Haruna's Extremely Successful Birthday Party


"MAIL'S HERE!!!" Tajima screamed as he burst into the clubhouse, waving an exclusive-looking envelope around like a madman. All of his teammates flocked around him.

"Really?" said Izumi.

"Who's it from?" asked Nishihiro.

"Who's it addressed to?" asked Oki.

"EVERYONE!" said Tajima excitedly as he tore the envelope open and pulled out a piece of paper. "…Uh…"

"Oh, just give it to me," said Izumi, rolling his eyes as he snatched the letter from Tajima who had obviously just forgotten how to read. So Izumi read out loud:

"Dear everyone on Nishiura!

You're all invited to my super awesome birthday party! It's on May 24th, from whenever you feel like coming to whenever you feel like leaving! BE THERE OR ELSE!

Motoki Haruna

PS, when I say everyone on Nishiura, I mean everyone EXCEPT Takaya because he's a dweeb and Suyama, Nishihiro and Oki because they're ugly. Cheers!"

"Wow!" said Sakaeguchi. "Looks like we're… invited to a party…" He trailed off as he noticed that Suyama, Nishihiro and Oki looked SO very sad and Abe looked positively angry. In fact, he looked SO angry that little steam lines emitted from his head.

"GIVE ME THAT!!!" Abe roared, tearing the letter out of Izumi's hands, reading it at the speed of light. "That… that PHONY!" He threw the letter down on the ground with such force that it made a loud thud and a dust cloud even though it was just a piece of paper.

"Let's have a look," said Hanai. He picked the letter up and read it, raising an eyebrow. "That's a pretty rude way of inviting us…"

"Let me see!" said Mizutani, reaching for the letter. Hanai handed it to him, and he read through it. Afterwards, everyone else on the team had to read through it on their own as well so they wouldn't feel left out.

Abe noticed Mihashi dweebing out in a corner, so he marched over and pulled him up by his collar. "Do you STILL think Haruna is a nice person?" Abe yelled in Mihashi's face.

"AHH! I… I…" Mihashi stuttered.

"Whoa, calm down, Abe!" Sakaeguchi immediately got between the battery.

"Hey, do you think I'm invited too?" Hamada asked, trying to change the subject. "Or is it a player-only party?"

"I sure hope it is," Kajiyama whispered to Umehara.

"I know what you mean," Umehara whispered back. "I don't think I'd feel very comfortable at a party with tons of sports players."

"Even if it is, I MUST find a way to get in so I can collect everyone's data!" said Shinooka, clenching her fists.

"Who CARES?" Abe said irritably, letting go of Mihashi and waltzing back to the crowd. "You shouldn't go. Haruna is a big phony and he's obviously just inviting you because he wants presents."

"I STRICTLY want to go!" said Tajima. "I'd NEVER turn down a party invitation!"

"I wouldn't mind going myself, just to find out why he's doing it," said Hanai reasonably.

"I kind of want to go too, just because I'm curious," said Sakaeguchi. "Of course, if it'll make the people who weren't invited feel bad…"

"Why the fudge would we feel bad?" Abe demanded. "This whole thing is STUPID and not WORTH feeling bad about. Go ahead, just go to the stupid party. Suyama, Nishihiro, Oki and I will do something IMPORTANT while you waste your time. Come, Suyama, Nishihiro and Oki!" He angrily marched out of the room.

Oki, Suyama and Nishihiro looked at each other, then shrugged and followed.

"A-A-Abe…" Mihashi said dramatically, reaching a hand out towards the door.

Sakaeguchi placed a hand on Mihashi's shoulder. "I think it would be for the best to leave Abe alone for a while."

Mihashi nodded sadly.



"WE GOT A LETTER!!!" bellowed Hiiragi as he came running in with a letter that looked identical to the one Nishiura had gotten. "YOU GET THE HONOR OF OPENING IT, KANO!!!"

As Kano opened a letter, all the Mihoshi first-years flocked around him, kind of resembling excited puppies eagerly waiting for their master to give them a command. The letter was INDEED identical, except for the part about Abe and the ugly people not being invited.

Kano read it out loud and paused. "Motoki Haruna? Who's Motoki Haruna?"

"He probably plays baseball!" said Hiiragi, raising his index finger.

"WELL DUH!!!" yelled everyone else.

"Maybe we could look him up in the baseball player phonebook," Oda suggested.

"Let's do that," said Yoshi, pulling out said book. He flipped around for a few seconds before stopping. "A-ha! He's a second-year pitcher on a team known as Musashino!"

"Our pitcher is most definitely better," said Hatake as if that had something to do with anything.

"WHY did some random pitcher we don't know invite us to his birthday party?!" Miyagawa yelled, sounding enraged.

"Shut up, Miyagawa," Kano ordered. "Musashino… Isn't that team in the same tournament as Nishiura?"

"Mihashi's team?" said Hatake.

