"Please don't do this to me, Hojo! Pullllleaze!" begged Kagome. She was really close to getting down on her knees and begging. She didn't understand how he could do this to her! She was his best freaking writer on the staff!

Kagome, a staff writer and editor of the commentary page for her college's newspaper and college sophomore, had done a very very naughty thing. She had published the one story her editor-in-chief, Hojo, told her not to. It was a direct order from the newspaper adviser. She couldn't help it. She had a strong opinion on the environment and had created a very well written commentary piece on the school's lack of respect for it. She just had to publish it!

"Kagome, you ignored a direct order. You are lucky you weren't kicked off the staff! Be glad I even talked the adviser into letting you keep your position as editor." Hojo looked down at the girl mildly sympathetically. "Besides, the story your on isn't that bad. Its only for a couple of months."

"Its not the story I am worried about." Hojo looked at her, disbelieving. "Okay, so maybe I know nothing about sports writing. But I am sure I will learn quickly. I am more concerned about working with Kouga!"

Hojo smirked. The wolf did have a knack for begging for Kagome's romantic attentions. "Well, maybe he won't judge your horrible sports writing as harshly?" he offered. At one time Hojo had a little crush on Kagome too. But he, unlike Kouga, could take a hint.

"No Hojo. If there is one thing Kouga loves more than me, it's sports." Kagome sighed. Why did she put her self in this situation? She knew that there would be repercussions, but she didn't think Hojo would be so cruel! Actually, she was very lucky that she wasn't striped of her position at the newspaper. "Well, I better go check in with Kouga and see what kind of story I am writing." Kagome left his office begrudgingly.


"Hey Kouga." Kagome meekly entered his office. She was completely unprepared to be swept off her feet by none other than the amorous editor.

"Kagome, if I had known you wanted to work with me this bad, you could have just asked for a story!" He kissed her check and set her down in the chair across from his desk, before returning to his own. "Well, the advisor told me to give you a weekly column type thing on an outstanding athlete. And being a member of State's hockey team, I found the perfect student for you to follow! Sesshomaru Taisho. Sure, he might be a little bit of a bastard, but he really is an outstanding hockey player. Not to mention he still has one more year on the team." Kouga leaned in to her and whispered, "I think he'll make captain."

Kouga was the current captain of the team, and had excellent leadership qualities, whether Kagome wanted to admit it or not. "Kouga, thank you so much for this generous assignment. I hope to please you with my work." Wow, that came out not at all how she wanted it to sound, but Kouga's smile indicated her worst fears. He still thought that she was doing this to vie for his attentions. "Well, I better get going on that assignment."


Kagome returned to her apartment. She had moved into her own apartment when she began her sophomore year, as was typical at State University. Nearly all the freshmen stayed in dorms and moved out the following year. Kagome loved her apartment. She really missed the privacy last year.

She moved to the desk that held her laptop where she did all her homework. Sifting through her organic chemistry textbook, literature through the ages, and other random books she had accumulated during the year she found her copy of the student directory, given to her when she began as a staff writer for the paper. Leafing through the pages, she found Sesshomaru Taisho's listing and wrote down his address and phone number. He lived only a few blocks from her, so she figured she could just pop over later and see if she could arrange to work with him throughout the season.

Deciding that it would be better to do some research on him before she just showed up at his apartment, she opened a browser on her computer. Typing his name into the search engine, she pulled out her notebook to take notes.

A couple hours later, Kagome pulled herself from the computer. She had gained a lot of information on the star player of her school's hockey team, with only a short side trip to online shop. He was recruited by the professional league when he was a senior in high school. He decided to go to college and play instead because he wanted to get a degree. He wanted to do something when he could no longer play professionally, as hockey was only a temporary career. Kagome found herself admiring that quality. At least he wouldn't be a total airhead jock. His father had played in the professional league as well, too, but had since retired. His half-brother, InuYasha, played on the same team as Sesshomaru, and was actually in Kagome's grade. She wondered if she had ever spoken to the half-brother before.

Deciding that she had put off meeting him long enough, she put on her black jacket and headed out the door. His apartment ended up only being a few blocks away, and the walk was pleasant, mostly because it was a cool area to live in. That was one of the reasons Kagome had chosen it when she went apartment hunting. She followed one of the other students into the building, not wanting to have him buzz her in. She doubted he would.

Taking the elevator up to the fourth floor, Kagome exited and walked out to the hall, journalist's notebook in hand. She stood outside his door, room 49. She had no idea why she was so nervous. She had to do it sooner or later. Gathering her courage, Kagome made a fist and knocked firmly on the door. She waited a few moments and then the door swung open.

Sesshomaru, there in all his shirtless glory, was leaning against his doorframe. He stared down at the girl. She was pretty enough, but really, he wasn't interested in a fuck buddy right now. You'd think that they would learn after a while that he just wasn't interested. "No." was all he said before shutting the door in her face.

Kagome was completely outraged! He didn't even hear what she wanted before saying no and slamming the door in her face. What did he think she wanted? To fuck him? Smacking her palm loudly against the door until he opened it, Kagome stuck her foot in the door so it wouldn't close if he tried to shut it again.

"Good day Sesshomaru-san." Kagome said through gritted teeth. "I am Kagome Higurashi, staff writer for the school paper. I have been assigned to cover your hockey season. Now we can either do this the easy way or the hard way: you allow me to interview you and have press access to games and the locker room, your teammates and coaches or I watch the games at home on TV and make up whatever the hell I want about them. What will it be Sesshomaru-san?"

Sesshomaru looked down at the girl. He was impressed. She only looked at his bare chest once.

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