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Chapter One

Joey's abuse started when he was just ten, his father would scream and yell at him after his mother ran off taking his little sister with her. John Wheeler, Joey's father kept telling him that it was all his fault that maybe if he weren't born then maybe his mother would still be here.

Like most abusers, it starts out with verbal abuse then it escalates into physical abuse, but for Joey, for the first three years it was just the name calling.

Then it went on to his father telling Joey that he was no good, that no one would ever want anyone like him, then when he got older, it did involve the slapping, punching, kicking and the worst of all the inappropriate sexual touching that eventually did lead into rape.

When Joey got out of school, he'd run home to get dinner on the table at exactly five in the evening, hoping that his father liked what he cooked, but rarely that happened.

It always ended up with his father yelling at him for something and then it always ended up with Joey's father raping him and laughing when the first time Joey screamed and even now, every now and then his father would get a little too carried away and he'd bruise Joey's rectum and it would bleed.

The next day, Joey could barely get out of bed; take a shower, change clothes and leave to go to school. The first few years, Joey could hid the verbal abuse by pretending that it never happened, but now it was getting harder and harder to make light of the situation.

One day after his father raped him, Joey walked onto school grounds and he saw Yugi, Ryou and Malik and they were talking to Tristan, Duke and Tea, he put on his best smile and walked over to them. Tristan said, "Dude, you look like hell, didn't you get enough sleep last night?"

Joey laughed and said, "I guess not, listen I'll see you in class I've got to go to the library, I've got to check out a book to do my report on."

Then he left them standing there and he went to the bathroom, when he got inside, he looked at himself in the mirror and said.

"You are on pathetic little idiot, you know that you're father's using you for a fuck toy and yet you can't even stand up to him, do you like what he does to you?"

Then Joey slammed his fist into the mirror shattering it and in the process he cut his hand, it was enough to make him wonder how long before he passed out and died. Then two strong hands grabbed him, wrapped his hand in towel, and said, "Let's go, I've got to get you to the nurse, you're going to need stitches."

Joey didn't hear Kaiba when he came into the bathroom; it surprised Joey when Kaiba knew what to do to try to stop the bleeding. The Nurse said, "He has to get to the hospital, I'm not equipped to take care of this kind of gash." Kaiba then took out his cell phone and he touched on of the buttons and said, "Get here now, I've got an emergency."

Joey looked at Kaiba and then he asked, "Why are you doing this, what difference will it make if I die anyway?" Seto wanted to double up his fist and hit Joey, but instead he said, "It would make a difference to your friends and to me too."

Then the door to the Nurse's Office opened and there stood an older man and Seto said, "We've got to get Wheeler to the hospital, he needs stitches in his hand."

The man said, "My name is Roland, we're going to get you to the hospital and get that hand stitched up." Then Joey stood up, but he started to go down, but Roland caught him and he picked Joey up and carried him out to the limo, then he helped him into the back and then Seto sat next to him and Roland got behind the wheel and drove to them to the hospital at Kaiba Corp…

Roland carried Joey inside and when the woman behind the desk asked if Joey had any insurance, he turned white and both Roland and Seto knew why, then Roland said, "Send the bill the Kaiba Corp. now get a doctor out here to see about this young man's hand."

A Dr. Pierce came out to see about the patient and when he saw Seto and Roland standing beside a young man in the wheel chair, he smiled and held out his hand to Roland and said, "What seems to be the matter?"

Seto then said, "My friend Steve, accidentally slammed his hand through a plate glass window and sliced the heck out of his hand, he really need stitches."

Dr. Pierce knew that what Seto was saying was a lie, and that he was trying to protect this young man, the doctor said, "Let's go and see how bad you cut yourself shall we."

Roland wheeled Joey into the cubical and the doctor unwrapped his hand and said, "I've got to clean off the old blood and then I can put in a few stitches, Steve you really should stay away from windows."

Roland, Seto and even Joey chuckled and then Joey said, "Yes I know." When the doctor was through stitching up Joey's hand he gave him some pills and said, "These are for the pain and these are for any infection, make sure that you take all the pills for infection."

Joey then said, "Thanks for stitching up my hand." Then he held out his good hand and the doctor shook it and then Roland said, "I guess we'd better get you home so that you can let your mom know what's going on."

When they walked out of the hospital, Joey turned to Roland and Seto and he said, "I don't know how to repay you both for what you did, but I'll get a job and I will pay you back what it cost."

Seto then said, "What you can do, is tell us what's going on and don't tell me nothing, because I've been where you are and I know the signs."

Joey lowered his head and said, "I don't know what you're talking about, I just got mad and hit the mirror."

Seto then said, "I've been that man too, but it was usually because of something that happened to me, did something happen to you?"

Joey then began to cry, and he said, "I can't tell you, if I do and he finds out then I'll be in more trouble and I don't want to make him mad, so please don't ask me to."

Roland then looked at this young man and he knew that his father was the one hurting him, and then he said, "Alright, we won't ask you to tell us, but just remember this, if you don't stop this now, you're going to end up somewhere bleeding and alone."

Roland stopped the car outside the Manor and when Seto opened the door and Joey saw that he wasn't home he freaked out and started shaking and he said, "Take me home please, I've got to get dinner ready, if it's not on the table by five, just take me home please."

Seto then said, "You're not going home tonight, tonight you're staying here you've got to take the medicine and if you go home I know that the person responsible will just throw the pills down the drain, and the beatings will continue and you'll never get better."

Joey got out of the car, he turned and saw the gates down the drive, and he bolted and started running towards them.

Seto motioned to one person, and all of a sudden, Joey found himself in the strong arms of a stranger who said, "Mr. Kaiba has invited you to stay, its bad manners to leave, so let's go back."

Joey was crying then and through his tears he said, "But he'll find out and come here and he'll cause trouble, he's to strong for anyone to fight, please let me go, I don't want anyone else hurt."

Then Joey looked into the eyes of this mountain of a man and he knew that nothing was going to make him let go. Then they were back where Seto and Roland were, and Joey sobbed, "God, he's going to be so mad."

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