"I feel like a stranger in my own body, is that normal?"

Haruhi frowned at the sullen face of her new friend. "Hikaru, you know I can't tell them to stop your medications."

"I wasn't asking for that..." His arms folded in front of his chest protectively, and he made a failed attempt to sit up straight in his chair.

This setting wasn't ideal for either of them, but at least it attempted to veil the terrible situation with a more personal feel. There was no barrier between them, no handcuffs, and no guards, if you ignored the roaming nurses. She was sure they would be just as aggressive as a prison guard at the slightest sign of mental instability. Still, Haruhi enjoyed this. It seemed more like a chat over a cup of coffee.

"I hate how they're making me feel, but I appreciate not having nightmares."

Haruhi hummed in response. "That's good..." Instead of continuing with that topic she skipped to rummaging through her bag beside her chair. When she found her prize, she paused, and then cautiously set it on the table between them. "Do you remember this?" She pushed the newspaper she'd found earlier forward so Hikaru could get a better view.

"You mean the day I prevented an idiot from making the worst school uniforms in Japan?" Hikaru stated flatly. He picked up the article with disinterest to lazily scan it. "Yes. This guy...I don't know what he was thinking when he thought up such a stupid design."

"So you remember the embarrassment you caused him as well?"

Hikaru lowered the paper enough to stare at Haruhi. "You were talking to Kaoru."

Haruhi's eyes widened. "How did you know-"

"Twin telepathy!" The twin smiled and leaned back in his seat. "Didn't you know? All twins are born with it."

This flustered her so much her ears grew a shade of red. "Do you really think I'll fall for that? If you were telepathic you would have known all of this before I showed you the article or said anything about it!"

"It's long distance telepathy. It takes a little bit longer for the messages to come through." Hikaru said this with such seriousness Haruhi found herself nearly nodding at the statement.

Of course, it made sense...right? Just like mail or-She shook her head. "Hikaru..." Haruhi warned.

"Fine..." he sighed. "I'm not giving you hints on how our superpowers work, but I'll answer whatever you need." Haruhi groaned and slapped a hand to her face. He doesn't feel like himself, he says? She was sure an argument could be made on that. Hikaru soon settled back into a somber mood. "Kaoru gave me a lecture right after that meeting with Suoh. He mentioned maturity and something else I don't remember."

"'Something' doesn't give me a good idea of what happened."

Hikaru shrugged and turned away to glance at a nearby clock. "Hey, visiting hours are over. I guess you have to go."

"How convenient," Haruhi grumbled and began to collect her things to leave. Hikaru smirked up at her as she stood and allowed the nurses to escort her back into the world outside his new home.

He's hiding things again. For someone who desperately wanted his life to go back to normal, Hikaru was being a pest. He would have to make up his mind eventually on whether he wanted to help or hinder his case. Until then, Kaoru would be her best bet at getting answers. Luckily, now that business was down Kaoru had all the time in the world. The moment Haruhi threw out the invitation to brain storm in her office he had practically teleported to her location.

"Okay, this is what we have: Hikaru was found over the body with the weapon, my stolen key, the silencer, and..."

Haruhi picked up where Kaoru left off. "The article."

"The article," Kaoru repeated. His brows furrowed and he rubbed his chin as he let his mind sift over the information. "I'm trying to remember what I lectured him about, but it's been a long time, Haruhi."

"Anything you can remember will help."

"I know," he sighed. "I'll keep trying to remember, but until then can you let me know if there's anything else I'm missing?"

"Were you aware that the victim hacked into your company computer files?"

Kaoru perked up in his seat at that, and his brows furrowed in confusion. It took him a long moment before he responded, leading her to assume that this was new to him. If that was the case, then they could split up for the day instead of staring at each other while they pondered over the information they already had. After all, she needed to check in with Mei. The fingerprint analysis had to be done by now.

"No...I didn't know that," Kaoru stated slowly. His shoulders had risen as he grew tense with each passing thought in his head. "When did he tell you that?"

Haruhi paused. How would she describe this? "The same night he told me..." Hmm, no. Telling him it was the same night Hikaru 'admit' the murder wouldn't sit very well now would it? "It was a while back. I couldn't use it in court because he didn't give me anything to go on besides that." She stood and fished in her pocket for her phone. "For now, maybe it would be a good idea to look into that. I just remembered something I need to follow up on."

Her friend nodded dumbly, obviously still in a state of shock. "I'm not the one who deals with the computer files, that's always been Hikaru..." he mumbled. Now, he stared down at his lap in a daze. "When would that have happened? Why didn't I notice? Hikaru,what the hell were you getting yourself into that you couldn't tell me any of this?"

She could tell that none of what he'd spoken was aimed at her, but rather to himself. It was upsetting to see and hear the pain laced in his quiet rambling. "Kaoru?" He abruptly stood, grabbed his things, and flew out the door.

Haruhi sighed. Well, at least she could be comforted by the fact that he would probably slave over the files until he found what they needed. Shaking her head, she flipped open her cell phone and dialed Mei.

"Haruhi? What do you want?" Mei's voice answered through the speaker.

"The fingerprints on the key. Did your friend give you the results?"

"Not yet. He told me he was working on it still." Haruhi sighed into the phone at this, and Mei exploded into one of her all too familiar outbursts. "Look, he has other cases he has to deal with besides yours. He's working on it, what else do you want me to say?"

Haruhi, used to such an event from her friend, paid no mind to Mei's irritation. "This is important. I understand he's busy, but so am I, on this particular case."

This time Mei was the one to sigh as she came down from her sour mood. "I know, just give him some more time, okay?" Haruhi nodded, forgetting that gesture wouldn't be translated through the phone. "But, I can tell you one thing." The lawyer perked up at this. "Obviously Hikaru and Kaoru's prints are on the key, but there's a half print that doesn't follow their pattern."

Joy welled up in Haruhi's chest, making her heart flutter in excitement. "Is that why it's taking so long?"

"Yeah, he's trying to go through millions of fingerprints to match it up."

"But with only half of the fingerprint, that could take longer than I have on this case." Suddenly all joy disappeared. She clutched the phone in her hand and began to pace the small space of her office. "I've had a suspect in mind but I haven't had the chance to follow up on my hunch."

"Maybe it's time to do that."

"And If I do this right..."

"You can get those fingerprints you need," Mei finished for Haruhi. "Now get off the phone and get moving already!" With a click the phone went dead, however Haruhi wasn't in the least bit irritated, because now she knew just what she needed to do.

"Do you need something?"

In front of Kaoru a blonde man stood with a small, shy smile on his face. The last man Kaoru wanted to see, especially now. "My grandmother and I would like to offer our condolences, and as a fellow business man I want you to know that I would be happy to help you in any way I can."

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