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For the next four days Tim slept.

He woke, smiled sweetly at Gibbs, ate and then drifted back to sleep again. He would settle into such a deep sleep he barely moved and Gibbs found himself sneaking into the room and checking on him often like he was a small child just to make sure he was ok.

When Abby came over to visit and Tim was once again asleep Gibbs found himself angrily venting some of his growing frustration and concern at Abby as they sat on the porch steps.

"Is this what he was like in the hospital? He sleeps all the time. I would think it's the medication but they keep lowering the dosages and he just seems to sleep more. I'm beginning to worry. I mean its not that he's avoiding talking to me or anything is it? Should I have let him go back to his apartment instead of bringing him here?"

Abby just sat there and gave him a look.

"What?" Gibbs questioned her angry, frustrated and simultaneously amused look

Abby reached behind Gibbs and gave him a firm head slap.

"Now don't go crazy on me but you deserved that. You didn't see him in the hospital. He NEVER slept or not well anyway even on his medication. He was worried all the time, he kept watching the door even when he was supposed to be talking to someone. His shoulders were hunched up round his ears he was so tense.

He was worried about YOU. He was the one in hospital and he sent Tony to go check on YOU. He didn't ask me to look in on you because he knew I was doing that anyway. Now that he is here with you he can finally relax and get the rest he's needed instead of worrying all the time. It's a GOOD thing Gibbs."

Abby sighed and leaned her head on her curled up hands with a soft smile.

"Oh you should have heard him in the hospital Gibbs. He really was worried you wouldn't come back. He kept wondering if he had done the right thing. If he was too harsh or if it might have worked out better if he hadn't said anything at all. And then he was talking about wanting you two to be an equal partnership and how he had to know if you really cared enough about him because he didn't know if he could take you leaving him again."

Abby gave Gibbs another look.

"You have figured out that's why he has been trying to change himself and be the best agent he can haven't you? The hair? Those training tapes he's been listening to at the gym? The extra practices at the firing range after work? He was worried he wasn't good enough for you. But he was getting tired of second guessing himself all the time. He said something about being tired of running all the time? "

Gibbs sat in shocked silence and looked out across his front yard as Abby's words settled into his conciousness. All that time…..Gibbs blinked as a thousand little looks and sighs and Tim being worried about what he ate and what he wore all started to make sense. Tim had only been trying to make himself fit into his world. And here he had been worried that Tim was changing so much he would be left behind!

The silence stretched out longer and then Gibbs reached up and gave himself a sharp head slap on the back of his head. So much for being the great investigator! He couldn't even see what was right in front of him all this time.

Abby gave him a smirk that said precisely what she thought of stupid boys and then exhaled dramatically and continued

"Oh it was marvelous Gibbs, in a terrible sort of way how he anguished over you. Very Harlequin Romance. I of course had to assure him that you would eventually figure out that you were meant to be together. And that everything would work out for the best. That you were meant to be together. That you completed each other. Like Ying and …well Ying"

Gibbs quirked an eyebrow as Abby swooned backwards into his lap and kept talking up to him as she lay there, the back of one hand to her forehead.

"Oh it's so romantic the two of you. Just the thought of my two most favorite guys together……deeply in love with each other…… and all naked and sexy….Timmy with his tattoo and you with your sweaty silver hair all….."

"Abby!" Gibbs cut off Abby's developing sexual fantasy sternly.

"Yes Gibbs?" Abby smiled innocently

"How about we got see if Tim's awake?"

"Ok" Abby smiled brightly and bounced out of his lap while Gibbs shook his head at her.


Tim groaned softly and opened his eyes and glared at Gibbs

"What? Am I doing it wrong?" Gibbs frowned and quickly sat back on the edge of the bed and Tim just closed his eyes and dropped his head back against the pillow in frustration.

"Could you just…I don't know …be a bit less…sensual about it?"

Gibbs gave a bark of laughter "Sensual? It's a sponge bath Tim. I'm not trying to seduce you"

Tim muttered half under his breath "Well you're doing a very good job of it. It's just very frustrating to be ….getting aroused and unable to physically do anything about it."

Gibbs tried to bite back a smile but he couldn't help smirking his pleasure at hearing that his much younger lover was still so attracted by him he could turn him on with a soapy sponge.

"Could you just not drag the sponge across my skin so slowly or something? Don't be so nice. Be practical. Brisk. Please?"

Gibbs smile grew wider as he started back on Tim's legs and thighs with the warm damp sponge. "Yes Boss"

Tim groaned again "Don't call me that you big tease. Seriously the first thing I'm going to do when I'm up and about again is have the longest hot shower you can imagine. And I don't care if I use up every drop of hot water you have in the house."

Gibbs dipped the sponge into more warm soapy water and then started on Tim's lower stomach making him shiver.

"Do you think that even when you're having your own showers you might need your back scrubbed on occasion?" Gibbs asked hopefully not looking at Tim as he moved further up his chest, above his bandages paying distinct attention to his nipples.

Tim just made a little high pitched frustrated whinny huff and it reminded Gibbs so much of a noise he had heard Jethro make he had to laugh.

