Black Ops.

One day a Crimson girl walked up the gates she was only 14 she handed a silver haired man a slip and the stood their waiting for a minute ok so it looks like you are going to be a Anbu in training now let me introduce my self ok she said nicely, well the man said with only 5 words my name is kakashi gaiden what's a gaiden said the girl, it's kind of the leader of this place oh well im tae ok well tae let me show you around the place ok

Well here is where you will be sleeping its a nice small room but it also has a great view from here she said well down the hall is the first training room where is the second on well that's the one outside oh well enough showing you around now lets get you fitted for a uniform

Ok well will I be wearing something like what you have on yes if you want! Well he handed her a black mask and a tank top that was black then a protective vest that was supposed to be bullet proof and she already had a kunai holder on her right side ok let me see how I look

Well your crimson hair is a different touch said kakashi how about you do something with it for when I give you your mask but I already have a mask oh that that's not the whole thing, well I still have some growing she said well the next day tae woke up and headed to practice and saw a brown haired man standing their he also had a girl with dirty blond hair she was maybe a year older than tae she had the same uniform except her shirt was short sleeved hey teacher can we get on with the class yes well I had to wait for tae our new student oh well tae we will be doing Kenjutsu and hand to hand combat cool well I already know how to do Kenjutsu yea kakashi Gaiden showed me some moves hey so he showed you some moves then I know you are on the right path to a good anbu ninja well that afternoon kakashi and tae met at the battle field area 2 and were practicing there tai jutsu she was a very strong girl but needed help on her fighting styles oh will I ever get use to this kakashi ? Oh Tae I am sure you will become use to the anbu ops sooner or later..

What mask would you like me to give you? well I like tigers they are so aggressive and brave at the same time oh and your not' well im just a little shy around certain people well name one person well you for example, some reason you make me happy and nervous oh is that so he said,

Well we don't have that many years between us you are 14 and im about to turn 18 im my clans genius and also have a secret bloodline said Tae oh what is it well that's for you to find out as she laughed I can read peoples lips and minds what's your secret ability? Well I have the gift to make girls fall in love with me if I take off my mask what do you mean? Well it kind of sounds like you and me have a special relation ship going on what would you say Tae? Yea I guess you are right well Leann came to find her teammate but she found herself interrupting a conversation between the two oh am I interrupting something? Um yea we were making plans for tomorrow after class we are going to keep on with my training well I better go home" oh let me walk you home said kakashi as he walked Tae home and was in the hall and said well this is my stop I will be glad when I join the group yea but don't be in such a hurry im not I just cant wait to go and rescue people and maybe guard people like you do oh don't think so highly of me well a brown haired boy was outside of the training area and in the town some place deep hey Tae how you doing I have not seen you since the graduation s said Torak oh you can be nice when you want to Torak well torak had brown hair he had a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder it was in the shape of a black butterfly which was something that you hardly ever saw and he had a dog with him that looked like a German shepherd that had wolf eyes oh so what are you doing with your life well im joining the anbu ops but im still in training soon im getting my anbu ops tattoo they are supposed to give you some kind of hidden power because they are made of a chakra ink oh that's real interesting yea I want one that is a that is the same as my mask and what is your mask going to be I do hope it will be the tiger well that sounds good you can get a crouching tiger they are supposed to protect you from evil yea I will have to look at kakashi,s tattoo, well by for now nice chatting with you ,

Um hey knock hey you home kakashi yes come in tae oh please get some pants on oh I was not expecting anybody but I was being lazy by running around in my boxers ha very funny but any ways can I see your tattoo sure he showed her his right shoulder and it was a leaf sign with lines under it, um why does it have those lines under it well I guess it is to keep the power in until I need it for emergencies I guess that chakra ink really does refuel you , well I was thinking maybe I could have my tattoo sign changed into something else like what kakashi said in a curious voice well I was looking at these anbu tattoo's and one of them looked very familiar it was this red flame like tattoo oh that one is a interesting one to give people because we mix the chakra ink with tigers blood what ! You must be kidding nope that's what I have seen done well the next day tae came to the meeting place and showed her comrades her new tattoo it was what she expected it to look and feel like hey that's a great ninja tattoo it's a chakra sign and supposed to keep my chakra full well juno a young boy that had a dragons mask was very interested in what power her tattoo held in combat kicho was glad to se her new friend well kicho had a long blond ponytail and the traditional black uniform on her weapon was a shiriken and katana that was passed down to her from her father juno was not as much a weapons master a kicho he used jutsu and was able to fly and handle fire by using the power of his tattoo , well its good to run by some familiar faces again said tae oh so you have met yea me and Leann who is lean well she is a girl that I met in iruka,s class oh well she must be a class clown if she has blond hair and has brown eyes well yes she does how did you know what she looked like well because she is standing right behind you oops as tae turned around and saw Leann the very thin blond girl with a shocked look on her face and anger in her eyes the two other anbu comrades were about to come and protect ther new friend well remember we wer supposed to be a team and

