Usopp Sogeki sighed and rolled over, pursing his lips together and burying his head in between the pillows, staring at the wall as Fall Out Boy played on his mp3 player. It had been little over a week since he had become Roronoa Zoro's food source, and life felt surprisingly normal.

Well, normal except for some things. The caramel-skinned teenager glanced at the palm of his left hand, where he had sliced it open with a dagger, and ran his thumb along the healed scar. Bite marks surrounded it and his wrist, all memories of the various feedings from this past week. He shivered as he remembered the feeling of cold lips on his flesh, the sinking of teeth into his skin.

A week ago, if you had asked Usopp if he believed in vampires and the supernatural, he would have said no. He frowned as he saw the time on the clock that sat on the bedside table, taking note that it was well past midnight and on its way to 1am., turning over to face the wall before jumping back, crashing to the floor with his legs on the mattress.

"Don't you know how to KNOCK?!" he screamed, glaring up at the smirking vampire sitting on the other side of his double bed. The teen had the decency to flush, pulling himself back up onto the bed and huffing as he knelt on the mattress. "I have a door, you know."

"I know," Zoro said, tilting his head in a way that made the moonlight shining through the window glint on the three earrings in his left ear. He sat on his knees as Usopp did now, silhouetted against the curtains that seemed to make him blend into the darkness of the room. "I just can't be bothered to use it since your window is closer to you."

The teenager sighed, scratching the back of his neck as his other hand pulled the phone buds out of his ears and turned his mp3 player off. "What do you want? I'm tired, it's 1am, and I'm trying to get to sleep so I don't sleep in this morning and get a beating from Nami for being late."

"You know what I want." Zoro's voice was a husky purr, the vampire's lips quirking into a smile as he leant forward, nuzzling the darkly-tanned throat of the long-nosed teen. He ran his tongue up the skin, feeling Usopp shiver and arch his neck at the touch and his smile curled wickedly.

Usopp felt his toes curl, his breath hitching in a gasp and his fingers coiling into the covers of his bed. He gulped, staring ahead into nothing as he felt teeth sink into his flesh and another shiver rake his body. His body warmed as Zoro drank, spasms raking his form as he arched further into the vampire's embrace. His legs spread, curling around Zoro's as his hands shakily came up to latch onto the green-haired newborn's shirt, his name falling wetly from his lips.

And then…it was gone. The sensation of being drank from left his body and he hesitated in the middle of reaching out after the vampire pulled away, looking away from him and a deep flush spreading across his cheeks as he closed his eyes, feeling the breeze coming in from the window that Zoro had opened to leave from.

Why did he not feel ashamed when he reached up to touch those bite marks?

Blood Kisses
Chapter II: Adjusting
Written by Takato Metallium
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to One Piece. It belongs to Eiichiro Oda. I only play around with the Mugiwara-dan X3

Nami had explained to him earlier that week about the side effects Feeders like themselves would experience – Feeders being apparently what vampire contract holders were called. Sexual attraction and a deep need to be drunk from being two of the side effects.

Usopp rubbed a hand along his neck, feeling the bite marks pulsating underneath his touch and he shuddered, taking a couple of deep breaths before returning to the page he was reading. It was a book Nami had leant him (with a loan fee, plus interest) on vampire contracts, subtly bound in leather so that unless you read the fine print on the spine, you wouldn't know what the book was about.

"You seem troubled, Usopp-kun."

He glanced up from the sketch he was doing, noticing Robin standing in the doorway that connected the pawn shop to the restaurant, her arms languidly crossed across her stomach. While Robin had always seemed dangerous to him, now that he knew she was a vampire she seemed doubly so. He flushed lightly, pulling down the bookmarking ribbon and closing the book as he turned to her. "I just…I don't know about this." Usopp sighed, running a hand through his curly hair.

"Which part are you unsure about?" She crossed the room, leaning against the counter and opened her mouth to say something more when the bell above the door to the shop rang, making the both of them look towards it.

