Author's note: My attempt at writing first person, I'm debating if I should continue this or not. NO FLAMES PLEASE!

Prologue: Our only hope

She comes out of nowhere, save the world, then leaves without a trace.

She reminds me so much of her father but she has her own way of doing things.

She saved me from a life of boredom, and I saved her from a life of pain.

She gave me back a gift so precious that had been taken by the person I trusted the most with my life, she gave me my memories.

She is our only hope for what lies ahead. I can sense it, the impending invasion, and this time the man in the magic blue box can't help us.

This time, the man in the magic blue box needs saving.

My name is Donna Noble, not as known as The Doctor, but just as important.

The end of the world is coming,

And Jenny & I are ready.