With the growing success of my UXY fanfic, I decided to make one about Ichigo's and Rukia's baby girl. Tell me if it's just as good as my UXY one :D and don't worry. I'm still writing parts of it.


The night was still dark and young on this peaceful evening. Any of the sounds that were heard in the city were drifted away into the breeze, unable to hear it through the peaceful sleeping within the city. Yet, even within the darkened city, there was one residence that could only maintain this peaceful slumber for a few hours, whereas others would relish in the day of the slumber. This residence consisted of a wife, a husband, and their little girl, who would usually wake up to start their busy day right about now...


Dreadful screams filled the house with the shrill cries of an infant. Ichigo and Rukia groaned in displeasure as they heard the painful screaming. Being the proud parents of a baby was a reward in it's own way for them, but to them, it was a nightmare that repeated itself each and everyday.

"It's your turn honey." Rukia said, pulling the covers tightly over her to keep warm.

"Hey, I had to change her before the other night. The least you can do is get her this time." Ichigo replied, growing a headache from the crying-filled screaming through the house.

"Aww c'mon hubby wubby." Rukia said childishly, calling Ichigo by his 'nickname' that Rukia gave him when they married. She nudged on his shoulders, only tensing him up more.

"Ok tell you what, you get it this time, I'll handle it for the next three nights." Ichigo said, yawning a bit after.

"Deal." Rukia said, kissing him on the cheeks as she got out of bed. She yawned a bit as she stretched, then headed out the room. As she walked through the darkened hall, the floor creaked beneath her, echoing a bit through the town. The only thing Rukia needed to know where she was going was to follow the noise of the wailing. She had been used to doing this for the past few months now, considering their daughter was born a few months ago. After much trecking through the darkness, Rukia felt for the door handle as she quietly pushed the door open, and out came the massive blast of the little girl's crying. Her daughter's room consisted of pink and an array of bunny heads painted on the walls. Ichigo and Rukia were a bit lucky that Byakuya sent some assitances to help them with the baby in the past, most helpful being the paintings on the walls. Rukia smiled a bit as she walked over to the crib, picking up the crying infant.

"Hey now shhh shhh shhh." Rukia cooed, trying to calm down the crying infant. Most of the time, the baby would need to be changed or fed. Usually, there comes a time though when the baby just wants to be held by someone. Rukia walked over to the rocking chair in the room. Rukia found the rocking chairs a bit strange at first in this world, bubt saw how they helped calm down infants and such in this world from the cricketing noises they made. Even with the cricketing of the chair, the baby continued to cry. Meanwhile, Ichigo had the pillow over his head, wondering why it was taking Rukia so long to calm the baby down. He sighed irritably, thinking that she needed help with her, walking quietly to the baby's room. He grew a bit surprised though as he heard humming from the room. When he made it to the door, he slowly opened it, wanting to see what was going on. His eyes widened as he saw that Rukia was singing a lullaby to her:

"Sun, light, day, night, the darkness will find it's way, home...

Live, life, day, die, the soul will keep coming back home...

Darkness comes home, the sunlight comes by, but both intertwine with my eyes..."

Ichigo looked down at the baby, noticing how it gently fell asleep from the lullaby. Rukia smiled a bit as she kissed the baby on the forehead. She jumped a little as she heard Ichigo walking in.

"Quite the singer aren't we?" Ichigo commented, smirking. Rukia just blushed a bit, not knowing that he was eavesdropping on her song.

"W-What are you doing in here?" Rukia asked, trying to change the subject.

"Aw don't worry. I liked it myself." Ichigo said, quietly walking over to Rukia and looking down at the baby. "Where'd you come up with a lullaby like that?" Ichigo asked, curiously. There was a silent moment for a bit, causing Ichigo to look at Rukia a bit more curiously. He was wondering if it was such a good idea to bring up the subject, seeing how quiet she was being.