"You are such a dirty boy Timothy McGee" Gibbs tut tutted and he instinctively ducked knowing a pillow was going to be coming his way.

"If Abby ever heard you speak to me like that she would have a fit. I'm sure she has dirty dreams about us together already, so please don't say anything to encourage her Gibbs. She keeps giving me these weird spaced out looks sometimes and she bites her lip."

"Yes Boss"

"I think I hate you sometimes, you know that Jethro?"

Gibbs smiled and leaned down and kissed Tim, warm and lazy and long before pulling back and smiling down at Tim who was wide eyed and almost panting.

"No you don't. You love me Timothy McGee. Now hurry up and get better. There is something I want to show you but its upstairs and I'm certainly not going to carry you up there."

Tim's eyes sparked with that intense curiosity he had.

"What's upstairs?"

"Uh no. You have to get better and get up there yourself. No more trembling and passing out by pushing yourself too hard, too early. And put some weight back on by finishing all your meals. I liked the way you looked before. I don't want to be cuddling up to what feels like a bunch of pencils at night do I?"

Tim smiled and then looked thoughtful, furrowing his brow and pursing his full lips before he asked Gibbs with wide innocent eyes

"What about you half tell me what is upstairs?"

Gibbs laughed "Oh no you're not twisting me around your finger on this one. Consider it extra motivation to get better and get up and around."

Tim pouted

"And no pouting" Gibbs admonished with a stern finger and a badly hidden smile.

"I'm not pouting. I can't help it. My bottom lip is fuller than my top. Doesn't mean I'm pouting." Tim fluttered his eyelashes at Gibbs appealingly.

Gibbs smiled at him knowingly and held up the slightly dripping sponge "Uh huh. Now are you going to roll over so I can do your back?"

Tim groaned and squeezed his eyes shut.


"Oh Gibbs"

Tim stood in the doorway and looked into the room.

Kelly's room.

His room.

Sunlight flooded through the large open windows of the recently painted bright and cheerful room. New white curtains fell softly to the floor and stirred with the breeze. Tim had never stepped foot in this room before although he had seen it on occasion if the door was open to air the room out when he went past.

Gone was the girlish bed with its fairy quilt cover and cuddly stuffed toys. Gone was the over stuffed toy chest in the corner and the Princess musical jewelry box. Gone was the large white mirror with puffy glittery pony stickers stuck down one side. Gone was the Barbie doll house that used to be in the corner and the lost sparkly shoe from under the bed.

Instead Tim's writing desk was in the corner along with his faithful typewriter and favorite writing chair. His inspiration pipe was propped up on a little wooden stand next to a large writing pad. In the other corner of the room was his coat stand with his once favored old trench coat on it and Tony's old stolen NCIS swoop cap with the bullet hole in it. A soft and battered deep brown leather couch sat beneath the window in the sun with a soft throw rug draped over the end looking as if it were made for afternoon naps after long hours of late night writing.

A thick wool rug covered much of the floor and already seemed to have Jethro's dog hair on it in several spots. The room was full of the smell of sun warmed leather and books and familiar things. All of his favorite books were on a large new bookshelf which filled an entire wall of the room. In gaps between the books there were pictures of Tim and the rest of the NCIS team. Of Sarah. Of Kate. Tim's graduation from FLETC. Of Gibbs and Jethro.

"Oh Gibbs"

Tim had no words and he blinked rapidly to hold back tears that started to fill his eyes.

Gibbs hugged him softly "I hope you like it."

Tim just gave an astonished laugh and looked again at the room.

"It's …perfect. Absolutely perfect"

Gibbs smiled "I hope so. It was a hell of a job to get that desk up the stairs. You would have loved to have heard Tony complaining about it."

Tim just nodded and with a look at Gibbs for permission stepped into the room. Tim reverently trailed his fingers across the beautiful wooden bookcase he was certain Gibbs had made himself just taking in all the little details. The crystal ink well, his diplomas on the walls, his valuable 1st edition Moonstone.

Gibbs just watched pleased as Tim seemed awed.

"Tim, I didn't just want to SAY that I want to include you in my life. I wanted to SHOW you. You are part of my future and while I won't forget what I had its time to stop living in the past. I don't expect it is going to be easy but I would like for us to be able to get through it together. I wanted to ask if you would move in with me? Stay with me here. Even after you are better. We can take it slow and just figure it out as we go."

Tim looked deep into Gibbs blue eyes with a smile that made the sun pale in comparison.

"Yes. Yes Jethro Yes"

Tim pulled Gibbs into a hug in the middle of the room and Gibbs buried his head into Tim's strong shoulder and blinked back his own tears as he smelled the fabric softener, deodorant, soap and Timmy smell he had once missed so much.

"I'm glad you said yes. Tony would have totally bitched like a girl if I had to get him to help me get that heavy desk back down the stairs and back to your place. Besides Jethro loves it here"

Tim laughed and held Gibbs tighter, squeezing him.

"God I love you, you know that?"

Gibbs smiled and felt peace wash over him 'Yeah I do"