Deidara got up when he heard the rain. It didn't matter that it was well past midnight; he still got up to go open the window.


Deidara smiled as he watched the storm raging on. Not so long ago, he would have been terrified, and hiding under his blankets. But that had all changed, thanks to Sasori-danna.



"Eek!" Deidara ducked under his covers.

"What are you doing?" Sasori was working on his puppets and was annoyed at being interrupted.

"N-Nothing, un." Deidara answered nervously, poking his head out from underneath the blankets.


Deidara squeaked and disappeared back underneath the covers. Sasori chuckled. "Hiding under the blankets won't protect you from the storm, idiot. Not like you're in danger in the first place. Honestly, you can be such a dumb blonde sometimes."

"I am not, un!" Deidara huffed, coming out once again. "I just….don't like storms."


Sasori watched Deidara duck under the blankets again. The puppet master frowned. "So, they seriously bother you?" The blanket shifted slightly, and Sasori assumed his partner was nodding. Sighing, he got to his feet. "Alright, come on." Deidara popped out from underneath the blanket. "Where are we going, un?" "Just follow me," Sasori replied, walking out of the room.

Deidara followed his partner out of the room and through the base, jumping at each thunderclap. He raised a brow when Sasori walked out the front door and onto the porch, but followed him anyway. Once they were out on the porch, Sasori stopped. "Danna?" The red head sat down, and motioned for Deidara to sit on his lap. Still very confused, Deidara sat down.


Deidara jumped slightly. "Danna, can we please go back inside, un?"

"No." Deidara stared into the red head's eyes, searching for an answer. "We're going to get rid of your fear by watching this thunderstorm."

Deidara's eyes widened. "Danna, you can't be serious, un! This won't help me-"


Deidara jumped, clinging tightly to his partner. "Shh, just watch the storm." Deidara obeyed the command and stared at the sky. The rain was coming down fairly hard, with lightning lighting up the sky every few minutes, followed closely by a clap of thunder. After a while, Deidara stopped shaking, and only flinched slightly when it thundered. "See? Nothing to fear." Sasori stared at the sky and was silent for a moment.

"You know, I honestly couldn't believe you were scared of storms." Sasori whispered.

"Hmm? Why's that, danna?"

"Because they're a lot like your bombs. A brief flash of light, followed closely by a loud bang. It's almost the same, you know."

Deidara thought for a moment. "It really is, isn't it, un?" The thought made him smile. He rested his head against Sasori's chest, watching the storm until he fell asleep.

"And after that, I never got scared," Deidara thought, smiling contently.

"Dei, will you hurry up and get back in bed?" a sleepy voice called out.

"Coming danna!" Deidara knew his cheerful voice would only annoy Sasori this late, but he didn't care.


Deidara smiled as he climbed into bed. "Go ahead and storm." Slowly, the sculptor drifted off. It continued to thunder for several more hours, but nothing could disturb the blonde or the redhead from their peaceful slumber.