Chapter 8

They went home, showered, changed, and packed for their romantic weekend. He was at her door, wearing a big grin, at 6 sharp.

"Hi" he said pulling her into a nice long kiss.

"Hi yourself"

"Ready. Let me grab you bags. I hope you didn't pack to many clothes; you won't be needing them"

"You are so bad"

"I'm bad?" he said faking a shocked look. "Aren't you the one who walked into me office today demanding sex"?

"Yes I was" she replied with a huge smile on her face.

The arrived at Little Creek at 8:45. She unpacked her bag while he lit a fire. He poured them some wine to take the edge of the nervousness he was feeling. He wanted tonight to go well. His greatest desire was to make it good for her.

When Emily came downstairs, he handed her a glass of wine. "Dave, lets get this straight, I'm a sure thing. You don't have to get me drunk" she laughed.

"I thought it might help with nerves"

She shot him a surprised look. "How did you know I'm a bundle of nerves?"

"I was taking about my own nerves. But you were a bit quiet at dinner. I figured it was nerves setting in. Remember, if you want to change your mind, its okay...we don't have to make love tonight".

She went up to him and stroked his face. "You are a wonderful man David Rossi".

"Come, let's enjoy our wine by the fire"

They snuggled on the sofa by a roaring fire. After a couple of glasses of wine, they were both more relaxed.

"Dave, excuse me I'll be right back"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I have a surprise for you".

Emily went into the bedroom. She knew that true to his promise, she would have to make the first move. She quickly undressed and put on a silk babydoll nighty, which she purchased yesterday. She ran a brush through her hair, looked at her reflection in the mirror, and took a deep breath.

When David looked up and saw her enter the living room, his breath caught.

"Emily you God... you are so beautiful". He was speechless. "Come here"

He pulled her down next to him. He leaned down and covered her lips with his. She pressed closer to him and opened her mouth allowing him to deepen the kiss. His hands caressed her body. She felt his hand stroke her breast through the silk fabric of her nighty. She moaned with delight. Suddenly he stopped took her hand in his, and lead her into the bedroom.

Once they reached the bedroom, he dimmed the lights, and sat her down on the bed.

Looking in her eyes, he asked her "are you absolutely sure you're ready? No reservations? I want to make it good for you".

"No reservations".

He sat down beside her and began kissing and stroking her. He gently pushed her back and lay down beside her. Their tongues intertwined, as he ran his fingers up over her nighty. He gently pulled the straps of her gown down, exposing her small, but perfect breasts. Lifting his lips from hers looked down and took in the sight of her. He fondled one breast, gently squeezing her nipple. It puckered for him on demand, he lowered his mouth, and began suckling on it.

"Oh my...Dave".

She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hand over his chest. He started a passionate assault on her other breast. He rolled the hard pebble between his finger tips, before capturing it with his mouth, and flicking it with his tongue. He ran his hand up her thigh, tugging up the hem of her gown, he cupped her firm behind. She was wearing bikini underwear that matched the nighty. He pushed her up on the bed and knelt in front of her. He slipped her nighty off and with one quick move he freed her of her panties as well.

"You're not playing fair, I'm totally exposed and you're still wearing clothes"

"I can rectify that" he whispered. He stood up and stripped down to his underwear.

He climbed into bed and resumed kissing Emily. He rolled on top of her and rhythmically moved his pelvis against hers.

"Dave, now...I'm ready" she gasped.

"Baby, not yet, I have some more tricks up my sleeve".

He ran his fingertips lightly over her face, down her neck, he continued down to her breast, stopping briefly to play with her nipples. He smiled as he watched her moan with pleasure.

"Cold my ass" he thought to himself. Emily was extremely responsive to his touch.

His fingers continued down her belly, before reaching his final destination. "Open your legs for me baby...let me touch you".

Emily opened her legs for him. He gently opened her folds to expose her pleasure spot. His fingers worked magic on the hard nub. She never felt this kind of intense pleasure before. It was maddening.