"Mihashi…" grumbled everyone except Kano, shaking their fists.

"Well, it still doesn't explain why he'd invite us to his birthday party," said Yoshi.

"This is stupid," said Hatake. "Let's just forget all about it."

"No, we should definitely go," said Kano.

"Yeah, that's what I just said," Hatake quickly corrected himself.

"Maybe this guy invited all kinds of random teams," said Kano. "This is something we should not miss out on!"

"OKAY, KANO!!" yelled the whole team.



"WHY did Haruna invite US to his STUPID birthday party?" Rio ranted and raged, stomping around on the floor.

"Now now, he's probably just trying to be nice," Kazuki tried to reason.

"NICE??" Rio bellowed. "He hardly knows the meaning of the word!"

"He's obviously inviting us just to make fun of you," Junta said, looking satisfied.

"I wonder if we have to bring a present?" Kazuki wondered.

"I'm not going," said Rio.

"Yes you are," said Junta.

"I'm not," said Rio. Kazuki and Junta just laughed at him because they knew they were going to force him to come with them no matter what.

The other Tosei players looked at each other and shrugged.

"It didn't say anything about having to bring a present," said Shingo, reading through the invitation once more. "In fact, it didn't say anything about bringing… anything."

"Oh, then what do we have to lose?" said Jin, clapping his hands together.

"Our dignities?" Rio suggested. "Or maybe our HEALTHS? Who knows what kinds of nasty germs Haruna's house is filled with…"

"Now you're just being plain ridiculous," said Kazuki, placing his hands on his hips.

That's when Tosei's coach, Wolverine, came barging in. "WHAT IS THIS I HEAR ABOUT A PARTY INVITATION???" he bellowed.

"WE GOT AN INVITATION TO A PARTY HELD BY A MUSASHINO TEAM PLAYER, SIR!" yelled all the Tosei players as they saluted their coach.



While the Tosei players started doing pushups, Wolverine whirled around and faced his son who had just so happened to stand behind him the whole time. "YOU!" he bellowed.

"WHAT," said Wolverine Jr., also known as Ichihara, not even bothering to look at his pa.

"Did YOUR pathetic excuse for a team get an invitation to this exclusive party?" Wolverine literally shoved the invitation in Ichihara's face.

"No," said Ichihara.

"THAT'S BECAUSE YOUR TEAM SUCKS!!!" Wolverine bellowed so loudly that Ichihara's cap got blown off his head.

"WE'RE SORRY, MR. WOLVERINE SIR!!" yelled Daichi who also happened to be present.

Wolverine rubbed his chin. "You know what you could do to make up for it?"

"Not interested," said Ichihara.

"WHAT CAN WE DO?" Daichi screamed.

"PRETEND YOU'RE MEMBERS OF TOSEI AND GO TO THE PARTY!!!" Wolverine roared, throwing a bunch of Tosei uniforms at Ichihara and Daichi.

"I don't wanna," said Ichihara. He was just about to turn around and leave, but his way was blocked by Daichi, Oyama and Sawamura.

"I say we go!" said Oyama enthusiastically. "Just to collect data and have a swell ol' time!"

"Yes! We must go!" Daichi practically begged.

"Come on, It-chan, don't be like that," said Sawamura.

Ichihara sighed. "Fine, WHATEVER!"



Haruna, Akimaru and Kaguyama were over at Haruna's place decorating it for the awesome party. They were basically hanging up obviously photoshopped pictures of Haruna doing amazing things such as curing cancer, solving the world hunger problem, climbing Mount Everest, and helping old ladies across the street.

"This will be the greatest party EVER!" Haruna sang as he skipped around throwing streamers all over the place.

"I still don't get why you invited all these random teams we've never even met…" said Akimaru.

"Because!" Haruna ran over to place an arm around Akimaru. "By inviting all these people and NOT Takaya, we're sure to anger him more than he's ever been angered. It'll be hilarious, trust me."

"What makes you think he'll care anyway?" said Akimaru, shoving Haruna away from him. "He sure didn't seem like he cared last time we ran into him."

"He was OBVIOUSLY just pretending!" Haruna said. "You should have seen him back in middle school, he was totally obsessed with being my Best Friend Forever. It was downright SPOOKY!"

"I doubt anyone will even show up," said Kaguyama. "If I got an invitation from someone I didn't know, I don't think I'd go."

"Even if they played baseball?" Akimaru looked puzzled.

"Well, maybe I would go if they played baseball," said Kaguyama thoughtfully.

"See?" said Haruna. "It'll be AWESOME."

"Why didn't you invite those other random three Nishiura guys either, though?" asked Kaguyama.

"Just to be funny," said Haruna. "I'm sure they can appreciate a good joke, don't you? They sure LOOK like the funny kind, if you know what I mean!"

"Now you're just being MEAN!" said Akimaru angrily.

"You guys are so, so incredibly boring," said Haruna, sighing a sigh of despair.