Blood will tell

pt 3

Sanzo remained in his room for three more days after the incident with Gojyo. Finally coming to the conclusion that he was indeed being a bit childish about the whole incident. Perhaps it was just because he had been so tired and stressed out from the journey, That maybe just maybe he was overreacting to absolutely nothing at all.

As much as he liked to have everyone believe did not care he knew deep down that he could trust those three. They had proved it time after time. They would not lose themselves quite that easily. He would have noticed the differences before this, wouldn't he?

Hakkai was the steadiest of the bunch. Followed by Gojyo and Goku. In fact truth be told he alone might be the one who was losing it. But the closer they got to India the more he began to worry. If Hakkai were to take off his limiters he may not be able to return to the calm pleasant man that he was. And god only knew what would happen if Goku were to lose control and his limiter would shatter. Sanzo himself may very well have to shoot him. Now Gojyo was the unknown quantity in the mix. With his half breed status who knew what would happen if his demon side would engulf his humanity.

Then there was the fact that Sanzo had taken the water sprite as his lover. Would that put him at an increased risk? Time was the factor for the whole ordeal.

He decided to forgo his initial fear and put it all behind him. Perhaps if he played ignorant they would forget all about it. He knew for sure that Goku would be the first to do so. Hakkai would let it slide as he usually did, But Gojyo...Well hopefully what he had said was not too unforgivable.

He left the haven that had been his room for the past few weeks and after some searching found the three in the dining room. They were in deep discussion about one of the typical topics that could usually be found in such a setting, food.

"No even if you cooked the meat for a long time I do believe that it would remain rather stringy." Hakkai said calmly.

" But wouldn't that be okay if it had a great flavor?"

"Stupid monkey. "

"Don't call me stupid you crappy kappa."

"Hey! Watch it brat." Long fingers combed through streaming red hair. "I'm just so sure that he'd allow that to happen any way."

"It's a moot point, both of you. We have no intention of following through on this train of thought."

"Yeah I know, But I was just wondering. Cause that's what that demon in the desert was going on about."

"She wasn't gonna cook him you moron."

"Ewww! Raw. That would be nasty."

Good god they were talking about eating him. Maybe he had just missed all the tell tale signs. They weren't serious were they? He needed to get away from these animals. Now would be preferable. But where would he go and how would he get there? Hakuryu would never respond to him the way the way he did to Hakkai. That little beast was completely devoted to the green eyed owner.

There was another question...How would the little dragon behave if his owner would lose control of his humanity?

"Given the fact that we will never find out, This is an irrelevant conversation."

"Besides he'd probably be too sour anyway. You'd have to add a ton of sugar to the mix."

"Gojyo!" Hakkai gasped.

"What? All I'm saying is he'd taste too much like cigarettes, gun oil and gun powder."

"You two are awful. If Sanzo heard what you were saying he would put that gun of his right between your eyes."

"Come on Hakkai. Don't tell me you never thought about it."

"Of course not Gojyo. It's far too improper."

"Shit Hakkai why does everything have to always be so proper with you?"

The human turned demon chuckled mildly. "Oh Gojyo that's just the way I am and you should know that quite well."

"That's beside the point 'kai you don't need to be so uptight about that shitty monk, After all what the hell's he done for us lately?"

"While that may be true, He is still the most essential part of this journey. There is no possibility of completing what needs to be done without him."

"Besides Gojyo this is Sanzo we're talking about. He may be grouchy but he's still our friend."

"Leave it to you to stick up for that stuck up bitch."

"My gracious Gojyo, such venom from you." Hakkai had a surprised look on his face. "It almost sounds as if you really hate him."

"Fuck! I'm just sick and tired of all his shit."

"Damn kappa you're cold today." Goku said in a joking manner. "What happen? Couldn't find a girl last night?"

"None of your fucking business you shitty monkey."

"HA HA that's what it is. You're a loser."

"I said shut it." He grabbed Goku in a fierce head lock. "My sex life is not your concern."

Goku happened to notice Sanzo pulling back from the door way. "Hey Sanzo! Where're you going?"

"Sanzo it's so nice to see you out of your room. Won't you join us?"

"Oh just wonderful the great and mighty Master Sanzo is blessing us with his holy presence."

"Fuck you." Sanzo snapped. "In fact fuck y'all, I heard what you were talking about."

"Now, now Sanzo that was just in jest."

"But it's been thought about so screw you. I'm outta here." He turned to walk away.

"Yeah that's it just walk away from your problems like you always do. You pussy. Who'd want you for a leader anyway? You suck."

"You're lucky I left my gun back in the room. Come near me and you're dead. Any of you."

"BIG FUCKING DEAL. You always miss anyway." Gojyo roared.

The enraged blond cocked back his arm aiming at the red head. "Forget it. You're not worth the pain to my hand."

"See you are just a pussy, a great big coward."

Sanzo hurriedly made his way back to his room. "Bastards." He lit a cigarette and strode to the window to glance outside. "Who needs this shit."

A polite tap on the door broke his train of thought. "Sanzo? I think we should discuss what was going on."

"Go away Hakkai I don't want to talk to anyone."

"I'm afraid I can't do that. I feel this matter needs to be resolved right now."

"Fine." he sighed. "But make it quick and you better be alone."

