A Hayate and Himeno story

By DespairPrincessSteph

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own Pretear. You would know if I did. Yayoi would become my best friend (We're the same!!) and Hayate would be flying away with me to Leafenia.

No one made her feel as he did. When his hands were around her waist she could almost sigh in contentment. The occasional whisper of his lips on hers made her melt and desperately want more. She could have screamed with all the longing she felt for him. Yet he had still not said it. Those three little words she still had not heard. I love you. She could almost write a book with the heartache she felt, the constant doubts of whether he loved her or if he was worried he would cause another princess of disaster. That thought almost brought her to the brink of despair. That he would have such little faith in her he couldn't tell the truth…. The thought was unthinkable. And yet, it often rose unbidden to her mind when she lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling. She wondered how she managed to even look at him when he made her feel so, so…. Off her guard. She heard footfalls outside her door and a slow knocking before a sweet voice called out,

"Miss Himeno, breakfast is served."

"Natsuya! I've asked you before to simply call me Himeno!" Himeno cried, opening the door.

"Yes Himeno, I will try to remember," Natsuya replied smiling gently.

Himeno wandered out to the breakfast table to be greeted by her parents and sisters already tucking in to their breakfast. Sighing, she sat down next to Mayune, not really surprised when she fell straight through her chair. She could hear, not see the outrageous laughter coming from beside her.

"Mayune, that is quite enough," her mother scolded. Mayune just continued laughing.

"That's it. I'm going outside to eat!" Himeno exclaimed hauling herself out of her chair, grabbing her plate and exiting the room.

Sitting alone, outside at the water fountain where she first met the Leafe nights, she heard very soft footsteps behind her and immediately recognised them as Hayate's.

"What are you doing out here?" he whispered, his breath caressing her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"Well, my family is being their usual selves so I decided to take a break."

"Hmm, that bacon looks good..."

"Want some?"

"Sure," and with that he sat down next to her. She could feel the heat radiating from his thigh and shoulder very close to hers as he ate the rest of her bacon.

"What are you planning on doing today Hayate?"

"Well, your dad asked me to help carry some more clay down to his workshop, but then nothing really. Why?"

"I, um was wondering if you wanted to go shopping with me…"

"Sure, why not," he replied, turning a light shade of pink. "Well I'd better go. Don't want to irritate your father now do I?" and with that he ran off, turning only to give her a wink. Once he was completely out of earshot she let out a deep sigh.

"Relationship problems?" Seasame scared her as usual.

"Only the same things over and over again."

"He does care for you, you know?"

"Yes, just not in the way I want him too."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Seasame said with a sly smile. "Now, you run your pretty little head off somewhere else. I'm meeting someone here." Himeno simply raised an eyebrow before leaving to go meet Yayoi.

When she saw her, Yayoi was once again off into one of her romance novels with eyes shining like stars.

"Yayoi, Yayoi, earth to Yayoi," Himeno said, trying to bring her friend back to reality to no avail. Himeno waved her hand in front of Yayoi's face, but still no reaction. Frustrated she decided to shake her and it finally snapped her out of her dream world only to hear her start to complain. "Yayoi, I need some help."

"What is it that the amazing Yayoi can do for you Mrs. Hayate?" Himeno went bright red and found her shoes extremely interesting. Yayoi just laughed. "Then he's going sweep you off your feet, but your father will object so you'll have to elope. Them on your wedding night he'll lay you down upon the bed…" her voice was muffled as Himeno's hand covered her mouth.

"Yayoi I just want you to help me buy a new outfit to wear out with Hayate today."

"Oh, so it's a romantic date is it?"

"No, I… just want to look nice is all…"

"Mmm, ok, let's go!" and with that they both ran off, laughing, to the closest clothing store.

"No, too prissy," Himeno said as Yayoi held up a longish pink dress.

"Too boring," a plain black dress.

"Too sluttish," a cleavage showing, short cut dress.

"Way too much," this was a purple skirt with a pink top, both patterned.

"Well then, how about this?" asked Yayoi as she held up a black dress with silver embroidery that came to about mid-thigh.

"Perfect!" Himeno cried. "It's just what I need!"

"And 20% off!" exclaimed Yayoi. "You're going to look so good in this. I kinda wish I could see it."

"Well then come back to my place and help me get ready."

"Really? Can I?"

"Sure, I don't think my dad will mind" Himeno smiled at the delighted look on her friend's face.

"Now we have to get some shoes!" Himeno groaned in reply.

Yeah, it's just the beginning. Don't know when I'll have a chance to update again but it should be good. Tell me what you think!