HeyyerzZz, fan fiction pplz. I am a huge Sisters Grimm fan, and I can't wait 4 the Everafter Wars to come out!! This is my attempt at Puckabrina fluff stuff, so I hope u enjoy!! And thanx 2 Buttonsforeyes, for the encouraging comments, I can always use those!! *hint hint for the reader(s) =] Chapter 1 for u!

Neutral POV:

"PUCK!!" A very angry Sabrina Grimm shouted after the everafter fairy. He was laughing maniacally, and dangling a small pink and gold book just inches out of the reach of the frustrated girl's reach. A diary.
"Puck, you filthy fairy, give it BACK! NOW!!" He only clucked his tongue at her frustrated mutterings and lunges.
" Grimm, Grimm, Grimm, you don't really think I'm giving up that easily, do you?" When the blonde haired girl just narrowed her long blue eyes at the boy, he laughed.
"In fact," he continued on in leisurely tones, "this might be the one book I'm actually interested in reading" Puck was cut off by Sabrina grabbing hold of his leg and dragging him down to her level.

Puck's POV:

Sabrina grabbed hold of my leg while I wasn't paying attention (even in his subconscious, he won't admit that someone got the best of him =]) and dragged me toward her. I let her for a moment, side-tracked by a sudden thought: I didn't know my Queen of the Sneaks was so strong. Then another thought hit me like a ton of bricks: wait WHAT?! MY Queen of the Sneaks??? WHERE did that come from? Sabrina Grimm was most definitely NOT mine. And before I knew it, we were face to face.
"Okay, Puck. My diary. Now." she said quietly. Her delicate eyes narrowed even further, if that's possible. Hold on, DELICATE???? What is WRONG with me today??? Maybe I finally had too much of the old lady's cooking. So I only said,
"What are YOU going to do if I say no?" She tackled me to the ground, and we wrestled around the front yard. Finally, we tumbled to a stop, her on top of me. My hands were squeezing her waist and hers were wrapped lightly around my neck. For a moment, we just looked at each other. Her eyes lowered, I knew, to my lips. I couldn't resist, I don't know why. I closed the gap between us quickly, and I knew it wasn't a surprise, but I still felt every muscle in her body go rigid, and I knew, just KNEW, I was going to get punched. BAM! And, there it was. I jumped up, flipping her off me, and rubbing the side of my head. I narrowed my eyes at her.
"You're going to pay for that, Grimm." She just stuck out her chin, snatched the book away, and ran inside. Ugh. Grimms. Sabrina Grimm was moody, had an attitude, and was annoying as anything. But also, pretty, smart, funny, strong, independent, sneaky, stubborn, and headstrong. Above all else, headstrong. And sometimes I really hated her. I loved her so MUCH, one side of me argued. She's just a GIRL, the other half cried. And she HAD to keep me making me like her. Yeah, 'cause I needed this.
"Stupid Grimm," I muttered to myself. The little voice inside my head said,
"You don't mean that, Puck." And I knew it was right.
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