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Prologe – Recognition

It was twelve o'clock. The sun was burning mercilessly, causing imense heat in the quiet town of Ronda, situated at the south end of Spain. The citisents of Ronda were doing as they always were at that time of day – having their siesta, and that explained the silence and feeling of being in a ghost-town the fiftheen year old brite had as he ran.

Ronda was situated on both sides of a cliff, held together seemingly only by an old stone bridge, fittingly called Puente Nueve -or new bridge, as it was built in the 1700th century.

Alex Rider didn't know this. Alex Rider didn't really know where he was actually, he had only seen the sign «Málaga 62 miles» and the way it pointed. He needed to get to Málaga as that was the only place he had contacts he could trust with his information.

Now the birte wasn't going to run 62 miles, he was already exausted, the heat would have killed him, and he was definitly not stupid. No, Alex Rider was looking for a car he could steal. And fast, seeing as he wanted to alert M16 of his findings before the human-trade organisation he had spied on sent another trailerload of marooccans up to ...wherever he was now. He wouldn't want anymore people being tortured through that ride if he could help it.

Alex was at the beginning of the bridge when he heard gunshots somewhere to the right, and instinctly dove to the left, over the side of the fence set up to keep people on the right side. They couldn't have found out about him now, there was no way they could. He had lost the headcloth that hid his blond hair, so they wouldn't mistake him for belonging to them again.

He landed akwardly on one leg on some rocks and dry grass on the other side of the fence, and had to fight to keep himself standing. He looked up fast to see if anyone had seen him jump over, and as he relaxed when he realised he was unnoctied, he lowered this eyes. And froze as he noticed three things at once.

One. He was standing very very close the edge of a cannyon. The name of the cannyon was El Tajo, but Alex didn't know and wouldn't care. He only cared about the fact that about 3 meters from where he stood, the rocks and dry grass suddenly ended and continued about 100 meters below. Well, that's what he got from jumping of bridges.

Two. Not more then five meters in front of him, following the stonewall of the bridge, was at least five spanishlooking men, holding guns. The men had looked up when he came, but the guns were (for a nice change) not pointed to Alex, but to eight men in black between them, men whose hands where bound.

After realising this, Alex made his most shocking discovery yet, as he recongnised not only one, but three of the eight black men.

«Cub?» Came the suprised outburst of one of the bound, black men.

Alex watched with dread as recognision hit not only the three he thought he knew, but at least two of the other prisoners and one guard. The guard quickly pointed his gun at Alex and smirked.

«If you would please come with me.»

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