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The next time he woke, the thirst hadn't changed and the pounding in his chest was still quite annoying. Luckily someone seemed to have brought him a cup of stale-tasting water and he was roughly helped to support his head as he tried to swallow it down. Realizing what he was doing halfway through the second mouthful, Alex coughed out, spilling the rest of the cup on his shirt as he got his bearings back. He realized that he wasn't in the cell with the SAS soldiers anymore, and although he was thankful non of the soldiers had witnessed his disgraceful drinking, being separated from the group could not be good.

Sitting upright on a hard chair, hands bound on his back, Alex sat facing a mahogany-colored desk, surrounded by high and expensive-looking bookshelves. As he turned around on his chair, he realized he was sitting in a office of some sorts. Directly behind the desk was a window with what looked like a supreme view of the canyon all around. The lack of light shining through the window told Alex it was well past midnight.

"I always did wonder why they let you train with us. It's not like you where that good at anything." Alex turned to the voice, not surprised to find Klaus standing at his left side, studying him intently. "I mean the age-thing has obviously been working for you, but apart from that you're nothing fancy. You didn't do anything extraordinarily while training with us at all, did you?"

What was he supposed to answer that with, Alex wondered. He most certainly didn't think he'd done anything special. He looked back up at Klaus just as he was backhanded across the face, only being kept up by the chair he was tied to.

"It just angers me, you know? How she could have picked you. Neil is one thing. But why you?" Klaus' voice had risen and he placed himself directly in front of the chair. Alex blinked a few times to focus again and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you on about? I hardly talked to you more than once, there's no reason to bear a grudge." He said in an annoyed tone.

"I'm fucking talking about Ms. Rothman, that's what! I'd been on Malagosto for two hole months when you came along, and then you where there for this tiny bit of time and she fucking brings you on her mission instead of me! I know Niles was better than me so of course she brought him. But you? The little fucking brat who popped out of nowhere? That spot was supposed to be mine. If it'd been mine, the mission would have succeeded and she would have seen just how good I was!"

Klaus had worked himself up so much Alex could feel the spit from the yelling spray his face nicely. It should have worked as a cold shower to remind him where he was and stop him from saying what he did. But he was tired, thirsty, his stomach hurt and frankly – he just couldn't let it slide.

"You were in love with Julia Rothman." He stated with a dead voice. Then he cracked a smirk.

Maybe he'd have gotten away with the statement alone, Alex wondered as he was gutted hard with a fist twice. But combined with the smirk it had obviously become to much. As he struggled to draw his breath, Klaus untied his hands and pushed him to the floor, leaving him in an awkward position on all four. Then again – he thought, he'd probably meant to do this all along. His shirt was grabbed and ripped of him and if he hadn't felt so bloody weak in all his limbs, he would surely have put up more of a fight. Now, he just sat there as something made a swirling sound through the air and made contact with his back in the next second.

Alex had been wipped on a mission once before and so he tried to tell himself it couldn't be worse than it had been. But that would be lying through his teeth. The strokes from the cane - it had to be a cane by the way he was forced lower down on the floor with each hit – burned across his back. And they came so often he didn't have any time to catch his breath. The last time he'd been wipped, it had been to make a point from a "teacher" during an undercover mission as a cult-member. It had hurt and been humiliating, but he had easily placed himself elsewhere in his mind, pretending it didn't happen when it did. He had no such escape here. And besides. This wasn't wipping. It was beating with a cane, and he literary felt his ribs bend under the pressure inflicted upon them.

One would think that being forced together in a tiny, old fashioned cell would make you more at ease with the people around you, but for the SAS this was not the case. When Alex had passed out or fallen to sleep or whatever it was he had done, nobody saw the reason to break the silence again. Eagle had shifted a little uncomfortably and Shark had glanced to Wolf to see if he would do anything, but when it became apparent that he wouldn't, both units stopped looking.

And so none of them had known quite what to do when three men came in and dragged Alex out between them. Panter had protested briefly, asking what they wanted with the boy, but none of the men answered, and they did have guns.

"What do think they want with him?" Panter asked Snake as Alex and the guards disappeared along the hall.

"I really don't know him more than you do, Panter. It was only ten days he stayed with us, and we didn't actually bond much." Snake answered tiredly.

"I can definitely see Wolf sit down with the kid and trade family history, can't you guys?" Lion, another member of E-Unit smiled.

"I'm still wondering what they wanted with him though." Panter stated.

"Well, it's obvious, isn't it?" Wolf growled from his corner, "they're probably gonna take a picture to blackmail his family with or something. They knew who he was, after all."

"You really think that was the case, Wolf? What then about France and Thailand?" Eagle pointed out.

"I don't know about that, Eagle, but I do know you've put together some fancy super boy in you head, and Cub just isn't it. His family will probably pay good money to ensure that not a hair is bent on his head." Wolf said, making it clear that the subject was closed.

"What the fuck?"

Shark was the first one to see what the guards dragged between them, and his angry exclaim made the rest look up at the group outside the cell.

Cub looked bad, being dragged shirtless between two guards, obviously unconscious. The blood dripping from the pale back made it look even more grotesque. Probably worse than it was, Wolf reflected as he noticed the blood was thankfully light red, meaning that the cuts or whatever it was hadn't run that deep.

