"Don't fix your life so that you're left alone right as you come to the middle of it."
-The Object of My Affection

Chapter 1
Bella's POV.

Edward and I had finally moved in with each other. Edward told me he had bought a house a long time ago.

Yes, I said house.

Not an apartment, a house. It would be normal for anyone but Edward to live in a tiny apartment for the first house, but I'm okay with it.

"Bella?" His angel like voice called out from the expensive houses front door.

"Coming! I'm up here, wait there, I will be right down." I told him as I attempted to walk down the long, wide, stairs. For any normal person, this would be a breeze, but for a coordinationally challenged person, like me, it's actually very hard.

Not to mention the heavy box weighing down my small hands--destined to give out and let the box go free falling.

I hit the last step with the tip of my toe, and felt like screaming "Victory!" but I, originally, jinxed it and fell.

I was caught by Edward's muscular arms and he raised me onto my clumsy feet.

"Thanks." I said getting lost in his green eyes.

He grinned his perfect, angel white teeth at me and said,

"You know I live to save you."

My breath got caught in my throat. He starred back into my eyes, and the air finally escaped through my teeth.

"I think you save me too much." I said to him, reclaiming memory of the conversation.

"Would you like me to stop?' He asked me.

"No." I replied all too quickly.

He chuckled.

We headed into the kitchen, which was just renovated to fit my needs--Edward insisted--where I got dinner out of the stainless steel oven.

I attempted to make lasagna earlier today, but that didn't work out so well.

So, I decided to make something Renee used to make me as a child.

It's called....

Well, I don't really know what it is called, exactly.

I scooped out the steamy mix, and slapped it onto the two white dinner plates. Edward helped me bring the drinks, and other dinner things needed to the table.

My heart was beating in a fast pace, and I was probably sweating. I had news to tell Edward, but I wasn't completely sure how to tell him.

"Edward?" I started in a soft tone.

"Yes, Love?" He asked me.

He looked up at me when I hesitated. My hands were shaking, and my heart was surely going to overheat.

"...I went to the store today." I chickened out. I wanted to kick myself at the moment.

He seemed taken aback by my words.

"Alright, what did you buy then?" He asked.

I stuttered and tried again.

"I bought, uhm, know, Tests." I said.

"We graduated, Babe." he told me, completely confused. This made me impatient.

I sighed and came straight out with it.

"I bought pregnancy tests!" I said a little louder than before.

He immediately sprayed his Iced Tea everywhere.

"YOU BOUGHT WHAT?!" he asked, shocked.

Instead of ripping of a few paper towels like a normal person, he grabs one sheet and travels across the room with it--dragging a trail of thick paper napkins behind him.

"Please don't make me say it again." I begged.

"Why would you buy pre...preg..?Tests!" he asked with his eyes as wide as they could be.

"To see if I was pregnant or not. I was just checking!" I told him innocently.

"But, you aren't. Right? You are not pregnant right?!" He asked--in full panic mode.

"....I'm no expert on those things, but I am pretty sure that if a pink plus sign shows...IM PREGNANT!" I told him. I was excited, and it seemed as if he were more mad at me for it.

"What's wrong, Edward?" I asked.

"What's wrong?! Your PREGNANT that is what's wrong!" He told me circling around the large echoing kitchen. He ran to the front door and turned the handle.

"Edw-" I tried to say.

He left. The front door slammed, and Edward was gone.

I threw my plate against the freshly painted wall, and it shattered everywhere. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, and slammed that door as hard as my body would let me.

The force made the wood crack and there was a split by the shiny doorknob.

I just sat there, curled in a ball on the king sized bed. I cried, and my breath stopped when the garage door opened.

"Stupid Edward taking out his Stupid Silver Shiny Volvo." I said to myself in a disgusted voice.

He is probably racing down to the Pawn Shop and in line to sell his engagement ring.

My sobbing got louder until I heard the basement door, leading to the garage, slam.

Back? Already? Doubt it.

I tiptoed down the stairs to see who it was, and then the large body spotted me.

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