Heaven Sent

Written by: SakuraKChan

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P.S.: Don't ask what the title means, it's the song I'm in love with at the moment so therefore my inspiration for a title. It's subject to change =P.

Mogami Kyoko…An index finger slid carefully over the digital words. They were just words, only words, written in with pixilated font, and yet, to the man staring down at them they meant so much more. When he had first met her, he was suspicious. She was a newcomer, old in terms of acting. He had been in it for so long and here came this girl forcing her way through it, expecting to instantly shoot to stardom. He was not going to let her think it was that easy, he refused. Then he found out her reasons and that only served to infuriate him. Imagine, revenge…a reason for acting? It was unthinkable, unforgivable!

He had held her in contempt for the longest time…until that day, the day he found out her true identity. He should have realized it from the beginning with her name but in all honesty, he never knew her last name back then and just how many Kyokos were there in Japan? He imagined at least a good 1000. Then there was the hair, a dark, shiny black had now become a light auburn-like color. Still, despite all her changes, that little girl, his perfect, ideal, Japanese girl still lived deep inside her. Every time he had been a witness to one of her new changes, he would silently curse Fuwa for his treatment of the girl he held dear.

It was odd how she had affected him so. He had always been the stiff, cold lover for as long as he knew. Women, back and forth, were leaving him with tears in their eyes and disappointed words at how his feelings were portrayed. He never felt hurt or upset. He merely moved on as if another point in his life had ended and another began. Of course, Yoshiro-san would always berate him for such an attitude but he never truly understood what the big deal was…until he finally realized how he felt for his perfect Japanese girl. She was spunky now, with her Pandora's Box opened for the world to see. Yet, he loved that about her just as he loved everything else…except for her fiery need for revenge on Fuwa Sho.

He remembered his first meeting with the man. His name had slight significance at the time mainly because Mogami-san had mentioned her need for revenge. Yet, at that time, he had not felt any hatred toward him. He had yet to even feel anything toward his kouhai at the time. It was a simple encounter with Fuwa attacking and himself merely reacting. He occasionally wondered how he would act if a similar meeting happened now, after his own feelings opened up. He doubted he would be as slick as back then…no he had too many encounters with Fuwa up to the present time to know he would be anything but calm and slick. No, when it came to Fuwa, Tsuruga Ren was gone…his old self, Kuon, would appear. The self he had tried so hard to suppress would appear with the instance of this slip of a boy. To any outsider's eyes, there was no comparison. Tsuruga Ren was one of the, if not the, best actors in all of Japan. No movie or drama existed that was not dying to have him, especially after his conquering of romance and Katsuki. Fuwa was an accomplished singer in his own right but many still would not dare put him in near comparison to Japan's beloved Tsuruga Ren. He had nothing to fear…or did he?

It all came down to one name…Mogami Kyoko, his new world. He would laugh from time to time when he remembered how hard he tried to suppress his feelings, denial after denial. What made him open? Was it the rehearsal for Dark Moon? No, Fuwa Sho's challenge must have done it. Yashiro-san was right, before he knew it, she would slip out of his barely there arms. Fuwa Sho was the only one, in his eyes, capable of doing such a thing. He wanted to say it was impossible…after all, is that not what she always said? Yet, how many times did he see her eyes burning at his name? No matter what, if there were not something burning for that boy, she would not have such a reaction. He understood pain, the need for revenge…but if she were completely over him, would she not want to stop at wanting to hurt him? Then again, she had not even noticed Fuwa has or even his own changes in attitude toward her.

What if she had? He had made his painfully obvious a good number of times and already had a good amount of looks, mainly from his manager, some from the President, and he was getting suspicious of Director Ogata. Yet, she had noticed nothing, even the overly obvious arm around the waist. But what about Fuwa? What if he had done that? Would she blush? Would she be angry?

He was a foreigner to love and was even still trying to get a hold of it with his new feelings for Mogami-san. Yet, he did not think it was that easy to rid one of feelings that were held for most of one's life. Did she not only just stop loving Fuwa last year, after making him a good part of her life for a majority of her own? Could she easily just turn that off? Or was it merely the after effect of shock and pain? He was not sure if he wanted to find out. If his theory was right…then he would lose her for good and he certainly could not bare that. No, he wanted to remain ignorant of that. Continue to let her believe her love for Fuwa was gone…even he wanted to believe that, badly.

