Final Author's Note:

For all th' stories of the 'Verse what never got told.

That is really what this story is dedicated to. To the tales that were cut short. To Joss, who watched his story mangled, ripped out from under him, and still return triumphant. To the cast of Serenity who made the characters and chemistry unforgettable. To the hope that Joss will get out there and finally tell more stories set in the 'verse, whether it be via comic books or his internet TV channel he's working on. Mimicry is the highest from of flattery, because only truly beautiful things can inspire.

To you, the readers of this story I'd also like to say "Thank you!" There's nothing quite like having a story read and appreciated. I always like to hear praise and criticism so I can make the next story—be it fan fiction or my own—that much better.

Glossary of Chinese Terms

(in order of first appearance)

Chapter One: Leihuang

Jing chai- Brilliant

Chui sei- Go to hell!

Kuh ai­- Cute

Ta ma duh- Damn it!

Mei mei (and later, xiao mei mei)- Sister (little sister)

Lurn shwei jah jwohn- Merciless bastards

Dun mah?- Understand?

Mi tian gohn- Piece of shit (literally "excrement")

Chapter Two: Symptoms

Scene 3

Sah gwa- Fool

Cheong bao ho tze- Monkey raping (used here as a general swear)

Ai yah tien ah- Merciless hell

Chapter Three: Ghosts

Scene 4

Ri shao shi bing- Dog shit (literally "Pile of sun-baked dog poo")

Scene 6

Wong bah duhn- Son of a bitch!

Scene 8

Bao bei- Sweetheart

How w'rin ba lai whai w'rin bu jwo- Good luck don't come, bad luck don't leave—or "Things never go smooth."

Chapter Four: Sacrifices

Scene 2

Xiao yan zi, chuan hua yi, nian nian chun tian, lai zhe li, wow en yan zi ni wei sha lai, yan zi shuo, zhe li di chun tian, zui mei li- These are the lyrics for a Chinese lullaby called "Little Swallow." This is the rough translation: Little swallow, dressed colorfully, Comes here every spring, I asked her "Why do you come here?" She said, "The spring here is the most beautiful." Little swallow, let me tell you, It's more beautiful here this year. We've built large factories, And equipped new machines, Please live here forever.

Scene Five

Tian di wu yohn huen dahn- Completely useless bastard

Go se- Crap