Two Months Later:

Dear journal,

After everything that we've been through,

You say you'll remember me, if I remember you.

So remember me sweetly, in your fond memories,

Of what could have been, and how things used to seem.

It's sweet, the way things have happened so far,

And you promise me, promise me, promise me, that

You'll remember me, and what we could have been,

But that's if things go wrong.

So as the world turns,

As the lives go on,

As we make our decisions,

Choose right or wrong,

I have to wonder, what's in a memory?

A thought, a look, a touch, a feeling,

For when real life is gone,

When things go wrong.

But I like the way things are today,

So remember me and I'll remember you,

After everything that we've been through,

And sure, go wrong? Things just might.

But for now, lets worry about how things go right.

We were on another picnic. There was still no sign from the Scarlet Hand, and this led us to believe they were planning something larger than life, but for the time being, we were on a break. This time, there were no clouds on the horizon. The sun shined down, the grass was almost greener than Puck's eyes, and the sky was blue as a sapphire.

The whole family was here, Jake and Briar and her two fairies, Canis and Granny, Elvis and Daphne, Puck and I. Puck and I were under a tree, in the shade. He was leaning on the tree, and I was in between his legs, leaning against him. I had my face turned to the side, so it was pressed into his chest. I could smell his rain and forest smell. I heard them all cooing over us from a little ways away, and I so didn't care.

I heard Puck pull out that little piece of paper I'd scribbled on so long ago, I don't know how it got to him, why he kept it, or how on Earth he hasn't managed to figure out that it's my handwriting and that I wrote it. He kept it all the same though, it makes him smile. I grinned into Puck's chest. He pulled me up and turned me to face him.

"What're you smiling about?" I shrugged at him and leaned on his shoulder.

"Nothing. Can you put flowers in my hair?" He looked at me funny for a minute, before he smiled a smile that rivaled the sun, and said,

"Sure. Hey, look over there. There's some, why don't you go pick them and bring them back." I laughed and scrambled up and over to them. I picked bunches, of red and purple, blue and white, yellow. Huge bushels filled my arms.

"Sabrina, that's a lot for just you, don't you think?" He was laughing as I walked back to him.

"They're not all for me, silly. They're for everyone!" He grinned at me, and pulled me in for a kiss that curled my toes and closed my eyes and softened my heart.

"That's my girl." The wind blew my still long hair around my face, and Puck reached out and tucked a strand behind my ear. The sun still beat down, and the wind still blew, so gently, and the grass was as soft as ever, and with Puck right next to me, my smile was as wide as ever, too. I looked into Puck's eyes, and nowhere else, and I didn't want to look anywhere else. He stroked my hair and I hummed and closed my eyes, leaning against him once again. You know in the movies, where it fades to black?

Well, I'm gonna be a little different, so imagine this: Fade to white.