"Sit down or I will shoot you," one of the guards warned as both Shark and Panter had risen at the sight of the teen. They slowly lowered themselves to the ground again, as the man who had first recognized Cub and was obviously the leader of capturers, unlocked the cell door with his keys and stepped aside for the two men holding Cub.

Cub was dragged into the cell and dumped on the floor. The rough treatment sent a moan from the boy as he started to wake up. The leader, Wolf had heard the others call him Klaus, knelt down in front of the boy and roughly pushed him over on his back, with the bleeding wounds pressing into the ground. Wolf felt faintly sick with the way Klaus acted, but realized that showing his discomfort would only make it worse. So instead of reacting, he watch as the German man got out a bottle of water.

"Drink this," Klaus whispered as he pushed the bottle between Cubs' lips, tilting it so the liquid inside made it's way into his mouth. "I know you are thirsty." Cub swallowed halfway down before he coughed and spit it out again.

"Now, we shall have non of that, Alex. Try again." Klaus grabbed the teens hair and forced the bottle between his lips once more. Cub blinked in confusion, obviously not completely sure what was happening, but this time he swallowed two mouthfuls before he started coughing, and pushed at the kidnapper to leave him alone. The man seemed pleased with the amount of drink he had forced on the boy and left the cell, the men who'd dragged Cub trailing out behind him. The door clicked shut behind them.

"Cub, can you hear me?" Panter had moved over to Alex as soon as the guards disappeared. He hovered awkwardly above him as the teenager tried to force himself up in a seated position, failing and trying again.

"Lie still, will you!" Eagle said at last, the irritation in his voice obvious.

"Lay of him, Eagle," Shark bit back, then towards the boy, "Cub, is there anything we can do for you?".

"I'm just saying that he shouldn't move around when he's lost so much blood." Eagle still sounded irritated.

"He hasn't lost that much blood, the wounds aren't that deep." Panter had at last knelt beside Alex, examining the bloody back as he spoke.

"Why is he so weak then?" The last member of E-unit, Deer, asked.

"I think the water was a little poisonous. " Alex said in a dead voice, if not a little hoarse.

"Then why the hell did you drink it?" Eagle demanded, ignoring Shark's warning look.

"I was thirsty." Alex let some of his annoyance shine through the answer. It wasn't like he'd had much of a choice. Klaus had been quite bent on making him drink. It was that and a memory of the German as the best poison-student at Malagosto that had tipped Alex of.

"Of course, you where thirsty. I definitely see why you think of the baby as some super-kid, Eagle. He's obviously super-clever." Wolf sneered from his corner.

"Jeeze, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? Just leave him alone and let's focus on how to get out of here." Panter exclaimed, looking at Eagle and Wolf especially, who both looked down a little sheepishly.

"The only way to get out is to try an ambush the next time they open the door. But they've got guns and we don't so I don't really fancy that option." Snake reasoned, looking at the other soldiers for more ideas.

Lion shrugged and Eagle shook his head. Alex opened his mouth and said:

"You can - "

"Great, Superkid got an idea everybody! What shall it be? There's no chimney for you to climb up through here, Cub." Wolf cut him off.

"I was going to suggest using the key, but perhaps that's to adventures for you, Wolf?" Alex answered, to tired to make is voice sarcastic.

Wolf didn't like this at all. They had managed to sneak out of the cell - the key had certainly helped, and where currently breathing fresh air again for the first time in about sixteen hours. It wasn't even particularly long they had been held captured, but the sense of freedom as they all ran was still refreshing. No, that wasn't what Wolf didn't like. It was the fact that their "savior", the teenager that was the only one physically hurt from the experience, was still back in the cell alone.

The kid had had to point out himself that he couldn't possibly sneak out with them, climb the narrow track up the canyon and get away from their captors. To fucking mature for his own good.

They had of course tried arguing. Shark flat out refused to leave without him. Panter said they would switch around carrying him. Cub had sneered at them, told them to do their fucking job and think for a moment. And Wolf knew the kid was right, that bugged him even more. Of course they couldn't stay here. They could not carry him – Cub might be little, but the track was narrow and they simply didn't have the time to be slowed down like that. And Wolf had to be the bad guy, landing the decision to leave him behind.

Panter had blown up, started reciting SAS' own ethic rules about not leaving civilians in danger and vowed to drag him before the ethics committee when they escaped.

Wolf had never before believed Cub to be anything other than a civilian. The thought had been to absurd, to surreal to be worth any time thinking. But when the kid had round on Panter in that cell, hissing that a civilian was the least he was, that he was less of a civilian than Panter would ever be and that if they didn't get out of the cell, he himself would pull Panter before the military court for refusing to complete an assigned mission, Wolf couldn't deny it. The kid was a fully fledged agent, matured way beyond his age, no matter how wrong it was. He allowed a quick look behind himself, meeting the eyes of the other running soldiers and knew that they had all come to the same conclusion. When they got Cub out – and they would get him out and he would be alive – they would start asking questions about this, as loud and noisy as possible.

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