"Love is all fun and games until someone gets pregnant."
--Jim Cole

Chapter 5
Edward's POV.

"You can take my life but you can't take my freedom!" I said into the distance ahead of me..

I watched all of my military men looking at me with big fish eyes.

Blink. Blink.


"Alright men!" I yell to them.


"Say it with me! You can take my life!"

"You can take my life!" They repeated me in a chant.

"But you can't take...."

"But you can't take!"

"My enchilada!"

What? I ask myself. Freedom. I meant to say freedom.

"Enchilada, Edward! I want one now!"

Then it dawns on me.


I opened my sleeping eyes and felt a poke at my side.

"Edward, I want salsa, and pickles, and lots of cheese on my enchilada...okay?"

"Edward!" She yelled louder.

I moaned and glanced at the clock. five A.M. Nice.

"Edward...?" She asked.

"Bella, baby! It's Five o'clock A.M. what resturant is open at a time like this?"

"Taco Bell...They sell Enchilada's."

I sighed.

"Can it wait untill the morning?" I asked.

"This is for the baby! If I eat it, it's feeds the baby! Is that so hard? To feed your lovely Daughter?! You want to starve her!?"

She started crying and I sat up quickly. I grabbed her and she went limp in my arms.

"Shh, Bella, I'm sorry. I will go get your Enchilada thing. Okay?"

"Thank you, Edward."

I smiled in the dark, and kissed Bella on the cheek and then hopped off the bed.

I took my jacket and started walking down the stairs towards the door. I grabbed my car keys from the shallow glass bowl, and closed the basement door as quietly as I possibly could.

The car started with a growl, and I pulled out of the garage quickly. I blasted the heat and took the route to "Taco Bell".



They say Women have it harder, but are they the ones being woken at Five in the morning to get...Mexican food? No, they are not.

Men really do all the work, Women get to sit around all day and eat. They don't even have to go to work.

"I want to be pregnant." I muttered to myself.

Wait, no, I don't.

I scratched that thought out of my head.

I pulled into the Taco Bell drive through, and got in line. A man reached out, with his blue pajama sleeve showing, to grab two bags from the window and then the next guy pulled up and only grabbed one bag.

Oh my, Pregnant women are everywhere.

"Hi, may I take your order?" The voice box asked.

"Err, Yeah. An Enchilada? I think. With..." I looked down at my hand--where I wrote down Bella's order with pen.

"Pickles, salsa, and lots of cheese on it."

There was an awkward silence but I assumed he was typing in the order.

"I'm sorry did you say pickles? On the, uhm, Enchilada." He asked.

It sounded like humor was in his voice. I rolled my eyes.

I knew there would be questions about the pickles.

"Yes, that is right. It's for my wife, she's pregnant—food cravings." I explained.

"Sure, it is." I heard him mutter into the microphone.

I was going to respond, but he was already saying the total.

"$3.45, sir."

I pulled up to the drive-through window, and he was an older boy, he seemed in college or so.

"Pregnant, huh?"

I handed the money over in his eager hands and he exchanged the money for the food.

"Yes..." I responded.

While he was getting my change, I saw him make a skeptical face.

He dropped the series of quarters into my hand and laughed.

"Oh, Shut up. Your the one who works at Taco Bell. I'm engaged and soon going to be a doctor. Who's laughing now?"

I shot forward and peeked into the rear-view mirror, and his torso was out of the window, he had a stunned face on which made me laugh.

I tiptoed into the kitchen whenI heard the Living room Television on. I set the food on the counter and went into the room.

"Bella? What are you doing, sweetie?" I asked.

"I got bored waiting, so I came down here. Where is my Enchilada?" She asked.

I went into the kitchen swiftly--afraid she would slip into panic mode--and grabbed the bag of Mexican food.

"Yay! I was starving. Did you get extra cheese?" She asked me.

"Of course. Water?" I asked.

"Nah, maybe...apple juice?" She suggested.

"We don't have any...You hate it." I told her.

A tear formed and I grabbed my keys, again. I walked over to my Fiancé and stroked her tear away. She smiled and said,

"...Apple juice."

"On it."

I got to my car and started the engine, once again. I drove into a convenient store, and stepped into the tiny gas station store.

"Got any apple juice?" I asked the cashier.

"Juice boxes..." She replied.

My hands fell onto the counter. I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Are you kidding? Only tiny boxes? No bottle's of it?"

She smirked.

"Nope, what can you not breathe without your Apple Juice?" She asked sarcastically.

"My pregnant wife has food cravings. Apple Juice is apparently common with the pregnant women."

"Well, there to the back of Aisle two, if you still want them."


She pointed to where the refrigeration section was.


I walked fast to the back of the store, and looked all over for that freaking' thing of Apple Juice.

I finally found a pack of eight tiny boxes and grabbed two of the packs. I slapped them down on the counter and pulled out my wallet.

"Here, keep the change."

I walked away and I heard her yell after me.

"I like your pants..." She giggled and I smiled to myself.

I looked down and noticed that I still had on my pajama's. I laughed once I got into the car, and drove home to Bella.

I watched her sip away at the fifth one of the Juice Boxes while we were sitting on the couch and she was nestled into my chest.

"Nah, not as good as the first two. I don't really like Apple Juice, that much." She stated.

......... I sighed.