It seemed odd for them to be on the platform for the train, after all Harry had been Professor Malfoy now for the past eleven years since his son was two, but they were here. They had brought Justin for his first ride, for though Justin had grown up at school, he had wanted to have the normal school experience, even if his dads and his kid sister, not to mention his Grandfather were all at school. Justin was now a third year Slytherin, proving his Daddy right that Malfoys were Slytherins, but Harry held out some hope for his daughter. Justin was like his big brother, he was top student in all of his classes and had a real passion for potions, but he played chaser and not seeker like his Papa and big brother, making the team in his second year. Justin may have been the one with a prankster for a godfather, but though he had an amazing sense of humour, it was his sister who had taken after their doting grandfather and their Uncles George and Fred. Justin had become very close to his Uncle Severus, the man now headmaster of the school, Minerva having retired that summer, and Albus some years before. Severus did not teach any more but he spent plenty of time with the middle Malfoy child, Harry having been happy for him to be.

Today though was about two other members of their family, for Lucius and he had both a child and a grandchild to see off to school. Draco and Pansy had been married for twelve years now, and the eldest of their two sons was starting school this year. Eleven year old Antony Draco Malfoy was a bit shy, he shared an interest in potions with Justin but not the same passion, he preferred puzzles and riddles. His younger brother Octavian Scorpio was eight, and was a ball of exuberant energy, climbing on anything and everything, and always stealing his dad or grandpa's broom for a fly. Harry and Lucius gave Remus, now assistant headmaster of Hogwarts, a run for his money on title of most doting grandfather.

Lucius kissed his husband. "I know that I said no Malfoys were anything but Slytherin, but I have a feeling I might be wrong about her."

Harry laughed. "I know how hard it was for you to admit that, after all she has always been your little princess. She has always had you wrapped."

Two years after Justin, on Christmas Eve, Harry had given birth to his long awaited daughter. He had realize when she had come that it was good he had Justin fist, for he had not been ready for a daughter, and his dad had been right, when he was ready for a daughter, the Gods would bless him. He and Severs went every year on the day of Lily's death, to see her and volunteer at the shelter which was still going strong. The kids knew about Lily, knew their Papa had a child before them, but they of course did not know the whole story. Harry would always love and remember his first, but he had been blessed with a daughter, and his wounds fully healed.

Not yet eleven, like her brother able to start school for he rules had changed to allow kids who were eleven by the New Year to start, Marcia was definitely her Daddy's princess, though she had Harry wrapped too. Marcia Electra Malfoy, youngest child for Harry and Lucius, and future Lady Potter as her brothers would be Malfoy and Black, looked like Justin, Lucius but for the eyes and dimples, but was Harry all over. She had his amazing heart and courage, but she was a little marauder too.

Marcia bounded over, her cousin Emma Weasley, one of her best friends in tow. "Daddy, Emma says that first years never make the quidditch team."

Lucius kissed his daughter as she pouted. "Malfoys always break the mould princess. Besides your Papa made seeker his first year."

His daughter turned to him and Harry nodded, Marcia knowing her Papa had once played quidditch, and in fact had played for the national team until Marcia was five, except when on paternity leave, but to her Papa was a boring charms teacher. Marcia wanted to join the Harpies like Aunty Ginny one day, and knowing Gryffindor had two openings for the team and with her skills and her new Firebolt 800, the top broom in the world, he was sure if she was a lion, she would be the second person in a hundred years to make it first year, no one since Harry had.

Antony appeared by their side with his parents and brother. "Hey Grandpa Harry and Grandpa Luc."

Harry kissed his grandsons both on the head and turned to Antony. "Are you as excited as these two about starting school? I am sure you will do brilliant in charms."

Unlike his Aunt, Antony was excited about his studies for he was not one for heights, and only had a small interest in seeing quidditch even. Harry may have been six weeks younger then their dad, but Harry loved and treated Antony and Octavian as his grandsons and they loved him. Marcia was the only female Malfoy, other then Aunt Pansy and she tended to get teased by the boys as much as she was spoiled by Draco and her dads.

Lucius called to the boys as they go on the train. "You remember the rules; you keep the boys away from Marcia. She is not to even look at one till she is thirty."

Harry elbowed his husband in the ribs and waved. "We can't wait to see you guys sorted tonight."

As the train pulled away Harry looked t some of the others there, including a number of red heads. Molly and Arthur now had eighteen grandchildren, twelve boys and six girls, between their seven kids. Emma was the daughter of Percy and Penny, but there were definitely a number of other red heads who were on the train with them. Harry and his husband apparated to school, happy to see their daughter sorted, and Harry was so prod when Marcia became the first Malfoy to be a Gryffindor.

Author note: Antony Draco Malfoy: Antony (Latin) praiseworthy, name comes from Latin history, like Lucius and Justin. Draco (Latin) dragon, constellation and the baby's dad. Octavian Scorpio Malfoy: Octavian (Latin) eight, named for Emperor Augutus, name from Roman myth like Grandpa, brother, Uncle and Aunt Scorpio (Latin) scoprion, a constellation like his dad, as well as his brother's middle name

Marcia Electra: Marcia (Latin) dedicated to Mars. The name for the future Lady Potter actually honors both Lucius/Remus like Justin and the Potters whose names come from Brtish history. Marcia was the name of a legendary queen of Britain, but in Roman culture is a common name including the mother of Julius Caesar. Electra (Latin) shinning, is a star in Taurus, one of the Pleiades, a name from the stars like Draco and Justin's middle name, as well as middle names of her nephews

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