"Sugeeeeeeeei~!" In bounced a teenager around Usopp's age, scruffy black hair hidden under a wide-brimmed straw hat that he held tightly onto his head. He looked around, eyes shining in glee and was about to go look at something when the person he was with snagged the back of his hoodie.

"Oi, Luffy," said a taller boy who appeared to be a few years older, scuffing the younger teen around the neck and holding him in place in a strangle hold. "The woman who owns this place charges triple the price for anything broken, so don't go touching anything."

"Maaa, Ace, you're such a wet blanket," Luffy whined, even as he was trying to get out of his brother's stranglehold.

The older boy looked up and saw that they were being watched. "Ah, sumimasen," Ace said with a large grin, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment as he let go of the teen. "We're here to pick up something for Monkey D. Garp."

Usopp raised an eyebrow at the family name before nodding and turning to the lay buy cupboard, when Robin stopped him. "Garp-san is one of our regular customers, Usopp-kun. I'll go get Nami-chan." He pursed his lips but she was gone before he could argue.

One of the regulars? In all the seven months he'd been working here, Usopp had barely sold a single thing, and yet when he came in the following day there was new stock and Nami said she had sold most of what had been on the shelves. Then again, now that he knew of the existence of vampires, he couldn't say that nothing surprised him anymore.

Out the corner of his eye, he saw Ace watching where Robin had been standing, a serious look on his childishly freckled face. Dark eyes flickered to where he stood behind the counter and Ace grinned at him, walking over and leaning against the counter. "You're new here, huh?"

"A-ah, not exactly." The caramel-skinned teenager scratched the back of his head with a sheepish smile. "Been here for about seven months now. I've never seen you guys here before."

"Gramps usually picks up his own stuff, but he was busy today so he asked us to come in instea…Luffy, don't touch!" Ace barked, causing the skinny boy to jump where he had been reaching out to touch the cabinet holding an ancient samurai sword. Luffy whined and scuffed the toe of his sandal along the floorboards, pouting as Ace turned his attention back to Usopp. "Have to keep an eye on that kid." He looked at the book on the counter, blinking a little. "What'cha readin'?"

"Oh, ah, just…"

"Usopp-kun." He sighed a little in relief and turned to see Nami standing in the doorway, Robin shadowing her from where she was further into the back of the shop. "I'll take over from here. You go out back and have your break. Sanji-kun just fixed up lunch."

"O-okay." Giving Ace a nervous but pleasant smile, he took hold of the leather-bound book and slid from his stool, nearly tripping over his own feet as he hurried out back, Robin closing the door after him and he turned to her. "Who…?"

"There's something you should know," the dark-haired woman said, turning on her heel and disappearing further into the shop. "Follow me."

Usopp followed after her, the book Nami had leant him clutched to his chest. He could smell the lunch Sanji had made, but reminded himself that right now, this was probably more important than eating. Robin opened the door to a room that he'd never ventured into before, gesturing for him to enter as well, which he did. "Who were they?"

"The D's are a family of vampire hunters." He stilled at the information, his fingers tightening around the book in his hold. Robin flicked on a light, which blinded him for a minute until his eyes adjusted. "The tradition began with Edwar D. Newdegate, Ace and Luffy's great-grandfather, and is currently headed by their grandfather Monkey D. Garp."

"What…so why is Nami selling things to them?" Usopp pursed his lips together, looking around the room. It appeared as though the room was something out of a detective film – photos were strewn across the walls, some taken from various angles, others just the one shot.

The question made Robin frown. "To Nami-chan, a customer is a customer. She helps them because they are also hunting vampires, regardless of whether they kill a vampire like myself or Zoro." She looked at the calendar, noting that the crosses on the dates lead to today. "May 5th…it must be Luffy-san's birthday…it explains why he's here with Ace-san. Tradition states that the D family shouldn't start hunting until their seventeenth birthday."

Her musings fell on deaf ears. The teen gritted his teeth together, relaxing his grip on the book he was holding and opening it to the page he had been reading, quoting from the paragraph. "'A vampire's life is lost if their Feeder is killed"…is that right, Robin-san?"

