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Episode one: A very special friend

-Time line: After the runaway bride & before utopia-

Donna Noble walked into the bar. She sat down by herself at the counter. She had just lost another job.

"Here you are, Ma'am." The bartender said as he placed a beer in front of her.

"I didn't order yet." Donna told him.

"It's a gift." The bartender told her.

"From who?"


Donna spun around to see a brown haired man in a World war two military coat standing behind her.

"Thank you, but why? Wait, did you put something in it?" She accused.

"No, I saw you get sacked today at your work today and figured you might need a drink." He said.

"Oh, thanks, you tell one guy to screw the hell off and you get fired." She grunted.

"Well, I guess when you're working with children people are more strict." The two laughed.

"Well, as soon as I find my friend, I won't need any jobs anymore, I'll be too busy traveling!" Donna smiled.

"Same here, I'm looking for a very special man, when I see him, I'll kiss him, then I'll punch him!" The man laughed.

Donna raised her glass.

"To our very special friends." She proclaimed. He raised his glass as well.

"To our very special friends." He agreed as they clinked glasses and drank.



Right, the first one-shot of many!

In case you didn't guess, the man was Captain Jack Harkness!