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"Mr. Hitachiin?" A feeble looking man cautiously poked his head into the room. It was pitch black. The curtains were drawn and for some reason, no lights had been left on. Maybe the janitors had already made their run through for the day and turned them off not knowing they'd be needed later.

For a moment, he let his eyes adjust to the darkness before finally entering. Was he there? He had to be, this was the meeting time they had both agreed on. 9 pm sharp. His boss was known to be late but not with something as important as this.

"Mr. Hitachiin?" He tried again, his voice shaking slightly. He clenched his fists and looked around.

The chair shifted slightly.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you..." Why was he sitting alone in the dark? "May I turn on the lights?"

Silence. The employee took that as a yes, and turned to find the switch. Behind him the man in the chair stood and all that was heard next was a loud bang as a gun fired off.

The employee dropped to the floor.


When the police arrived moments after they would discover, who they later found out to be Hikaru Hitachiin, kneeling over the victim, gun poised in his bloody hands.

The office of Haruhi Fujioka wasn't one you'd usually expect to see belonging to a highly renowned lawyer. It wasn't fancy, in fact it was the opposite. Simple. She had an average sized office that could only fit her small desk, a bookcase, an out-of-date computer, and a single seat for her client. She simply didn't see any real point in using money to glamorize things when this is all she needed to get her job done. Sure, people had offered her gifts to try to "spice up" her gloomy office but she always rejected them or gave them to her dad. It's a waste of good money and space. Especially when they wouldn't be put to good use.

Today, the lawyer found herself reading and finishing the necessary paperwork that succeeded her last case. It would be the last task to do before her well-deserved vacation began and maybe then she could finally get a good night's sleep. That kind of luxury was rare these days. There were so many people coming to her, so many people that needed help. Who was she to turn them down? Even if that meant for the last few weeks she'd been pushing back her vacation time further and further. But this was it. This week she was leaving.

No matter who or what walked in through that door.

Just as the pen met that paper to sign the last signature her door burst open revealing a young man who seemed to be in his early twenties. But, the dark bags under his eyes looked to add on to his age. He ran a shaky hand through his light brown hair which only worsened its ruffled state and moved to sit in the chair before her. Haruhi suspected he'd probably been up all night just like she had. However, he looked far worse than she ever had after an all-nighter.

"I need you to represent my brother in court." He began, looking down at her with tired hazel eyes.

It seemed she had a sixth sense for these sort of things. She knew someone else was going to try to ruin her well-earned vacation. But this time she had come prepared.

"I'm sorry, sir, but my office will be closed for the next two weeks. But, if you'd like to consult me after then I'd be happy to give you my card. " Haruhi said. She easily recited the lines she'd practiced multiple times beforehand.

"I don't want your card!" The man spat. His eyes locked on hers, penetrating her, daring her to actually turn him down. "What I need is for you to help my brother. He's on trial for murder and you're the only lawyer left. No one else will take this case."

Damn was he persistent. She never imagined it would be this hard to turn someone down, but it was a good thing she'd thought that far ahead in her prepared rejection as well.

"I understand the importance of this trial, but I can't take it right now. I'm sorry."A shiver ran down Haruhi's spine as the room temperature seemed to drop.

"Money isn't a problem." He stated, a shadow of darkness creeping over his already dull eyes.

"I never said it was."

"I'll pay you for the trial and your vacation fees. You'd be able to go anywhere you want once this is over. All expenses will be paid in full."

The thought was all too tempting. Maybe she could go to America. She'd always wanted to go there...

Shaking herself from her thoughts Haruhi mentally slapped herself back into reality. Where would he get money like that? Perhaps his brother was a murderer and he himself was a thief who stole from banks. She definitely didn't need this.

"Once again, I'm sorry, but-"

"Fine, if you change your mind here's my card." And in a huff he was gone, his card the only evidence he'd ever been there.

She frowned and picked up the card for examination. "Kaoru Hitachiin. Co-owner of the Hitachiin fashion line."

"I'm home!" Closing the door behind her Haruhi strolled into the familiar apartment complex.

She lived here with her dad. Amazing, yes, seeing as she had enough money to move out and buy a place of her own, but somehow she felt it just wouldn't be the same. Besides, she couldn't just leave him. Now that her mother was gone she was all he had.

Removing her shoes and coat she walked further in. The lights were on, meaning someone was home or at least had been at some point. But the scattered state of her documents, father's clothes, and other assorted objects only pointed to only one thing.

He was on a date.

With a sigh, Haruhi turned on the television and began to pick up the stray objects her father had so kindly left for her to clean up. He always left such a mess when he was getting ready. It was amazing he ever found anything at all.

It wasn't until she heard the name Hitachiin did she look up and pause her work. The woman on the screen stared back at her, microphone in hand. Behind her stood a large crowd of what seemed to be a mixture of nosy pedestrians and police trying desperately, and failing, to restrain the mass of people. All of which were trying to push closer to get a better view.

"Today we stand in front of the Hitachiin Building where just hours ago a body was found in a room on the top floor. So far, the only information we could gather from the Chief of Police is that the victim was a male in his early thirties." Haruhi's stared at the screen, watching as a picture of the victim flashed on briefly.

"The victim was said to have worked at the company previous to the murder. The suspect, company heir Hikaru Hitachiin, was apprehended earlier for questioning. So far no clues have been found to indicate that, his twin and business partner Kaoru Hitachiin, was near at the time of the murder."

Her eyes widened. Kaoru Hitachiin? This must be the case the man from earlier was talking about. She ran her eyes over the screen surveying the imagery behind the woman and paused. Hitachiin? She'd heard that name before this case.

Hitachiin...where had she...?

She snapped up and swiftly moved into her father's closet. If she remembered correctly it would be somewhere around... Here! She pulled out a leather coat and examined the tag.

Hitachiin Fashions.

They were a fashion industry. A large and expensive one at that. She still remembered the bill she'd gotten later in the mail after her father slyly "borrowed" her credit card and spent it on this...thing.

If this business of theirs was as large as she suspected then this wasn't just any normal case. This would be one that would be remembered for a long time. She would be stupid to pass up an offer like this.

Haruhi's gaze drifted to the pocket of her coat. Perhaps it was time to give Mr. Hitachiin a call.

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