Children waiting for the day…

Episode 1: Newborn

She came into the world at long last. Nine months, for nine months she had been in her mummy's tummy, waiting for this joyous day. Today was her birth day. The day all children look forward to.

The doctor was wiping the blood off her little body. She screamed, and cried, as the doctor held her upside down. But, such is the way with newborns. The little newborn cried for mummy. She cried for that tender first hug, between child and mother.

But mummy was sick. She had the Post Partum Depression. She could not give any hugs today. She was crying. It was because she was sick.

Doctor told the nurse "We will have to be patient with the mother. Post Partum is actually quite common, even if we don't talk about it much. Have you reached the father?" Daddy was at a trip in America, in a place called Hawaii. Hawaii was far, very far. So daddy could not come over to the hospital to say hi to the newborn.

"Very well, put the child with the rest." The nurse put the baby in a crib, in a room full of other babies. All were screaming and crying. Some had someone looking at them from the window. Some of these people were looking for a specific baby. But no one was looking for the newborn.

"Heather…"- said mummy. The first gift a child ever receives is a name. The newborn had been given the name Heather. It rimes with feather. A meaningless name.

Heather was still crying. An old man, with but few days to live, stopped by the newborns, looking at them with love in his eyes. He saw Heather, and said "Aww, what a cute little girl."