No, he simply could not let him win. He had her for a long time, a very long time. He remembered how the little girl would gush about her special friend and yet that guy could not see how lucky he was then. Why should he now step aside and let the bastard have her? Destiny was a joke. He would never do to her what Fuwa had done. He had his turn and ruined it…now it was only time for his turn to begin but he had to go about it cautiously. He had one too many times of frightening her with his lack of control. He was most certainly not going to be a deviant!

Still, did she have to be so cute around him? He always kept an eye on her in public to make sure she never acted like that. He was one man who could keep slight control over himself but he certainly did not need multiple men fighting over her cuteness. Fuwa was enough competition as is.

Fuwa Sho…He had never had an enemy before, or at least not an official enemy. He never thought of himself as competition for others. No, especially after his failure in America, he forced himself to work more for his own betterment. To become selfish and compete would only deter him from the goal he sought out. No, an enemy would certainly do no good. Yet, here came along Mogami-san dragging along that guy. He could not help himself now. In the beginning, Fuwa was nothing to him. He did not even know the existence of a Fuwa Sho until that girl mentioned her need for revenge. Slowly the slip of a boy became his number one enemy. Yet, to him at least, they were enemies in a different sort of way than Fuwa had originally intended and as per their last encounter, Ren had a feeling Fuwa felt the same way. They were no longer enemies over celebrity status, as Fuwa had originally intended. No, they were enemies over one single girl.

And that was where his thoughts lay at the moment. He had not seen her in such a long time, that girl he secretly held dear. She had been incredibly busy on the set of "Box R" and him with his own shoots. They were not even seeing each other on the set of "Dark Moon" with their crazy mismatched schedules. Though, it seemed highly suspicious that Yashiro-san was attempting his best attempts to work the schedule around to fit her own but even his wonderful manager and surrogate big brother could not perform miracles. The last time he had spent any real time with her was on her birthday. A small sliver of a smile appeared on his lips at the thought. He had done something to affect her, something to always keep him in her mind, or so he hoped.

Granted, Kotonami-san gave him a good beating with her own present but as he thought about it…he felt particularly victorious at the fact that the stupid guy had never shown up. No, not once that evening did Fuwa even bother showing up. Of course, it was a LME party, one he doubted the singer would know about but he was pretty positive he hadn't even stopped by Mogami-san's home afterwards or even before. Even now, it had been weeks and still he had not heard a thing from anyone about the infamous singer. He had not even really given a though to it, still being mesmerized by how the hidden crystal could excite her so, until only recently.

It had all started merely with one of his latest photo shoots. They had taken a good fifteen-minute break when one of the camera crew came bustling in…a good hour or so after the shoot had even started. The photographer looked simply furious but somehow the staff member managed to calm her down with a single gift of a C.D. Ren had found it odd that a photographer could be sedated and merely forget about such lateness. He had never seen someone take such an unprofessional manner in such a situation. Yet, as he peered up and looked at the cover of the C.D., his mood changed. It seemed to be that single. Yes, he had heard of it and now they were all coming out with new covers…a scene from the PV of her pushing him. He could not let it get to him; after all, they had not even been lovers in the PV. She was his enemy as was the natural order of things. Yet, it still plagued his mind, especially that split second he remembered in the PV when it seemed that Fuwa was looking right at her. It sickened him to the very core of his soul.

He tore his eyes away from the cover and grumbled in an almost rough voice, "No matter whom the artist isn't it unprofessional to dismiss such behavior? I did believe I was coming to a professional set. Was I wrong in thinking so?" He did not have to look up to know the scared glances coming to his direction. He knew what he said was out of line. The 'kind' Tsuruga Ren would dismiss the behavior as well, smile, and request to go back to work. But he was not Tsuruga Ren now. There were only two people in this world that could get him out of the shell of Tsuruga Ren…and both were due to that one girl.

He could feel Yashiro-san's heavy glance in his direction and knew he was going to get a barrage of "What happened with Kyoko?" questions but he did not care. He just didn't want to see that cover, think of the two of them as being close, touching, looking at each other, that bastard that wronged her potentially loving her. No, no, no!

