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Chapter 16: Dead?

She must have been a pitiful sight, lying there on the ground nearly on top of Allan. She quickly rolled off him and got up, her eyes never leaving the lord's. She had never felt as much hatred as she did in that moment when she saw Edmond in that hallway.

"Lord Pierre… or should I say Edmond of Argelés Plage," she spat.

"Drop the last part and you got it right," he said. "I don't want to be here in the godforsaken village, but I was ordered to, after the former lord died in a tragic accident."

"I have a feeling that wasn't an accident."

"My god, someone's clever. Of course it was no accident. There had been rumors that he had started to be a bit too friendly to your King Richard, and so we decided to get rid of him. And that is how I ended up here in the middle of no-where."

"Oh, I feel so sorry for you… well, not really." Ruby said, her blue eyes burning. "What have you done to Allan and Robin?"

"Do not worry about your friend here, Ruby. He is not dead, just taking a long and healthy nap. I have never had any desire to kill him. As for Robin, well he could be anywhere. Here, there up, down, Heaven, Hell." Ruby felt the anger rise again.

"If you have hurt him, I swear..."

"That you will sneak around and play assassin," Edmond said, smirking. "I hear what he said. So, little Ruby likes to play assassin in her spare time. How very interesting."

He studied her through the grey eyes, and for a moment she was captivated by them. She could see all of his emotions in them, and some of it scared her, but another part drew her closer. She shook herself. This was Edmond. The man who had hurt the man she was desperately in love with, and possibly her brother. Her own family. And she hated him for that, but those eyes...

"Tell me where Robin is," she demanded. "Or I will kill you. And it won't be pretty."

"Oh, Ruby, I think you have forgotten something. This is my manor. My land. My men. You and your little outlaw friends are outnumbered. If you do something to me they will find you and kill all of you. And that, my dear little lady, will not be pretty either. And I will order them to let you be the last one they kill. How will it feel to watch your friends and family die?"

Ruby jumped forward, pulling the knife from her sleeve. It was uncalculated and Halil would have killed her if he had still been mentoring her (and now he would just kill her no matter what), but her anger made her see red. She wanted to hurt him for all the things he had done to Robin, Allan and herself.

Edmond easily dodged her attack and grabbed her by the wrist. "Temper, temper," he said. He tightened his grip while slapping her. She gasped, but managed to hold on to the knife. She struggled against him, but he just smiled that annoying smile she hated so much. "My, you are feisty, aren't you?"

"Let go of me," she hissed. "Or you'll be sorry."

"You really like to threaten me, but it won't work with me. I know you, Ruby. You won't kill me, because I am the only one who knows where Robin is. Will you risk never finding him just to kill me?" Ruby kept struggling and soon she felt a prick in her wrist. She looked down and saw a small arrow protruding from it.

"I knew a spare one would be useful," Edmond said. "Goodnight Ruby, and when you wake up it will be game over." His voice started to echo strangely in her ears the world swayed underneath her feet. Stupid, stupid Ruby, she kept repeating in her head as she fell to the floor. Stupid, stupid, stupid Ruby.

"Robin? Robin can you hear me?" Oh, how he wished that voice would stop. His head was sore and it wasn't helping there was some stupid person talking to him.

"Robin, wake up!" Shut up! Hold on, he knew that voice. He knew it from somewhere. If only the throbbing would stop so that he could concentrate. Where had he heard it before? Back in England perhaps. Yes, definitely back in England. Was it Carter? No, Carter was dead. Killed by the bloody Sheriff.

Whoever it was had apparently lost his patience because a stinging sensation spread like a fire through his cheek. His eyes flew open and he grabbed it. "Ouch," he said. "Why did you slap me?"

"It was the only thing I could think of," the man said and moved back into his line of sight. Robin stared at him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. The man held out his hand and Robin grabbed it, pulling himself up. "I thought you were back in Germany."

Count Friedrich laughed. "Well, I am not. In fact I never got there. These horrible people got hold of me on my way back. I am sure they have told my people I am dead."

"Sorry to hear that," Robin said. "Do you by any chance know if any of my friends have been here? I just hope Edmond has not harmed them too."

"I am sorry, but you are the only person, beside the guards and of course that horrible Edmond I have seen for months. And the food is awful, I swear not even the Danes make such lousy meals. I remember one time I was invited to dinner at Duke Valdemar of Schleswig and they served... I do not know what it was, but I spent the next couple of days..."

"Yes, that is very lovely, thank you," Robin interrupted. "But if don't mind, maybe we should find a way out of here." Friedrich looked offended that Robin had dared to interrupt his, no doubt, very charming story, but the shrugged. "I do not think it is possible, Robin. I have been stuck here for months and I have tried every trick in the book and a few which are not in the book, but I have not been able to do it."

Robin grinned. "Ah, but you do not own the charm of a Locksley." He went over to the door and yelled: "OI! YOU THERE, GUARD, I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" A few seconds went by and then the huge man from earlier stood in the doorway.

"Yeah," he said. "Wha' do ya want?"

"Look, I really, really need to.. relieve myself. Can I just go outside and..."

"No," the man said and slammed the door behind him. Robin turned around and saw Friedrich stand there with a grin on his face.

"Charm of a Locksley, my backside," he said, making Robin pout. "If you are done now, maybe we should make some actual plans instead of using over overrated abilities."

"The Locksley Charm is not overrated. For centuries we have charmed girls into our beds and us into their hearts. It is irresistible."

"When you have finished polishing your ego, I will be right here, waiting to start planning our glorious escape. After all, two heads are better than one." Robin sighed heavily before joining Friedrich on the dirty floor. He just hoped Edmond hadn't harmed his friends and family."

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Halil sat there, staring at the flames. He had done it again… or rather he hadn't done it. He had failed to do what he was best at. Kill somebody. The moment he had approached the two children their father had seen what was going on and had yelled curses at him in Turkish. Halil had immediately snapped out of his almost trancelike (something) and had watched as the father ran towards him with a sword. He was clearly prepared for people trying to kill him and his family.

Normally Halil would have fought back, but seeing the amount of men, and surprisingly women too, he had decided to run. But he had left a little reminder in the shape of one dead man on the ground, one of his knives sticking out of his chest.

And now, here he was. All his former glory had been ripped from him. He had no men and no son who could one day take over the Assassination squad, when he one day was too old. It had all been taken away when Ruby of Locksley's knife had hit his son's chest, effectively killing him.

As much as he hated Miss Ruby, he knew he would, one day, hesitate to kill her. She had been his pupil for some time. He had taken care of her like she was his own daughter, even though he had been distant with her because she was English.

But one day, no matter how much his hand would shake, no matter how much he hesitated, he would make his final kill, even if it killed him.

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