fandom. twilight series
pairing. jasper hale x jacob black
theme set. epsilon
rating. pg
notes/warnings. slash, mentions of character death and mpreg.
disclaimer. the twilight series is the property of stephanie meyer, who i'm definitely not.

. epsilon .

#01 – Motion ::

With them, everything is a whirlwind of feelings and passion, because neither knows just when it all could fall apart when they're toeing that thin line between what's acceptable and what's considered immoral.

#02 – Cool ::

Even though his lips were like ice, Jacob can feel that scorching fire that they evoke when he presses those lips to his skin and then follows the outline of each of his muscles with painstakingly slow passes of his lips; Jacob knows that this is where he belongs, there's no mistake.

#03 – Young ::

Jasper doesn't like to think of himself as a cradle-robber, because technically speaking Jacob is considered to be of legal age and he doesn't look like he was born in the nineteenth century, but the little things remind him of just much of an age difference there is between them; he doesn't like to think about it.

#04 – Last ::

The rain quit bringing back that nostalgia he'd felt when he realized that nothing would be same because that day had changed everything.

#05 – Wrong ::

Though everything may fall apart one day, Jacob still can't convince himself that he should quit this relationship between him and Jasper, no matter how his family and pack views it.

#06 – Gentle ::

Jasper wasn't so sure that he had it in him to go slow, to be gentle, but when he meets Jacob for the first time, he wants, and hopes, that he'd be able to do that; because there's no way that he ever wants to know or believe that he could ever be capable of hurting the young man.

#07 – One ::

As cheesy as it is, Jasper knows he's found 'the one' when he looks into those warm pools of chocolate for the first time and he's instantly intrigued and smitten with the child who possessed them, but Jacob's far from being a child, he knows that now.

#08 – Thousand ::

They're pushing a lot of boundaries, and there's always that very high possibility that they won't be able to spend eternity together, but Jasper knows that even just a few short years with Jacob is worth so much more then to live a thousand years without him.

#09 – King ::

When he lost his best friend, Jacob realized that Carlisle was the leader, but he was more of a puppet figure, he realized later; Jasper was the one who held them all together, somehow, and when he was gone too, it made everything painfully clear as it all fell apart.

#10 – Learn ::

"The control is the hardest part," Jasper murmured against Jacob's hair as the young former human trembled in his arms when he nearly lost it, "you won't learn it right away, that comes with time; we've all had these problems before."

And Jacob murmured back, "But I should be stronger then this."

#11 – Blur ::

Inevitably, Jacob made the change from shape-shifter to vampire, something that Jasper would never forgive himself for, even though he was happy to be able to spend forever with the one he loved; what hurts both of them is how Jacob finds that his memories that he had as a human weren't as clear as they'd been before the change.

#12 – Wait ::

Jacob was always a very impatient person, and waiting for the school day to end so that he could race home and sleep, waiting anxiously for the night to come and bring with it the only person who really made life in this shit hole of a town enjoyable; the blond haired vampire who'd saved his life all those years ago.

#13 – Change ::

Jacob dealt with his change much better then any of the Cullens thought it would have, of course, only Jasper and Jacob himself knew why this was so, it just meant that there was no more sneaking around behind everyone's backs and lots of nights spent alone without the other one there because the risks they ran by being together were high and with lethal consequences if they were caught.

#14 – Command ::

Normally, Jacob would rebel against authority figures, but there was just something about Jasper Hale that said, 'shut up and listen or you'll regret it' that made him instinctually know that messing with him was just a bad idea.

#15 – Hold ::

At night, it's easy to forget all the horrors and problems facing him when Jasper wraps his cool, strong arms around him and pulls him flush against his chest; Jacob never wants the night to end, because he fears losing this, knowing that one day he'll have to choose between the one he loves and his family, but at night in Jasper's arms, he can pretend that those decisions belong to another life altogether.

#16 – Need ::

When it becomes more then just a casual affair, and turns into something more needy, Jacob knows he should end it, but he can't.

#17 – Vision ::

Covering the young man's eyes, Jasper's horrified that the Volturi could even contemplate doing this to anyone, and he picks Jacob up and carries him away; there are some things that he still has in his power to protect the young one from, and he'll do whatever it takes to shelter him from the horrors which were out there.

#18 – Attention ::

At school, everyone fawns over Jasper because he's one of the untouchable Cullens, too beautiful to be actual human beings, while Jacob's as low on the social ladder as you can get; but he's also the only person who can hold Jasper Hale's attention for more then thirty seconds, and he's damn proud of that.

#19 – Soul ::

"If I have to give up 'soul', as you see it, to be like you and this is to deter me, then it's not going to work; because I don't have it anymore," Jacob murmured, and it was true; he'd sold his soul the moment he'd fallen in love with the beautiful inhuman creature in front of him.

#20 – Picture ::

The simple frame sits on the fireplace of the Black household, but no one dares ask who the handsome young man in the picture is, because the melancholy air that possesses Jacob whenever he glances at it is enough to tell them that he isn't ready to talk about it, he may never be.

#21 – Fool ::

Jasper was as much a fool as Edward for falling in love with someone he could kill easily, as Edward had said, he'd fallen in love with a lamb; but Jasper thinks that Jacob makes a much better lamb then Bella ever could.

