Title: Back to the Holy Land by RHHP Freak

Summary: Robin gets captured by some Saracens and is taken to the Holy Land. What will he find and will he ever return to England? In the meantime his friends are in trouble when they can't find him. Will a mysterious girl be able to help them? Please read and review.

Disclaimer: I don't own Robin Hood BBC, but I am not sad. Robin Hood belongs with the BBC.

Author's notes: Warning!!! In this chapter there are character deaths, but it's not real. I just thought I would warn you.

Chapter one: Grief

When you have lost someone you love you can only remember the good times. No matter how hard you try you can't remember the bad times. And if you do, you understand every single thing they did. Sometimes you succeed but the next morning you have forgotten it.

Robin wished he could remember some bad things about Marian, but he couldn't. There was her cold distance to him in the first month or so after his return, but he understood. He understood every bad thing she did. He looked at Much who cooked some breakfast. Allan and John wasn't at the camp, they had gone hunting. Robin felt that he pushed them away. He so wanted to be laughing with them, but everytime he tried a picture of Marian turned up in his mind. He loved when she laughed, and in his head she was always laughing. He was so frustrated that he wanted to kill someone, and the one he wanted to kill the most was Gisborne. He wanted to kick him, punch him, chop his head off and watched the blood flow from the lifeless body, but so far he could restrain himself, thinking that this was not what Marian would have wanted, but some day, when the king returned from the Holy Land, he would stand at the scaffold and watch Gisborne die. Then he would laugh and spit at him, and he would return to Locksley. But he didn't care about Locksley, all he wanted was Marian, and he couldn't have her. He suddenly realised Much was talking to him and blinked a couple of times.

"What?" he asked Much. Much looked at him with a strange look but Robin ignored it, he was getting used to that.

"I said, when do you think Allan and John will be back?"

"Dunno," Robin said and in his mind he added:And I don't care.

Much shrugged and returned to his cooking. And once again Robin dreamed of Marian.

"Not being funny, but it feels good to be back!"

Allan and John walked beside each other, each carrying a large bag. In the bags there was food and money. They had been doing some drop-offs, even though Robin had not ordered them to do it. Allan looked at John with very happy smile on his face. John, on the other hand, was looking a bit guilty.

"It doesn't feel right, doing this with Robin in the camp, feeling unwell."

Unwell was an understatement. Robin was so sad that he refused to leave the camp and only spoke when they asked him about something. Robin was not himself and he wasn't going to be for a while.

"So what? Not being funny, but if you want to wait for Robin to be fine, then all the villages would be starving to death. We do something good, something Robin should be doing."

Suddenly John stood still and looked behind his shoulder. He could have sworn… he shrugged and turned around, and saw Allan staring at him.

"I thought I saw something," John muttered and kept on walking. Allan followed him and they didn't notice the two men watching them.

"Is that the outlaws," one of the men asked in Arabic. The other man nodded. "Can they lead us to Locksley?" again the man nodded. "Then we must follow them!"

"I already have," the man said, "relax Hazem."

"It's easy for you to say Halil," Hazem answered, "You have been here for a year and you know the area. I have never been here before."

"I know, but this is too important to wait. Get our brothers and meet me by the big oak. Locksley will be there sooner or later."

Hazem nodded and started to ran. Halil stood still and watched the way the outlaws had gone. They had no idea about what was going to happen.

"I must say Gisborne," Vaizey said, "I am impressed by the way you are handling the whole Marian situation."

"Thank you my lord."

"My maid told me she saw you kiss one of the servant girls. And I who thought you only would kiss Marian."

"My lord, I am over her. She was a traitor and an outlaw collaborator. I can only think poorly of her."

"Hmm maybe you are right Gisborne, but maybe you are lying to me. The peasants have noticed she is gone. We can say we found her kissing Hood and she ran away from our guards and fell down from a cliff. Hey, that was an idea."

"If you say so."

"Now I think I will leave you to your thoughts. I have so much work to do," Vaizey said. He walked out of Gisborne's room and slammed the door behind him. Just like he used to.

For a moment Gisborne sat alone on his bed. Then the tears started to fell and he began to weep.

When Allan and John returned to the camp, Robin was staring at the sky. He muttered something to himself. Much was staring at him anxious and when he saw that Allan and John had returned he signalled them to come over to him. They went over to him, suddenly feeling quite nervous. What had happened?