She closed her eyes, turning away from the calendar and nodding. "That's correct. I've known several human-minded vampires in my lifetime who have been killed because their Feeder was murdered by hunters."

"So if Nami dies, you die…and if I die, Zoro dies…right?"

"Yes." Robin loosely crossed her arms. "So what was it that you were unsure about, Usopp-kun?" she asked, effectively changing the subject as she leant against a desk that sat to one side of the room.

"U-um…well…" Usopp blushed deeply, fidgeting with the sleeve of his Pacman jacket before he sighed. "Is…is it natural to feel some sort of…sexual attraction to the vampire you Feed? The last couple of times…" He coughed delicately.

Robin chuckled behind her hand, smiling softly. "Perhaps you should be asking Nami-chan this question, Usopp-kun," she suggested then brushed some long black hair away from her face. "But yes. It is a natural reaction to the feeding. When a vampire feeds, they send endorphins into their Feeder's body. I know of a place in Europe where some humans willingly give us their blood because of the endorphins. They describe our bite as the ultimate drug."

Usopp shivered and reached up to brush his fingers along the marks, something he'd taken to doing when he was nervous or unsettled. "So…so having sexual thoughts about the vampire feeding from you is…"

"It's natural, yes."

"I see…and Nami feels this attraction to you also?"

Robin smiled. "Sore wa himitsu desu." Usopp frowned at that remark before she spoke again, leaning away from the dest. "I pulled you back here because I feared that Ace-san saw the marks on your neck. Nami-chan I'm not too worried about because she covers them with makeup, but Usopp-kun, I'm going to have to ask you to cover them in the future if you continue to work here."

The caramel-skinned teenager paled slightly at the thought that Ace might have seen his marks and he zipped his jacket up so that most of his neck was covered. Robin nodded her approval. "Now, I do believe that Sanji-san had something for lunch ready for you."

"Is Sanji a Feeder too?" Usopp asked as they began to leave the room, Robin turning the light off and closing the door behind him. "I noticed a mark on his neck on Wednesday but he wouldn't say when I asked him…"

Robin shook her head. "Sanji-san isn't a Feeder. He carries a rare gene that makes him unattractive to vampires and his blood undrinkable, which is why I took you with me instead of him the night that Kenshi-san was turned. The mark you saw most likely came from his lover."

"I see." Usopp frowned as he split off from Robin and cut through a door that lead into the Baratie Restaurant, his brain mulling over the things the dark-haired vampire had told him, especially about the D. family.

He'd have to be careful from now on. Extremely careful.


"You sure it was a new Feeder, boy?" Garp looked at his eldest grandson across the dinner table with a raised eyebrow and Ace nodded.

"I'm quite sure. He had bite marks on his neck and one lot on his wrist that couldn't have come from a human. I think he's feeding a newborn with the way the bite marks were placed, like the Childe was trying to work out where best to Feed from."

"Nah, he seemed okay to me," Luffy said around the food in his mouth, chewing and swallowing before talking around another mouthful. "That long nose of his looked so cool! I wonder if he'll be my friend…"

Both older men sighed and Ace spoke, placing his head to his hand as he picked up his glass. "Luffy, how many times do we have to tell you that you can't be friends with a Feeder?" He turned his attention away from his brother's pout and back to their grandfather. "In any case, that Nico Robin woman was there again. She doesn't seem to be feeding from the shop owner chick, but her food source has to be somewhere nearby."

"Nice scouting, Ace." Garp nodded his approval, smacking Luffy's hand as it reached out to take food from his plate and earning a whine. "We'll keep a close eye on the shop in the meantime. If the boy is feeding a newborn like you said, we might be able to save him before he gets to the second stage."

The two boys nodded in agreement and went back to their meals, not noticing the look in their grandfather's eyes.


Usopp was nearly done with the book that Nami had lent him, curled up on the couch after dinner with the TV on but not really paying attention to it, just having it there for noise. He turned the page, frowning when he noticed that the next one was missing.

