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Chapter Five

The air in Central Park is warming up after the very cold and devastating winter, and Elizabeth Holland basks in the glow of the sun high in the sky.

It was only two weeks ago that she found out she was carrying Will's child, got married to Snowden and moved into his house.

Her stomach has not yet bulged like it is destined to do.

The thawing lake shines under the heat of the sun. Elizabeth doesn't think she needs her wrap but Snowden insisted, saying that even though she is with child, she must maintain her social status. Elizabeth doesn't wish for that anymore.

Since she and Will ran away to the West, and away from all the glamour, all the necessities she thought she needed seemed mundane with Will by her side. But now Will is gone and she still hasn't wanted -or even thought about- the dresses or the pressure of being perfect.

Elizabeth is exhausted. She has been learning that being pregnant takes a toll on you no matter how far along you are. The thirty minutes she has been at the park are taking their toll on her. Percival Coddington (sp?) is walking up to her.

"Hello Mrs. Cairns (right last name? sp?) a delightful day is it not?"

The small talk is another thing that Elizabeth did not by any means miss.

Percival extended his arm and Elizabeth took it.

"Yes Mr. Coddington," Elizabeth continued resenting the conversation already.

Percival seemed oblivious to the distaste in her voice.

They were walking around the thawing pond.

"So Lizzy-"

"Mr. Coddington, please call me Mrs. Cairns," she said in a clipped tight voice. Nobody but Will, her old maid Lina and family had ever called her that and she certainly wasn't going to let this idiotic boy with sweaty palms call her such a reserved name.

"So Mrs. Cairns," he tried again, "I see you finally found yourself a proper husband."

This is curious Elizabeth thought. He is being more kind than he usually would be about loosing another possible wife. It makes me think that he didn't want to be my husband any more than I wanted to be his wife.

"Yes Mr. Coddington, I am grateful I have found a husband such as Mr. Cairns."


"Yes Mr. Cairns?"

He then focused his attention on Percival. "I'm sorry Mr. Coddington\, but I must speak alone with Elizabeth at once."

The nervousness in his voice made her nervous as well. "I am sorry Percival, but I must speak to Snowden as well."

Snowden then whisked her away to their carriage and ordered the driver to the Holland resident.

"Why are we going to visit Diana and Mother?

"We will not be," Snowden looked away from her then and out the window

What do you mean? Snowden?"

"I think it would be best for your mother to tell you. She sent for us during your stroll. I went over in the hopes of giving you some peace and she told me……"

He seemed unable to finish. Elizabeth was fretting now. The worst possibilities were flashing through her mind. Mother, Aunt Edith, Diana dead.

By the time they were at her former house she expected to see the house in disarray and the door broken and off its hinges.

Instead she found everything just the way she remembered then. She walked into the house and came to find her self with a crying Mother and I grief - stricken Aunt Edith.

"What is wrong," Elizabeth said socked. When nobody answered she panicked more. Then a though hit her like a title wave.

"Where's Diana? Mother, Aunt Edith where is she?"

That's when Mother handed her a note.

Dear Family,

I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I know it will be hard for all of you, but, Mother and Aunt Edith, I love Henry Schoonmaker. I know what you are thinking, that I should choose money over love, but I love him. More then I love my life. And he loves me. I know it. He told me. So please try to understand when I tell you that I have left… to join the army with him. He's gone and so am I.

I know that it sounds bad, but I have done many bad things for him, and I would do them all again. I don't know when I'll be back and I don't know if I will be back. All I know is that I need to do this.

Lizzy, I know you know this but I love you. And if thing work out between Henry and I then I will contact you somehow. And I am excited that you will be with Will always. Even just being alive you are with Will.

Elizabeth, don't let Penelope do anything to compromise your decisions.

Please don't hate me. I know it will be hard for you all to keep the press at bay, but I want this. I need this. I love you all and I hope to contact to you soon.

Love you all,


So that was it. Diana was gone.