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Once at Himeno's house, they collapsed on her bed, completely worn out from their day shopping.

"So what time are you going out?"

"I don't know, when my father lets him go I suppose."

"What time is that usually? And what are you going to do when you go out?" Yayoi asked suddenly serious.

"Well, he usually gets off about 4, and I don't know what we're going to do. I'll figure that out when we're there."

"You mean you're going to do this, and that, and this…" Yayoi started only to get interrupted by Himeno.

"Yayoi, snap out of it! We're going shopping that's all! It's not like it's a date or anything."

"Of course not…" Yayoi looked doubtful. "But how can you resist those boyish charms and those deadly good looks that melt any woman when he looks her way. And how can HE resist your slender, sumptuous body any woman would die for. And your bright smile that turns heads everyday," Yayoi went back into her romantic visions while Himeno went to have a shower.

Stepping out of the shower, Himeno noticed something weird. She looked around for a bit before realising. Her towel was missing and there were no others in the bathroom. Not bothering to cover herself, as she knew the only one in her room would be Yayoi, she stepped into her room. Yayoi had disappeared She must be eating the muffins Mawata made earlier this morning Himeno thought as she began searching around the room for a towel of some sort. So absorbed was she in her search, she completely missed hearing the footsteps sound down the hallway outside her door. They abruptly stopped and she was astounded to hear a sharp intake of breath. Shit! I forgot to close the door! Himeno quickly turned to face the door, only to see Hayate staring at her with dark blue eyes. His penetrating gaze moving from her breasts to her stomach. No one had ever seen so much of her. Shocked and not knowing what to do, she walked slowly across the room to him and shut the door in his face.

He hadn't meant to walk past her room, Kaoru had simply given him permission to use the upstairs bathroom as his apartment was getting cleaned (A.N. Let's just say he isn't the cleanest person around and really can't be bothered cleaning it himself.) But once he had glanced into her room, (Hey, Himeno left the door open) he was unable to look away. Her naked body swaying around the room left him with no breath and he had to intake it sharply. She turned to him and complete lust overcame him. Eyes roving everywhere as she walked towards him, he was completely captivated. Then, just when she was close enough to touch, a large, wooden thing came between him and the object of his desire.

Completely stunned, after standing at her door for a time, he gathered some of his wits, turned and continued walking towards the bathroom five doors down. Slowly gathering more of his thoughts as he walked and moved, he undressed and stepped into an ice cold shower. Trying not to think about what he had just seen his mind wandered, but not matter how hard he tried, his thoughts always ended up at the same place. His eyes roving over her body. That beautiful, young, curvaceous body. He moaned and sunk to the floor of the shower.

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