We were practicing with those two at area2 oh well we have a mission we have to find a 7 year old boy his name is naruto he ran away from the village and he was being ran out by his so called friends well that's not nice said tae I know, I know well this boy Is no normal boy he has been a orphan since he was 2 years old, the leader of the village was taking care of him and I would baby sit him once and a while so I know what he is like he can be a hand full. So what a hyperactive blond boy is that all uh as kakashi slapped his head with frustration well as they ran threw the forest and found naruto hiding under on of the trees hey their he is any ways we better take him back well what happened this time naruto asked kakashi well I have no idea I was walking home from school and the villagers were looking at me strange and then they started yelling go away um they had finally gotten to the leaders office and naruto was huddled up in a ball he was very confused oh I feel so bad for the little boy said tae oh don't worry he will survive oh you really have no heart at all here is a poor boy who is being yelled at by his own village because of the way he looks well they finally appeared inside of the leaders office and he was very sad to hear that naruto was being miss treated once again well kakashi gaiden you will have to take naruto back to your quarters and make sure he is safe after all he is our hero that is what his dad wanted for him

So this boy is a hero shouted tae hey you in the tiger mask you should know not to ask questions until we are out of the office im sorry she said in a quiet voice its ok she is a new anbu its ok my child I never yell unless one of my ninja has done something really wrong well kakashi took tae to her room and said to meet him in town tomorrow so they can go and have lunch

Well then he went and took naruto so he could get him ready for bed and get him something in his belly he had not eaten in 10 hours .. Hey kakashi can I have some thing to eat said a small voice of course naruto I was just now thinking about that ok well how about I give you a pair of pajamas to sleep in for the night hey I might as well just live here said naruto yea I never did know my dad and you are like a dad figure and your cool lol that was funny said kakashi um any ways I will get your bath started and you can get clean while I get supper ready for both of us ok well 10 minutes had gone by and kakashi had made steamed rice and 2 pieces of fish and chicken.

Well its not much but I descided to test your taste buds and see what you like ok kiddo well naruto jumped into his pajamas and saw a few plates of food well I do know I like rice and fish is good for the brain but I think that I will try every thing said the hungry blond boy um how do you eat with your mask on kakashi? Well kakashi didn't answer for a few minutes I guess I have no way of telling the truth but just taking off my mask he said to himself kakashi pulled down his mask and his face was very pale he had a grin but had a child hood scar

That was not that long well why do you actually wear the mask if you look normal well I think it makes me look mysterious oh well I guess the cat is out of the bag

Well can I still be your son sure what the heck you are still going to be going to school oh man I get picked on well the two of them went to bed it was 700 in the morning and kakashi ran into Naruto,s room and said wake up kiddo its getting late and breakfast is ready for you ok kakashi well naruto got into his cloths and headed out to the kitchen and saw kakashi with a bowl of cereal in his hand here is your break fast and eat fast I have to tell the leader that I would like to tell him that he wants me to be his dad and I would like to take the pleasure well that day naruto came to school earlier than usual he sat next to a girl named ten ten she wore her hair in buns her hair was brown as her eyes hey how you doing she said well I am good only if iruka was a funnier teacher I know class is always not that fun well I guess that school was not ment to be fun well at lunch he sat with his sparring partner that helped him stay out of trouble hi lee whats up well I hear that you are staying with one of the most powerful ninja of the village well may I come over and we can practice our new jutsu yea let me ask kakashi …

Well it was time to go home and Kakashi came to get his son and he came with a friend hey kakashi can Lee come home with us he wants to practice a new Jutsu that we are being taught ok why not but I want to watch you guys so you don't do it wrong ok well Lee came over and was in the back yard of kakashi,s and lee was very happy to have a friend that was so willing to do any thing

7 well Naruto you need to put more force into your throws when you throw your wepons said Kakashi u m ok but i am doing this so that i can graduate and become a great ninja like you.. said the 9 year old boy well don't worry you will be great as long as you do your best any ways this is one of the easiest Jutsu well thats good to know said Naruto the next day Naruto wento to school and passed the graduation exams he was lucky enough to be one of the youngest genin in his class! um well son how about i take you out to lunch and we can go and get you a new oufit for tomorrow ok dad ...

well Dad what is your job in the ninja village? well im starting as a ninja squad leader cool well how about this oufit um how about you pick a diffrent oufit " naruto ok then the Orange and Black suit will that do ?yea thats way better , then Kakashi ruffled up the blond boys hair hey what was that for? well naruto you have so much to learn in the ninja life style and that includes what you wear because what you wear helps cameoflash in combat oh i had no idea my choice of cloths was so important well the next day they learned who their teams wer well naruto was on the same team as Lee and Hinata she was a very shy girl but would not stop blushing ok well your teachers will meet you in the training grounds um ok i wounder wich one said Lee? i actually am woundering who our teachers are?s aid Hinata as the three of them ran oh that must be him um that guy loks like your dad Naruto i know that must be the wrong guy then what you are really my teacher than Dad yes i am Naruto oh yes you are going to make my life rule oh thanks for saying al of those nice things about me but lets gett on with the meeting ok well not far was tae she was spying on Kakashi and saw him with Naruto oh so he really did give up being in the Anbu ops oh and i really did have a thing for him and his spikie hair but one thing i have always wanted to do is see whats under his maskwell tae hid behind a tree and watched the silver haired man handle the kids " well today team we are going to have a exercise and you are going to be having to work on hiding your chakra