"...From my brother." Rukia said, sheepishly. Ichigo used all his strength to keep himself from laughing at it, but grunted as he got smacked in the gut by Rukia's punch.

"Ahh! What was that for?" Ichigo asked, wondering why Rukia as being so deffensive for her brother.

"Because he didn't even come up with it. He got the song from Hisa..." Rukia started, before finding herself unable to finish the sentence. Ichigo's eyes blinked a bit surprisingly a bit, surprised that she would mention anything about her sister, considering neither of them knew about her.

"L-Look, forget about what I was going to do. I'm sorry for bringing it up." Ichigo apologized, laying his hand gently on Rukia's shoulders. Rukia just seemed to shudder a bit as a tear rolled down her face.

"No, it's ok. I just wish I knew what she was like before she died..." Rukia said, gently getting off the rocking chair so it didn't creak, and walking to set her baby back down in the crib. Rukia just continued to stare as she watched her new born sleep. The baby grew a bit of hair since she grew, and by the looks of it, she had Rukia's colored hair, and Ichigo's brown eyes. They were actually happy about being able to raise a child, and yet the only thing that kept them so worked up was one minor detail...

"Have you thought of a name yet?" Ichigo asked. Rukia just remained silent for a few seconds before she very slightly nodded. Ichigo smiled at the sight, glad they had come up with a name. They had nothing as far as thinking of names since the baby was born, and even after they got a name the other thought it was bad or didn't fit right with the baby's personality. "That's great Rukia. What should we name her?" Ichigo asked. He began to feel a bit worried though as Rukia turned back to look at him, tears rolling down her eyes. She remained silent for a few moments before finally responding.

"...Hisana." She replied. Silence was the only thing that filled the room for awhile. Ichigo heard about her twin sister, how she had to abbandon her because of how poor her life was after she died, and how she asked Byakuya to never stop looking for her sister. Ichigo could understand part of the reason, given the hair and everything, but to think that she would be so upset over it seemed a little weird.

"Well...I think it's a great name." Ichigo said quietly, so not to wake up the baby. Rukia just remained silent as she walked back to the room with Ichigo. "What's wrong?" Ichigo asked, wondering about Rukia's depression.

"...I can't." Rukia replied. Ichigo looked even more concerned as he saw a tear rolling down her face.

"Why not? If you thought of a name, then you should be able to use it...right?" Ichigo asked. Rukia just shook her head no.

"I can't because...I don't want to find out how Byakuya would react." Ichigo blinked surprised, almost forgetting about how Byakuya was married to Hisana. He finally understood that if they used her name, it would terribly anger Byakuya, not to mention might possibly do something to ruin the family name...although, Ichigo had no idea what exactly it would ruin, all he was worried about was the afteraffect it would have. He looked back as Rukia gave him a small smile and put her hand on his shoulder. "Look, let's just forget about it and think of something later, ok?" Rukia said, trying to get it off Ichigo's mind.

"Yeah...alright." Ichigo said, somewhat dissopointingly. He really wouldn't mind calling his daughter Hisana, and he knew that Rukia would be a bit happier if she could call the baby Hisana. For the time being, he just crawled into bed with Rukia, deciding to forget about it for the night. He looked back as Rukia pecked him on the cheek.

"Good night." She said, as she lied back down on the bed.

"Night." Ichigo replied, closing his eyes. He would make sure that he would forget about naming the baby for the night. At least, for the night...


The next day, Ichigo woke up bright in early. He yawned as he saw the sun already rising, and the light penetrating throughout the Soul Society. He found it funny to himself that he now lived here. He didn't die or anything, it's just that Ichigo had to undergo a series of different tasks in order to marry Rukia, and most of them took weeks for things such as paper work from reorganization in order to get them a home. He looked back at the bed as he heard Rukia waking up to, rubbing her eyes a bit.

