(Takes Place Sometime after Jack of Blades)

Space Warrior's

A Lesson Learned. Part Two.

"Hyperbeam!!" We both yelled as the beams of energy collided and cancelled each other out.

"Viral Claw!" Ozzy yelled as he charged at me with his right hand cracking with energy.

"Psycho Cut!" I yelled as I blocked the slashes.

"Dark Pulse!!" Ozzy yelled pushing me back.

"Grr!" I growled as Ozzy smirked.

"Your still not using the power the Life Aura's gave you, so let me show!" Ozzy yelled as he closed his eyes and the Death Auras glowed.

"Seven Auras of Death, your power is my power, together we are unstoppable! So let's show them!!" Ozzy yelled as the Death Aura's started circling him.

"SUPER POKEMORPH FORM!!!" Ozzy roared as he changed in a flash of Dark Light.

"Such Dark Power!" D.M said as the Author Fighters could easily sense the power. When the Light Died down Ozzy had transformed. He was wearing Black Armour that glowed with power, Chains also where circled around Ozzy and his Eyes and Hair had turn Pitch Black. Except for the Red Irises.

"Oh no! Ross hurry now!!" X yelled. As the Life Aura's surrounded me.

"SUPER POKEMORPH FORM!!" I roared. As I became my Ultimate Form!

"This battle has only begun!" I yelled before charging at Ozzy.

"Hmm," Ozzy chuckled before simply pushing me back.

"What how could he push Ross-san so Easily!" Hikari said in a worried tone.

"I'm not going to lose!!" I yelled as we charged again.

"Yes you are," Ozzy whispered as he suddenly blured and slammed into me as a Black Blur. He was using Chaos Rampage.

'That's it Ozzy keep attacking! Don't give him a chance to fight back!' Missingo said inside Ozzy's mind as he kept up the Chaos Rampage.

"This is bad Ross's power is fading!" X said.

"But where is Ozzy getting this power?" Nukid asked. As Ozzy slammed me again sending me crashing back. I was covered in cuts, some even bleeding.

'I won't lose this way!!!' I thought.

"RAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I roared as I glowed Silver as Ozzy grinned.

"So you finally got it...too late though," Ozzy said. As I charged again.

"CHAOS BLAST!!!!" I yelled. As The Chaos Energy enveloped me.

'Let's end this!' Ozzy thought. As he glowed Black.

"DEATH STORM!!" Ozzy yelled as he was covered in Dark Energy before charging as well. Creating a flash of light. While it was still bright the Author Fighters heard the sound of a slam. When the Flash stopped, they saw that I was down the Life Aura's around me.

"Ross!" All of them yelled as the saw Ozzy still in his form.

"RAGHH!!! This puppet has cut his strings Rasets!!" Ozzy yelled before transforming back. He then glanced at the Author Fighters.

"You better watch his back! I'm not going to be able to help him," Ozzy said before turning away.

"Wait," I whispered as I slowly got up.

"What?" Ozzy asked.

"Why did you want to fight me" I asked still trying to get up.

"To get your mind back on your goal, you should forget why the Life Aura's chose you, your chosen that's it! So you better off learning how to use the Aura's," Ozzy said before teleporting away. Just as the barrier dropped and the Author Fighters dashed over to me.

"You alright?" D.M asked.

"I'll live, but I've got work to do," I said as we headed back.

(Meanwhile in the Dimension of Dark Souls!)

Rasets had seen the entire battle with interest.

"So you think you won't help me Darkside," Rasets said as Ozzy walked away.

"Soon you will bow to the King of Darksides!!!" Rasets said.

(That's Part Two and Final of this short!)