"Of course." As soon as Hakkai turned the knob Gojyo and Goku pushed their way past him.

"What the hell?"

"I am sorry Sanzo, But we are all involved in this and I felt it was best that the air be cleared all at once."

"Damn you."

"Say what you will, but this will happen right now." Hakkai crossed his arms resolutely. "I dislike all of this distention. It's quite disruptive of the group harmonics."

"Harmonics hell." Sanzo scowled. "We're the most dysfunctional group around."

"You'll get no argument from me on that point. But be that as may we are more or less a functioning unit. We need this."

"So let's get this over with. The sooner I can get rid of you the better."

"Typical." Gojyo sneered.

"You have something to say asshole spit it out."

"Fine I will." Gojyo suddenly lunged forward and pinned Santo to the wall. "We all care about each other and you are being a total prick about it."

"Get the fuck off of me." The priest tried to push back. As hard as he pushed he could not move the solid mass of the larger man. "You're starting to piss me off."

"Yeah do I look like I care right now?"

"Bite me shit head."

"If you insist." Gojyo leaned forward and sunk his teeth into Sanzo's neck. "Been a few weeks since I did this." He moaned. "I've needed this really bad and I'm sure you need a good lay too."

"Stop it. What the hell are you doing?"

"Fulfilling a need." He began to nibble on the pulsing vein running the length of the slim neck. "God you still taste good." He moved on to an earlobe. "Shit you guys can go away now. I think I've got this covered."

"No!" Goku stated. "I want a taste too."

"You dope. I'm not tasting. I'm gonna screw his ass into the mattress."

"Gojyo!" Sanzo hissed. "Shut up. They don't need to know what's going on."

"Oh Sanzo don't be silly. We already know. We would just like our turn."

"Hakkai?" Gojyo twitched an eyebrow upward. "What the hell?"

"We'd just like our share of the fair priest." He reached over and removed Goku's diadem.

"HAKKAI! NO!" Gojyo shouted. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Goku's small body made a startling transformation and the demon chuckled evilly.

"Now..." Hakkai reached up and began to remove the clips on his ear. "Since you're so worried about our demon status it's only fair that we do this as the one thing you hate the most."

"Oh my god Hakkai have you gone crazy?" Sanzo was panting. "You can't be serious about this?"

"But we are." His ears had elongated and the intricate vine pattern of his demon status was winding around the visible parts of his body. "Gojyo step away." He commanded.

Goku's eyes were glowing with malevolence and he pushed back a few strands of his long hair. His smile had gone from it's usual good natured grin to a toothy snarl.

"Hakkai I can't let you do this." Gojyo's voice had deepened to a dangerous level. "I should get first dibs. I'm the one who's been fucking him."

"Certainly Gojyo, Be my guest." Hakkai signaled the half breed to proceed.

"I claim...his dick and his heart. They've been mine for a long time now anyway."

"Then I'll take those spiteful eyes. That way he'll be unable to give anyone those vile looks. Goku you can have the tongue as a treat. Then he will not be able to use it to spout such venom."

There was a quick flash of eagerness in those golden eyes, and the heretic child nodded. They advanced on the stunned Sanzo

"No! You can't do this." Sanzo gasped. Gojyo's hand began to close around his throat and he was lifted off of the floor, then flung onto the bed. Goku's long nails began to rip the cloths from his thin frame, not caring in the least that his long nails were also digging into the pale flesh. "Wait you guys. Stop. NO!" he began to shout.

"..nzo...Sanzo?" He awoke to a stinging slap on his face. "Sanzo wake the fuck up, you've been dreaming."

"Shit!" The blond was shaking. "Where the hell am I?

"In our bed at home." Soft lips met trembling ones. "Where we've been since yesterday, when we finished the trip."

"So everything was a dream?"

"I guess, what was it all about?"

"Kappa you don't want to know."

"Yeah I do otherwise I wouldn't ask."

"You all changed and were starting to devour me."

"Hmm eating you. Sounds like fun. But I know a better way." Red eyebrows wiggled up and down in a lewd manner.

"Be serious for a second." Sanzo pushed away. "I didn't have another dream before this and end up being bitchy toward all of you?"

"No more then usual." Gojyo said with a cocky grin.


"Darlin' you got the best ass around."

"Quit joking. I didn't lock my self in a room and stay there? Then you all changed and tried to use me for a chew toy?"

"No baby."

Sanzo heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank god. You have no idea how scary it is to think you're going to be eaten alive."

"Now that, that's solved let's get back to the topic of eating you." The water sprite licked his lips. "You know how much I love to nibble on your body."

Sanzo smiled. "Oh really? Where exactly is that?"

"Here" Gojyo started on an earlobe. "And here." He moved down the slender neck. "This is fun too." He stopped and teased a nipple. "This one is the best." He nipped at the underside of the wiggling man's cock. "I really love this one."

"God me too." Sanzo sighed with contentment. "I really need you lover."

"Glad to oblige my love."

They curled up hugging and kissing eventually leading to a lovemaking session that lasted the rest of the night.

"I love you." They said at the same moment.

Wait... what was that extra glimmer in Gojyo's eyes? Sanzo dismissed it immediately as he drifted off to sleep. "No way."