"What are you doing up so early?" Rukia asked, yawning a bit. Ichigo had something in mind to do, but he didn't want to let on to Rukia what it was. To his relief, they heard the baby suddenly crying from the nursery. Saved by the baby. Ichigo thought to himself.

"Oh, just going to help the baby." Ichigo replied as he left the room. Rukia yawned again as she fell right back asleep. Ichigo cheered to himself a bit, finding one of the benefits to having a baby is getting out of his troubles or situations where he would usually lose an argument against Rukia. Sure enough, the baby's crying grew a bit louder as Ichigo opened the door. To one of his displeasures though, he could tell why the baby was crying as soon as he smelled the room. After a quick diaper change, he grew a bit worried as the baby still continued to cry. "Why are you still cry..." Ichigo stopped as he heard the sudden squeaking noise from under his foot. As he moved, he chuckled a bit as he realized she just wanted her stuffed rabbit. He found it weird that Rukia's likeness for bunnies would rub off her daughter, but considering the baby looks more like Rukia than himself he wasn't surprised. As soon as he handed her the stuffed bunny, she began to giggle in joy as she squeezed it, hearing the squeaking noise it made.

"You're just like your mom you know that?" Ichigo said, rubbing his daughter's hair. The daughter just giggled as a reply as it began chewing on the stuffed blue rabbit. Ichigo's eyes blinked a bit surprised, knowing that it meant that she was teething by now. He walked quietly to Rukia's room to tell her about the news. "Hey Rukia, wake up." Ichigo said, shaking her a bit. Rukia moaned a bit as she woke up, somewhat annoyed at the fact she just finally fell back asleep.

"What do you want?" She asked eyes half opened. He smiled a bit as he sat near her, holding the baby in his lap who was still teething on the rabbit. Rukia's eyes opened fully as she realized what Ichigo wanted to show her. "She's teething!" Rukia said, surprised. She gently opened the tiny's baby mouth a bit to get a better look. As she thought, she had a tooth growing in on the top, and a tooth growing in on the bottom. "Ah, she's growing up, aren't 'chu?" Rukia cooed, rubbing her nose against the baby's, causing her to giggle.

"Not exactly a good thing though." Ichigo added. Rukia looked at him somewhat confused until her eyes widened at the sight of the bunny. It wasn't 'extremely' bad, but it had some parts of it ripped from where the baby chewed on it. The baby giggled happily as it began pulling on the rabbit again, attempting to chew on parts of it. Rukia quickly swiped it away, somewhat worriedly.

"No, don't do that. You'll choke." Rukia said softly. The baby just starred at the rabbit for a few seconds before it started to complain as it wanted the bunny back, attempting to pull it from her mother as she grabbed it. Rukia simply continued to hold the rabbit, not even needing to use any energy to pull it away from the baby. After a few more seconds of struggling, the baby lost it's grip as it fell back on her mother's lap. Tears welled up in it's eyes as it began to cry loudly.

"Oh there there..." Rukia cooed, holding the baby gently. "Everything will be alright." Rukia said, as Ichigo and her began to walk out of the room. "She really wants her bunny back." Rukia said, feeling sorry for their daughter. Ichigo just smiled as he put his hand on Rukia's shoulder. somewhat easing her of her stress. She smiled a bit as she touched his hand a bit with one of her free ones, before going back to taking care of the baby. Seeing how Rukia had it under control for the time being, he put on his shimigami clothes and prepared to walk out the door, unable to sneak past Rukia though.

"Where are you going?" Rukia asked.

"Just getting a little jogging done is all." Ichigo said, running out the door. Rukia sighed a bit. Seeing how no one was in the house, she began to unbutton part of her pajama shirt as she began to nurse the baby, knowing it would be hunry as always in the morning. Since when the hell do you start jogging and bring your Zanpakto? Rukia thought to herself, knowing that Ichigo was up to something.

