of the river felt good against her skin after a long hot day. She closed her eyes and hummed to herself. It wasn't as bad as she had thought coming to Egypt. Dalila was happy, and the pharaoh wasn't such a bad man. Besides, she didn't have to worry about intruders in the palace every night now that she was in Egypt.

A soft sound made her open her eyes. She stared into a pair of starting blue eyes and felt herself falling forward. Surprised, Layla shook her head gently and took another look at the one who was staring at her so intently.

She'd seen him before. Seto, no, Priest Seto. That's what they call him. He was pretty good looking too. He looked to be about the same age as her and Dalila, but he was already a priest. As he walked toward her, she felt her heart picking up pace and beating rapidly, leaving her almost breathless, which was stupid. She wasn't even human anymore. Why must she still have such human reactions and emotions?

"Good evening, princess," he said with a slight bow.

Layla smiled, hoping she would sound normal instead of as nervous as she felt. "Good evening, Priest Seto, but I'm not the princess. I'm Layla, her Protector."

Surprise flickered in those mesmerizing eyes for barely a second before it disappeared. "You were not there this morning," he said it almost accusingly.

"No, nor did I see any other Protectors there. I was taught that it was rude to be present where I am not needed or wanted."

That stumped him, but he was quick to recover. "Why are you not beside the princess? She could be in danger even as we speak."

"The princess is resting after a long day. I think it is relatively safe to say she'll be protected. I am barely enjoying myself."

Priest Seto relaxed, which caused her to do the same. Layla didn't understand the effect this man was having on her. Just one look from him, and she felt breathless and hot. She kept reminding herself that she was a Protector, a monster. No matter how attractive he might be, or how human she felt, nothing could ever happen between them.

"Enjoy?" Priest Seto arched a perfect brow. "It is not something a Protect says every day."

Layla stood up and got out of the water to stand face to face with him. He was tall, she realized. "Yes, well, I am a special case. You do not find Protectors looking the same as their masters as well, but it does make the protecting job a lot easier."

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. He looked even more handsome smiling. Other than Akhum, she'd never met another man that appealed to her so much. It wasn't the first time she'd regretted her death, but there was nothing to be done with that. If she couldn't be with Akhum, she couldn't be with this priest either. Besides, he probably wasn't attracted to her anyway, since she was a monster despite her human appearance.

"I'm sure it does," he said. "Care to walk with me?"

His offer surprised her. Layla knew she should refuse him, but a part of her, the part that was still human, wanted this. "If you do not mind," she said, putting her shoes back on. She didn't need them necessarily, but it would look weird walking in the palace barefoot.

They took a stroll in the garden, going so far as to the palace walls, where he led her up the stairs to the battlement. As she walked beside him, she felt a happiness she'd never felt since she died, not even when she returned to this world in this form. It confused her. He was only a man, like the many others she'd met throughout her short life, but after meeting him for such a short time, she realized he was different than the others, for none had ever affected her in the way he did in such a short time.

Delia stood there in stunned silence. She'd just witnessed Layla's first real meeting with Seto. It was such a sweet memory in her mind. The details were vivid, and she felt Layla's growing affection and attraction for Seto just in that short amount of time.

But why did Layla show her this piece of memory. It made no sense. What she really wanted to know was the reason behind the rift between Layla and Seto in the end.

An urge drove Delia forward further, while her mind mused on these matters. She didn't hear the crack until it was too late. The ground gave out under her before she even had the chance to scream. It felt that she was only falling for a second before she hit the ground, but the damage was done. She heard the sickening crack of her bones breaking. The pain was so much that it took over her body so that she couldn't feel anything else.

Had she made a sound? Did anyone hear her fall? Delia wondered wildly. She couldn't find the strength the move.

"Help…" The word came out weakly. She felt the darkness coming and knew she was losing consciousness fast, but she didn't want to go. This was normal, this darkness that was blocking her senses. There was something sinister about the darkness that surrounded her. She didn't want to go. She didn't want to lose consciousness.

Seto. She wanted to see him. It was hard to conjure up an image of him. The darkness was blocking that out as well.


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