#22 – Mad ::

There were very few rules that governed the vampires, and breaking any of them guaranteed instant death; killing another vampire's mate was one of them, it drove the survivor mad with grief and loss.

#23 – Child ::

When he looks at his two beautiful children, Jacob's remind of Jasper, because both of them look so much like their father that it's almost like they're more his children then they are their 'mother's'.

#24 – Now ::

It was simpler before, when it was just a passing infatuation, but now that it's grown into a full blown love affair, Jacob doesn't think that he'll ever be able to break it off.

#25 – Shadow ::

Having your own personal vampire is a nice thing to have, and Jacob knows this whenever jerks accost him if he's out too late by accident, because usually they don't get away with what they say or try to do; Jasper always makes sure that they get the proper punishment.

#26 – Goodbye ::

Saying good-bye is the hardest part, and Jacob hates that he has to be the one to do it.

#27 – Hide ::

The dangerous game he's playing could end in many ways, but Jacob loves the thrill and the promise which gleams in those gold eyes with such desire sends down his spine, and he's not scared at all about how it all could end.

#28 – Fortune ::

"I don't need anything other then what I have right here, in my arms right now, Jacob."

#29 – Safe ::

Jacob knows that it's stupid to fear anything when Jasper's around, because the vampire will protect him and prevent any harm from coming to him, no matter what.

#30 – Ghost ::

The first time he heard his name called late at night, Jacob actually thought that Jasper had come back, but it was just the torturous nature of his mind playing tricks on him with the ghosts of a past that he'd never get back again.

#31 – Book ::

It's just a photo album which sits on the coffee table, cover in a thin layer of dust, but to Jacob, it's a window and a haven where he can lose himself in the past where he was actually happy and where he'd known what true love really was.

#32 – Eye ::

A dark promise glints in Jasper's deep gold eyes which sends warning signals racing through Jacob's brain, but he ignores them and instead takes the cold, pale hand offered to him; he doesn't regret the choice.

#33 – Never ::

Neither of them are ever going to let go, and the fate which faces them is something they can deal with, as long as they have each other.

#34 – Sing ::

"I don't do Sing Star," Jacob said darkly, glaring at the game Alice was shoving into his face and demanding he play with her; it only works when she threatens to do something that he wasn't ever going to think about again.

#35 – Sudden ::

Things can change in an instant, and Jasper learned that human life was too fragile when he held the limp form of the only person he'd ever truly loved in his arms and wept tearlessly as he mourned Jacob's death, and refused to move or let him go until he couldn't feel anything anymore.

#36 – Stop ::

'Stop' was a word that was all too familiar to Jasper, and it usually brought back painful memories, but somehow it's not so bad when Jacob says, "Stop", and then takes his head in his hands and asks him if there's something he wants to talk about just when he's about to leave before the sun makes its appearance over the horizon.

#37 – Time ::

When one has all the time that the world can offer, one starts to get lonely and look for someone who can fill that void inside of them; Jasper found that person in Jacob Black.

#38 – Wash ::

Jasper's domesticated, which is something Jacob likes because it means that he doesn't have to worry about the huge stack of unwashed clothes which are flung about in the laundry room, and he has no one who he has to explain away the stains in the bed sheets too.

#39 – Torn ::

The moment Aro's hand sank through the soft flesh of Jacob's chest and came out the other side of his chest with his heart in his hands, he was set upon by one possessed vampire who was determined to make sure that the much older vampire would pay for taking the life of his mate.

#40 – History ::

Jacob had always slept through history class, the teachers were never very good and always had voices which put him to sleep, but when he listened to Jasper talking about his own experiences during the Civil War, he's very attentive and clings to his every word.

#41 – Power ::

Jasper's aura is a powerful, nearly overwhelming whenever he loses control of it, but it's also intoxicating, and to Jacob, it's one more thing he loves about the vampire; and he's able to rub in that he's his to all the idiots.

#42 – Bother ::

When one of the most popular and handsome boys in school notices you, it's a bit of a pain at first, but Jacob got to know Jasper on a level that would make any of the girls jealous, and he figures that it's not so bad after all.

#43 – God ::

Loss makes people do stupid things, but Jasper was so lost to his own grief, that he cursed out a God that he'd ceased to believe in nearly a hundred years before.

#44 – Wall ::

Between them there's a very tall wall, but they both try to scale it anyway, seeing if they can meet each other at the top where no one else can see them.

#45 – Naked ::

"Who the hell are you and why are you naked in my room?!"

"Um, I can explain?"

"You'd – wait! Why the hell am I naked too?!"

#46 – Drive ::

It's a long drive to get to where he wants to go, but the entire journey's worth it when Jasper opens the door and takes him into his arms for a long embrace that lasts for what seems like forever.

#47 – Harm ::

"I won't let anyone hurt you, ever, Jacob."

#48 – Precious ::

The most important person to Jasper had been his younger sister when he was still alive and human, and she'd stayed that way long after her death, but only now, over a hundred years later, does Jasper find someone so much more precious to him then she'd ever been.

#49 – Hunger ::

What Jasper fears most, is losing control of the darker side of him whenever he's around Jacob; he never lets on about just how much he lusts after the young man's blood.

#50 – Believe ::

Jasper didn't used to believe in the good of people, or that he'd ever find someone who'd complete him, but looking into Jacob's eyes is enough to change all of that in an instant.