Two Kongs sat atop an awning of bramble and vines, getting ready to turn in for the night. Diddy leaned against a tree trunk. Drawing the rim of his hat over his eyes, he was about to nod off when a small voice awoke him.
He lifted up his cap, "What's up, Dixie?"
"Well," she shuffled a little in her place across from him, "You don't think any Kremlings could get up here do you?"
"Pah, I doubt it," Diddy chortled, peering over the canopy rim, "They can't even handle the ground. Besides, if one were smart enough to find his way up here, I'll protect you!"
"Just like you protected the banana horde?"
"I- Well, those were bananas! I got careless!"
Dixie giggled, and Diddy felt his face burn. They sat in silence for a moment.
"Y'know, if you're still uncomfortable, you can come over here."
"Yeah, I'd like that." She crawled over to his side, leaning on his shoulder.
"Night, Dixie."
"Night, Di."