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blood will tell

The small blond child knew he was in serious trouble. There were more demons than he had bullets. Far, far more of the bloodthirsty nightmares then there were bullets.

"Hey look at his tender pink skin." One poked his shoulder.

"'e looks good enough to eat."

"So what're we waiting for? He's just standing there pissing himself."

"Wait I've got an idea." Said one huge, ugly and very smelly demon. "Let's have some fun with him first." There was a general noise of agreement among the hoard and the child found himself forced to the ground.

"Such a tender little bite; let's see how you like this." The beast undid his pants and pulled out a huge penis. "It'll only hurt a bit."

The boy was trembling in fear. This had to be a dream. He kept trying to tell himself that as his clothes were torn from his body and shredded. He bit through his lip to keep from screaming out as the monster forced its huge member into his small opening. They took turns using and abusing him.

"I still say 'e looks good enough ta eat."

"I want the tender parts." That was the first one who had violated him. "Them little jewels ought ta be pretty sweet."

They were going to eat him alive. He screamed in horror as the huge mouth connected with his groin and the monster bit into him with razor sharp teeth.

"This can't be real." He repeated to himself just before he passed out.

"NO! HELP ME." Genjo Sanzo woke up screaming and sweat covered. His breathing was harsh and his entire body shook. His hand bumped a solid form next to him in the bed and he leaped sideways out from under the tangled sheets.

"Hey baby what's the matter?"

"Gojyo?" he panted.

"Yeah! Who else would it be?" the red headed man sat up.

"Oh dear god you don't want to know." Sanzo's voice shook.

"Bad dream? Come here let me hold you for awhile."

"Don't touch me."

"Hey, what's wrong? Don't be like that." Gojyo was sitting on the bed with his arms outstretched. "Come on sweetheart I'm not going to hurt you."

"No! Stay away from me." The blond priest tugged on his jeans, and strode to the window, leaning against the casement. "Don't touch me. In fact get the hell out of my room."

"Your room hell. This is our room, and I'm not leaving."

Sanzo picked up his gun. "Oh yes you are."

Gojyo got out of the bed and standing naked before his lover, crossed his arms and stood his ground. "Like hell."

"Fuck… fine. I'll leave." Tucking the gun in his waistband he slammed the door when he left the room.

"You forgot your smokes asshole." Gojyo tugged the door open and threw the pack at the retreating back. "And I hope that hurt."

"Prick." The blond shouted back.

"Yeah and you want it bad blondie. You want what I got. You know it makes you hot."

"Fuck you…ass wipe." Was the barely discernible reply.

Sanzo waited in the inn's tiny dining room, smoking furiously. When the three companions had assembled for breakfast he went back to his room to shower and dress. He returned downstairs and glared at the trio.

"We're leaving in thirty minutes." Then went outside to wait in the jeep, leaving all the packing up to them.

"What's wrong with Sanzo?" asked the youngest of the group. Gojyo merely shrugged indifferently.

The remainder of the day Sanzo spent in stony silence. Not even the bickering in the backseat could rouse his ire. The following day was more of the same. By the fourth day of Sanzo's silence even Hakkai's usual cheery demeanor was wearing thin.

"Sanzo I think we could all use a break at the next town. I think it would be wise to stay for a few days or more." Sanzo just made a noncommittal grunt. Hakkai pasted his patient smile and shrugged. "I'm sure that's just what everyone needs. Perhaps we can even get separate rooms this time."

"Sounds great to me." Was Gojyo's sarcastic reply. "It'll be nice to not get bitched at all night long."

"I could share with Sanzo this time." Chimed in Goku.

"No fucking way." Growled Sanzo and then he lapsed back into silence.

"The diva has spoken." Gojyo waited for the threat of the fan or the appearance of the gun. When neither happened he decided it was time to "poke the bear" as Hakkai called it. "Yeah god knows it'll be great to have my own room for once. Maybe I can even score a hot chick for the night. It's been way too long since I had a good fuck."

"Gojyo …language." Chided Hakkai.

"Ah forget it." Gojyo waved a hand dismissively. "There's probably no decent gals around here anyway."

"What's the matter did you lose your pervert groove?" Goku teased.

"Shut up you grubby little monkey."

"Make me you water wienie."

"Now, now..." Hakkai started. That was just the moment when the jeep hit a large hole in the road. "Oops...."

Goku vaulted forward and landed neatly on Hakkai's lap. And Sanzo was flung backwards, landing face first on Gojyo's lap.

"Whoa! Why don'tcha wait till we get to the inn baby? Then we can really play."

Sanzo attempted to sit up. "Die you bastard." Gojyo had slipped his hands under Sanzo's arms in an attempt to help him upright. "Get your filthy mitts off of me."

Gojyo who was still acting playful wiggled his fingers a few times.

"Stop that."

"What?" Gojyo feigned innocence.

"Trying to tickle me."

"Now why would i try to do something like that your holiness?"

Sanzo's face flushed in anger. "Just let go you jerk off."

"What ever you say princess."

"Just go the hell away and leave me alone." Sanzo tugged his robe into place. "Is that dragon alright I really want to get back on the road."

"Oh dear! Sanzo we have a problem." Deep concern was written all over the green eyed healer's face. "I'm afraid Hakuryu is injured."

"Great! Just fucking great." Sanzo angrily clicked his lighter. "So now we're stuck walking the rest of the way to town." He turned to Goku and Gojyo who were continuing their argument. "This is all your fault you bastards." He began to beat them with the large fan he had pulled out of his sleeve. There was something that made him stop mid stroke. Was it just his imagination or was there some strange glimmer in their eyes?

"Dear god let it be my imagination." He thought to himself. "What the hell will I do if they start to change? I won't stand a chance."

They began the long trek toward the next town. Sanzo decided to linger toward the rear of the procession because he really did not want to be in front of the other three.