fandom. twilight series
pairing. jasper hale x jacob black
theme set. gamma
rating. pg13
warnings. slash, mentions of sex.

. gamma .

#01 - Ring ::
Running around and around, chasing each other, and it's the thrill of the repeated cycle which Jacob knows too well as he follows the blond leech back into the darkness of the woods to start their chase again.

#02 - Hero ::
"Oh shut up!" Jacob threw the pillow in Jasper's general direction, but failing to hit him. "If I hear that Enrique song one more time from you, then I'll throw the stereo at you!"

#03 - Memory ::
Jasper had to constantly remind himself that human's had brief existence's, so much so, that he knew that soon his young wolf would be nothing more then a memory that would grow farther and farther away from him with time.

#04 - Box ::
One small question changed Jacob Black's life forever, and it was all thanks to the little box that Jasper had presented to him on his twenty-first birthday.

#05 - Run ::
There's a thrill to their racing, it's fast and hard and oh so dangerous, but neither of them are willing to stop.

#06 - Hurricane ::
Fast, hard, and over much too quickly is what their sex life boils down too; and the rough sex is something that Jacob welcomes from the soft gentleness that humans offer.

#07 - Wings ::
"You're not gonna fly away on me, right?" Jacob asks, arms thrown around the other's neck, and all he gets for a response is a laugh.

#08 - Cold ::
It's understandable, the contrast between the practical raging inferno that is Jacob compared to the cool, collected personality of Jasper.

#09 - Red ::
It's painful, it burns, and the blood in his veins is starting to run cold and still, but it still beats out in its beautiful crimson torrents from the bite left on his neck.

#10 - Drink ::
First times are usually ones that you look back on with a certain fondness, but Jacob's is just a great blur; he had a little too much to drink at his best friend's wedding.

#11 - Midnight ::
That old grandfather clock in the living room strikes twelve, and Jasper knows that he should leave before he's discovered here on enemy territory, but the transfixing beauty of the young man who sleeps beside him holds him still.

#12 - Temptation ::
One kiss turned into two, and one thing led to another, to the point where Jasper knows exactly why he keeps coming back again and again; Jacob is too alluring for his own good.

#13 - View ::
Looking out over the ocean from the cliff, Jasper can easily see the draw of its beauty, but he still can't understand why his love would want to throw himself out over it and into the black depths of the ocean below.

#14 - Music ::
"What? Does your family secretly play in music festivals as the Von Traps?" Jacob cast an eye over the rather beat-up looking guitar case in the corner of Jasper's room.

#15 - Silk ::
Jacob shivered as those cold hands traced over each muscle, the skin of the others fingertips was unbelievably smooth, sinfully so, and he couldn't help but appreciate that aspect of the vampire even more.

#16 - Cover ::
Before he left that night, Jasper pressed a last kiss to his lover's forehead before taking hold of the blanket and pulling it up over him to ward off the cool chill of the night.

#17 - Promise ::
It's strange that simple words can make you feel complete and perfect inside, but they're just words strong together into vows, and these can be broken; but Jasper hopes that won't happen.

#18 - Dream ::
Jacob knows that it all has to be a fantasy, because there is no way that Jasper Hale of all people is in his bedroom touching him the way that he is, and making him burn up more then he thought possible.

#19 - Candle ::
It was romantic, and all too cliche, the typical candlelit dinner in a dark room where it's just the two of them, but it doesn't change how much of a turn-on it is for Jacob.

#20 - Talent ::
Attacking that bimbo leech was top of Jacob's list of things he wanted to do when she verbally insulted both him and Jasper, but that calming effect that Jasper used so often rendered him helpless, and he know that it would've only gotten him hurt in the end.

#21 - Silence ::
There aren't any sounds in the graveyard, and Jasper finds himself more and more lonely as he makes his way to the stone which marks the end of the life of the one person who ever made him feel whole.

#22 - Journey ::
Jasper's spent so long alone, that at the very end of the long wandering he's spent out in the world, that he's just grateful to find Jacob waiting for him there at the end of it.

#23 - Fire ::
The werewolf's skin burns under his fingers, and Jasper knows that he's addicted, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

#24 - Strength ::
When those arms wrap around them, tensed with a strength which Jacob knows could tear him apart easily within moments, he knows he's safe from any threat that the world could throw at him next.

#25 - Mask ::
All through his life, Jasper had been hiding behind something, and it wasn't until he met Jacob, who couldn't hide anything, was he able to finally let down all his defenses.