"I'm scared," Much whispered to them, "I- I was cooking the dinner when practically yelled 'Marian' and then he started to mutter. He's not reacting to anything I say. I- I haven't checked but do you think he's..."

Allan went over to their leader and watched him for a while. Then he turned to Much and said: "He's asleep."

Much flushed, embarrassed that he had been afraid because of one of Robin's nightmares. He sighed and gave the others a weak smile and returned to the cooking.

It was hot. So hot it almost reached the point where it became unbearable. Robin looked from one side to another. Why was he here? He had never seen this place before. Then he realised this was not a normal nightmare. This was about something more terrible than the crusade. This was about Marian. Even though it had been almost three months since she died, nightmares about her were very rare. Suddenly he heard the sound of a bell ringing, but not just any bell, church bells. He noticed he was in the Holy Land, so what was a church doing here? He followed the sound of the bell and soon found the church. He saw the new married couple get out of there and gasped. It was Marian and Gisborne!

He suddenly felt hatred, not just against Gisborne but also against Marian. Why had she married Gisborne? He realised he had his sword in his hand. He tried to stop himself but his body was acting on its own accord. He ran forward to Marian and Gisborne and chopped off Gisborne's head and then he turned to Marian and stabbed her in the stomach. Suddenly the scene switched. He was sitting beside her, his sword still in her stomach, but Gisborne was no longer there and the church was gone. In fact everything was gone; they were the only two that existed in a world of darkness. Robin started to cry and said: "Marian, don't die. Please don't die!"

"Why do you care," Marian asked with pain in her voice, "you are the one who did this to me. You left me so many years ago and still you will not let me follow my heart. Go to hell Robin of Locksley."

And then she died.

"No…" Robin said.



"Master its okay!"

"No… please… bring her back. I beg you bring her back!"

"Robin, I'm not being funny…"

Robin took the dagger he carried in his belt and stabbed himself in his heart. He couldn't live without Marian. And as he died slowly his final word was: "Marian…"

A slap in the face woke him up. His eyes widened in shock as he watched Much bent over him. He was worried, and Robin looked at the sky again. It was turning dark-blue so he must have slept for several hours.


"Sorry Robin, but I had to wake you," Much said, "Dinner's ready."

Robin felt that Much was hiding something, but he didn't care. He didn't care what the others thought about him. He sat up and thought about the dream. "Not hungry," he said and stood up. He left the camp and walked over to the tree where he had proposed to Marian. It looked very weird in the darkness, almost like a monster, ready to take him and eat him. Suddenly he heard something behind him. He turned around and saw some hooded figures standing in front of him. He counted five of them.

"Who are you?" he asked. The man in the middle answered: "We are here to take you to the Holy Land. You are needed there, Robin Hood." The man's English was accented and Robin presumed he was from the Holy Land.

"No…" Robin said. He was not ready to return to the Holy Land, his grief was still too big. "I cannot go. You will have to…"

"Hit you unconscious and drag you? That is what we have always intended to do," the man said and nodded. Robin heard someone move behind him, but before he could turn around he fell a sharp pain in the back of his head and fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Good work Abdul," Halil said and looked at the unconscious Robin Hood. The man before him smiled and looked very happy. "Samir, tie him up and remember the plan. Drug him if he wakes up. Let us go now before the moon comes up too high." The other members made agreeing noises and as soon as Robin was tied up they got on their horses and rode out of Sherwood. They didn't notice the pair of blue eyes that followed every step they took.

She was one of the many protectors of Sherwood Forest. She had lived there for 6 months and in those 6 months she had been trained by her nameless mentor. All she knew was that he was Saracen. He had taught her every skill she knew right now and how to speak Arabic. She had been following Robin Hood, when she saw he left his camp and she watched as the Saracen men had surrounded him. She could have warned him, but she didn't. After all, she was curious to see how the Saracens worked. But as soon as Robin had been hit, she realised she had to do something.

She had to find the outlaws!

- - - - - - - -

Author's notes: Oh hey… sorry about the nightmare, I know it is very bad , but I am not good at writing about dreams and nightmares. I think it was important to know that Gisborne wasn't totally unaffected by Marian's death. The kissing with the servant is just an attempt to get over Marian, obviously. Yes, I know I change the point of view many times, but I hope you still enjoyed. Hopefully the next chapter will be longer. Please review! :)