Kagome smiled, placing a hand on her stomach. She was pleased she would be able to complete this season before she had to stop performing for a while. A lot had changed since college, and she couldn't believe that she was pregnant, let alone married! She couldn't do much ballet, but she was able to perform in the holiday season, solely for the Nutcracker. After being encouraged by her husband, she had tried out for the City Ballet, and made it, her first year. Now, for the last five years she had been performing, starting out as a snowflake, then being a soloist, and this year she was going to be the sugar plum fairy. This would be a good place to end her ballet.

She thought back on the whirlwind that was her life after her sophomore year of college. She stayed in school over summer, and took full loads. She was insanely busy, but this meant that she was able to graduate with her husband. As a captain, Sesshomaru demanded the best from his team. The team enjoyed the fruits of their labors, having a perfect season. The best game of the season, though, was after the championship game. Sesshomaru had pulled Kagome out on center ice, and proposed to her, in front of thousands of cheering fans. Even the opponents congratulated the happy couple.

Sesshomaru had entered the draft, and was a first round pick. He and Kagome didn't have to move far from their college town, as Sesshomaru played for the City. He was a great player, and a real stand out. Three years after being placed on the team he was announced as junior captain.

Bankotsu had repaired his friendship with Sesshomaru, after seeing how he treated Kagome like the queen she was, without being too soft on her. He had even been a part of Sesshomaru's wedding party, which also included InuYasha and Kouga. Kagome's bridemaids were two friends from college, and one from her childhood. It was the happiest day of her life. She was sure to save a dance with Hojo, so that she could thank him for giving her that assignment all those years ago. It was the best punishment she had ever received.

Now, at age 25, Kagome and Sesshomaru had decided to have a baby. She was so happy when she conceived quickly - they were going to have a boy. Everyone was thrilled. Sesshomaru's parents had already sent them hockey related things for the baby's room, and InuYasha had promised to teach "the little guy" how to defend himself in games. Sesshomaru of course promptly responded that no son of his would ever be an enforcer in hockey.

Yes, looking back on how things had turned out, Kagome was sure that she wouldn't have in any other way.

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