Nami had said that she'd gotten the book second-hand but it still looked new-ish. A shadow fell over him and he shrieked, the book flying out of his hands and hitting Zoro on the head. "Ow!" the vampire with a scowl, rubbing his forehead as he raised an eyebrow at Usopp. "What the Hell was that for?"

The caramel-skinned teenager huffed in annoyance and crossed his arms over his chest. "That's what you get for sneaking up on me." Usopp opened an eye before opening both and looked up at the vampire. "And what do you want? I fed you this morning."

"But that was this morning," Zoro said, leaning onto the couch and looming over his Feeder. Usopp pursed his lips together – Nami's book had said that during the first few weeks a newborn's feeding pattern was disorientated until the fourth week when they fell into regular intervals. "Please?"

Usopp sighed and rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath – "At this rate I'm going to need a blood transfusion" – before he tilted his head back against the couch and closed his eyes again. "Fine. But this is the last time today. No more midnight snacks."

Zoro chuckled out a "yes, mother" before Usopp felt lips grazing along the skin of his neck. Something stirred inside of him, goosebumps curling along his flesh as he tilted his head back a bit further, feeling the newborn straddle his legs. A tingle of excitement and need ran up his spine and a fleeting thought flashed through his mind that he hoped he wasn't becoming addicted to the sensation of being Fed from.

He ignored it.

Zoro's lips trailed up to his ear, tongue lapping over the curve and nipping at the lobe as he murmured into his Feeder's ear "Are you hard?" Usopp jerked, trying to move away but the swordsman had a hold of his wrist that was so tight it was almost vice-like. He opened his eyes, looking up to see the vampire grinning predatorily down at his flushed face before a calloused hand came up to cup his cheek. "It's alright…"

Zoro let go of his wrist, his lips and hand trailing downwards as he nipped hard at Usopp's neck, but not hard enough to break skin yet. "Here." The teenager's eyes shut closed and he whimpered as he heard the sound of the fly on his jeans being opened. His nails dug into the worn green couch as the same hand reached in…

…but he smacked Zoro's hand away, opening his eyes slightly to look at the puzzled expression on the vampire's face. "Don't," he hissed, reaching down and pulling the zip of his jeans up, then looked away. He ignored the fact that his cock was throbbing in his pants, closing his eyes tight as he curled his legs up to his chest. "I agreed to be your Feeder. I don't want…I don't want anything like that."

The swordsman tilted his head as Usopp's face blushed deeper. Zoro sighed and stood from his seat in the boy's lap, scratching the back of his neck in annoyance before Usopp reached forward and grabbed hold of his other hand, looking off to the side still.

"I didn't say you couldn't Feed from me," the long-nosed teen said, pursing his lips together as he looked at Zoro out the corner of his eye. "Just…no sex. I'm not…I'm not ready for something like that."

"Fair enough." He leant down again, pushing Usopp back against the couch as he kissed his neck, running his tongue along the caramel skin. He felt the other shiver and tilt his head back again, and the newborn bit down. Warm blood filled his mouth as he suckled, feeling Usopp buck upwards with a strangled moan. He took hold of the other's hips, sliding his knee between Usopp's legs as he licked and sucked blood from his body. He lifted his mouth away from the teenager's neck, earning a whine as he licked his lips and the mark, sealing it.

The glazed look left his eyes as the vampire's teeth left his throat and Usopp shuddered, looking away with a shameful blush on his cheeks and let go of Zoro's shirt that he didn't realize he'd grabbed. The newborn leant away slightly, his breath hot against Usopp's suddenly cold skin and sending Goosebumps along his flesh. "Sure you don't want me to take care of it?"

"I'm sure," he snapped, though he couldn't deny the throbbing in his pants. Zoro pursed his lips and leant away fully, turning to leave through the window he'd come through again, not turning his head back around to look at his Feeder.

Usopp curled up into a ball as Zoro left, covering his neck with his hands as he shuddered, taking deep, heavy breaths. The feeling of being fed from was leaving his body slowly but his cock still begged for attention. He pushed himself away from the couch, standing and swaying a little before deciding that he needed a shower.

Preferably a cold one.

– end of chapter two –