"Dave, stop...I can't think".

"You're not supposed to think...just feel".

She began thrusting her hips against his hand. He slipped one finger into her, then two. She was hot, wet, and very tight. He was glad he took the time to pleasure her this way, before penteration. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt his Emily.

She was panting and moaning. He replaced his finger with his mouth. He suckled on her clit, while thrusting his fingers in and out of her moist heat. Emily's body was thrashing back and forth.

"David...Oh my God... its happening"

"Come for me. You can do it. Just give into the feeling".

She was right on the edge. He continued to use his tongue to stimulate her clit, but he increased the force and intensity of his lick. With his free hand he reached up to pinch her nipple.

All of a sudden her body stilled, she threw back her head, and screamed his name. He felt her body contract around his fingers. He laid next to her, rubbing her legs and arms until the after shocks of her orgasm subsided.

"David, nobody ever did that to me before"

"Em - that was why you didn't enjoy sexual intimacy. That wasn't your first orgasm, was it?"

She felt herself blushing. "It was my first one with someone else in the room".

"My naughty girl. Are you up for more love making tonight"

"The question is Mr. Rossi, are you?" She rose up and kneeling beside him, started exploring his body. She traced her fingers down his chest, across his abs, and finally she took his very erect penis in her hand. She ran her hand over the shaft and fingered the smooth tip.

Dave was so turn on. Not only was she giving him physical pleasure, but she was feeling sexy and confident enough to take the initative. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations. When he looked at Emily again, she was bending down to take him into her mouth.

"No, babe, you don't have to..."

"I want to do this. So will you stop talking lay back and enjoy the ride"

She had performed oral sex twice before, but she wasn't that great at it. But this was the first time she wanted to take a man into her mouth. It took her a few minutes to develop a technique. Dave could tell that she was new at it. That fact turned him on even more. After a few more minutes he felt like he was going to cum.

"Em- stop"

"Whats wrong? Am I doing it wrong? Is it not enjoyable"

"No, your doing it right. It's so enjoyable I'm going to explode and I want to be deep inside you when I do".

He got up and reached into the night table.

"Damn, I have to run out to the truck"


"I bought condoms today. I must have forgotten them in the truck"

"We don't need them. We both just passed the Bureau's physical three weeks ago. And I been on the pill for years to help regulate my cycle. We are safe and good to go"

"You are amazing" he said as he kissed her passionately.

He took his time restimulating her to the point that she was moaning and wet. He positioned himself between her legs and guided himself to her opening. He looked into her eyes for any hesitation. She smiled and moved her hands down to cup his ass, to let him know she was ready. He moved his hips forward entering her slowly. She was so warm, wet, and tight. Emily gasped.

He went perfectly still. "Em - are you okay? Does it hurt"

"I'm fine. It felt wonderful until you stopped"

When he made it all the way in, he started making shallow slow thrusts. Emily lifted her hips meeting his thrust. The tempo picked up, as his thrust became harder and deeper.

She was moaning with pleasure. Sensing she was close to coming, Dave reached between their bodies and stimulated her clit.

"Oh Dave...YES" she screamed very loudly, as her orgasm came crashing over her.

Dave kept thrusting as her love muscle contracted around him. He felt himself coming. One last deep trust put him over the edge. He stilled, his face contorted, and let out a groan. He collapsed on top of her body.

"My God Em...that was....

"Incrediable" she finished.

After a while, he pulled out, rolled over, and cuddled her close to him.

"Dave, thank you - you made it wonderful for me". Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Baby - the pleasure was all mine" he said wiping away her tears as the spilled down her face.

"All these years...I thought I was somehow defective. I began to believe I was frigid".

"Honey, you are so NOT frigid. In fact you, my dear, are a screamer"

"You gave me something to scream about"

"We should get some rest...tomorrow I plan on giving you more to scream about".