#26 - Ice ::
If you're sleeping with a vampire, then you've gotta have a fetish for ice, Jacob knows this better then anyone else.

#27 - Fall ::
He scared Jasper the first time that he took his shirt off, tossed it at him, and then ran off the edge of the cliff and threw himself towards the dark water below; Jacob just wanted to enjoy the adrenalin rush that came with the jump, he didn't think that Jasper would follow him into the water moments later.

#28 - Forgotten ::
Jasper hated how the amnesia had stolen his most precious person from him, but he had to because he loved Jacob and would be waiting for him if he wanted another chance.

#29 - Dance ::
Swept up into cold, dead arms, Jacob was surprised that the bond vampire could dance, but he was from a completely different world then him, and the steps that he leads him in are from that old world which no longer exists.

#30 - Body ::
Wrapping his arms around his love, Jasper pulled the other close to him, letting their bodies mold perfectly together.

#31 - Sacred ::
An abandoned church was the one place where you shouldn't be having sex, least of all in the confessional booth, but Jasper and Jacob do it anyway, because apparently, their love for each other is the creation of the devil.

#32 - Farewells ::
A single word, "goodbye," and then they're walking away from each other without ever knowing if they'll see each other ever again.

#33 - World ::
It's as if nothing truly existed before Jacob, and he's scared to go back to that dark place where he was trapped before, that place that can't be called an existence.

#34 - Formal ::
The tuxedo that Alice bought for him is stiff and uncomfortable, and Jacob wonders why he didn't just take Jasper up on that offer of his for them to just take Edward and Carlisle and get married, he hates the spectacle.

#35 - Fever ::
"You're staying in bed, you're obviously sick," Jasper murmured, hand pressed to the other's forehead and frowned.

#36 - Laugh ::
Hearing the normally straight-faced and serious vampire laugh is worth humiliation and embarrassment that Rosalie gives him whenever he cracks those blond jokes that make fun of both of the Hale twins.

#37 - Lies ::
Covering his ears and squeezing his eyes shut against the demons which ravage his mind, Jacob tries to ignore the constant doubts in the back of his mind that insist that he's just 'second-best' for Jasper.

#38 - Forever ::
"What use is eternity if you can't spend it with anyone?" Jasper whispered against Jacob's soft and pliant human lips.

#39 - Overwhelmed ::
He can't help but be so overwhelmed that he cries when he sees just how much Jasper has done for him catches up to him, and he realizes that he'll never be able to thank him for it all.

#40 - Whisper ::
Every hushed noise that slips past Jacob's lips are captured by Jasper's as he presses his lips to the wolf's over and over again.

#41 - Wait ::
It had been far too long, but the time spent searching and waiting for Jasper to find that 'special person' who everyone else has, but he's found them, and Jacob was definitely worth the long wait.

#42 - Talk ::
"You're too quiet, say something!" Jacob yelled, their relationship had far too many problems sometimes.

#43 - Search ::
Jacob hadn't been aware that he'd been looking for someone to fill the hole that Bella had left until he found them.

#44 - Hope ::
"I can always dream can't I?" Jacob asked Leah rhetorically, he knew that it was near impossible for him to ever get the leech he wanted.

#45 - Eclipse ::
When the night had taken over and replaced his days, Jacob didn't know, but it was all worth it if he could always have the beautiful blond vampire who he'd fallen in love with.

#46 - Gravity ::
"You're all that keeps me grounded in the world, and I couldn't take losing you," Jasper whispered against his lover's lips, and they both know that it's the truth.

#47 - Highway ::
The road is long and winding, through the country that represents life, but Jasper and Jacob both know that the long highway home will be completely worth it.

#48 - Unknown ::
The owner of that scent makes Jasper want to bend them over the nearest solid surface and have his wicked way with them, but he didn't know who it belong too which was the big problem.

#49 - Lock ::
It won't stop the Volturi, both of them know that a simple human dead-bolt will do nothing, but it gives them a few minutes in which they can stop to take their own lives.

#50 - Breathe ::
Jacob took a deep breath, and stepped into his new life with his vampire at his side.

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Everyone's support has been great, and I want to thank everyone who has sent me PMs regarding the subject of my story having been stolen. Really, all of you are just wonderful, and I'm just so grateful that I have readers like you guys. Hopefully, this can and will be resolved soon. I know that I had said that I wasn't sure if I was going to continue to publish my work here, but I've decided that I will. I just can't leave you all feeling like I've abandoned you because of what one stupid person did.

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