"I really do have a tight schedule and I do not want to keep playing around when there are clearly more professional people I need to work with." Oh yes, he could feel Yashiro-san's shocked look now and could already predict the quick, apologetic glance he was giving the photographer.

"Yes, understood Tsuruga-san. I do apologize for the inconvenience." He tried not to look up as he saw the photographer placing the C.D. case away. He was not going to let it affect him anymore. And as the crew set up once more and the photographer picked up her camera, he let himself get lost in work, get lost in his shell once more of Tsuruga Ren.

Yet, as soon as they were done, the C.D. flashed back out, causing Ren's own eyes to narrow. This time, Yashiro-san was more aware of the change…and just what caused it. Ren had warned him beforehand that he just might act and do things unfit for Tsuruga Ren. He was definitely going to have to keep a better eye on his young charge and that was starting now. He quickly grabbed Ren's arm before the narrowed eyes could change into a full out scowl. "Thank you for your hard work! We must be leaving, Ren has an interview in an hour and we definitely can't be late!" Everyone waved off, forgetting the earlier incident of Ren's rage, and went right back to their work as a nerve-wrecked Yashiro-san dragged off his ever stubborn young charge.

"I thought that interview was canceled, Yashiro-san", the younger but taller man stated as soon as the pair left the building. The older man looked over his shoulder, a sheepish smile on his face while his glasses hid the slight twinkle in his eye. "You can't keep getting into a hissy fit every time you seem something that reminds you of 'them', Ren." He finally let Ren's arm go as he straightened himself and approached the car. "If you're so worried, why not just make a move already? The more you wait, the more your competition grows. Today it is Fuwa Sho, tomorrow…who knows?!" Ren could only roll his eyes as he shrugged. "And what shall I do? Grab her in my arms and beg her to be mine and only mine?" A casual, sarcastic response, which he knew, would garner "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"…that answer.

"If you don't, then you can't complain when Fuwa-kun comes and sweeps her off her feet!" It was a good thing he had placed one of his hands in his pockets for Ren certainly did not want Yashiro-san to see his now tightly clenched fist. "That's not even a possibility. She hates him, remember? I highly doubt she'd run back into his arm.." "Not true!", he was rudely interrupted by his now bouncing manager who was pointing up a 'matter of fact' finger as he continued making his point. "She's angry isn't she? So what if he reforms? Shows her that he now appreciates her and wishes to adore her the way she should be adored? She may be angry but believe me, Ren, if a woman made you their life for that long there is a very good possibility you can get them back. A very good possibility."

Ren tried not to give in to the words being said. He did not want to scowl, glare, brood, etcetera. And yet they were seeping into his heart just as he tried to push them out. It could not be that possible, could it? She hated him, despised him. He treated her like dirt! Yet, what if this was just an angry bout. A fit for the shock he had given to her…something she could easily get over with enough proof given to her. Fuwa was already trying to hint at the idea of him even feeling something for her but it went over her head. What if he was more adamant about it, as Ren was? Would she notice that more when she could barely notice him? Would she? Could she? No…no…no! She could not! Absolutely not! He refused to believe it! Yet, he did not believe Yashiro-san's premonition last time and look what happened then. It came true, did it not?

"Let's go…", he merely said as stomped over to the driver's side, slamming the car door fairly hard as he slipped inside, earning a wince from his manager. "Just think about it, Ren. If you don't want to lose her…" Yet, he earned no response from his young charge as he slammed his foot on the gas and drove off.

And that was where it left him now, sitting alone in his room, staring down at his cell phone as his finger slid back and forth over the one name that was never far from his mind. Occasionally, his thumb would lift up and hover over the green button. He needed to hear her voice, some reassurance that she was not ready to fall back into Fuwa's arms. Yet, what excuse would he use? Last time he did such a thing, it felt awkward, strangely awkward. Still, he couldn't help it as his thumb hovered once more over the tempting button…only to be interrupted by the loud sound of ringing that caused him to fall over, letting out a startled gasp as the cell phone moved through the air in a graceful arch and landed with a soft thud just above his now fallen head.

"Ugh…", he muttered as he rubbed his forehead gently and turned to pick up the phone. He blinked a few times as he looked down at the number, his eyes widening as he quickly flipped it open. "M…Mogami-san?"

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