If there was one thing Ichigo did enjoy about the moving, it was that they were in the Seritei, and that made it easier whenever he needed to talk to someone about something hollow related, or whenever he was asked for help. The only downside it brought was the fact he was usually swarmed by numbers of female shimigami who kept wanting to meet his baby, adoring how cute it was. He was just glad that whenever Rukia and him were on a mission that he could count on Ukitake, Matsumoto, or Byakuya to babysit. Finally after a few minutes, he finally came to the Kuchiki Manor. As he opened the door, he was greeted by a maid who was sweeping the wooden floors.

"Oh, good morning Mr. Kurosaki...er...Kuchiki. Which one was it again?" The maid asked, moving her finger to her bottom lip as she went into thought. Ichigo just sighed at this, having gone over it again and again.

"Look, I prefer Kurosaki, but either way it works. Can you direct me to where Byakuya is?" Kurosaki asked. The maid nodded as she pointed down the hall. Ichigo waved as a goodbye and thanks as he quickly jogged towards the end of the hall. Once he finally came to the room, he slowly opened the door, seeing Byakuya who was already working on his paper work. He sighed a bit as he walked into the room, knowing that Byakuya knew he was there.

"What do you want now, Ichigo Kuchiki?" Byakuya asked, somewhat irritated.

"Look, around other nobles I won't mind, but will you just call me Kurosaki when it's a normal meeting?" Ichigo groaned. "Anyway, I was wondering if..."

"No." Byakuya responded, not even bothering to listen to the rest of Ichigo's sentence. Ichigo blinked, somewhat dumb strucked at what he said.

"No? But I didn't even tell you anything!" Ichigo replied.

"Look Ichigo, I have given you enough in one's life. For you to marry my sister, you had to become a member of the Kuchiki family. Even when you refused, I had to practically cram it into your head for five hours straight. I then gave you this manor as a wedding gift for you to use, which I still don't understand why you don't. I have done numerous things that would most likely disgrace the Kuchiki name for hundreds of years to come. Give me one reason I should listen to what you want next?" Byakuya stammered, still writing as if some machine programmed to.

"Because we thought of a name!" Ichigo yelled back. Byakuya stopped writing for a few seconds before he went right back to it as if nothing had happened.

"So, what is it then?" Byakuya asked.

"Well...Technically, Rukia thought of the name, but I agreed on it as well." Ichigo said, very slowly reaching for his sword on his back as he said this.

"Well, spit it out then." Byakuya commanded.

"Hisana." Ichigo replied. The minute Byakuya's pencil snapped, Ichigo threw his blade over him, barely blocking Byakuya's oncoming strike that almost touched his neck. Ichigo could see anger in his eyes.

"If this is some form of joke, I will not hesitate to make Rukia a single parent." Byakuya said as he jumped a few feet back, still holding his Zanpakto. Ichigo's and Byakuya's attention shifted as they heard crying getting louder from the other side of the door. Oh please don't tell me she followed. Ichigo thought to himself, worriedly. His displeasure came as he saw Rukia opening the door, holding the crying baby in her arms.

"Ichigo, she..." Rukia started, before her attention shifted towards the sight of the Zanpaktos' in each others' hands. "What are you doing in here?" Rukia said, a bit angrily. Ichigo glared back at Byakuya for a second before he sighed, tossing his Zanpakto to the ground. Byakuya's eyes seemed to look at it a bit before looking back at Ichigo who was walking towards Rukia. He gently grabbed the baby as he looked down at her in his arms. "She's been crying since you left, and I could tell she missed her father." Rukia said, a bit depressed at the sight to see Ichigo and Byakuya who were fighting. Ichigo smiled as he gently rubbed the tears off his daughter's cheek as she began to calm down. He glared back at Byakuya who was still holding his Zanpakto.

"You really want to kill me because of some name?" Ichigo asked, irritably. "Fine then, go ahead and kill me. Kill me and make my daughter wonder whatever happened to her father for the rest of her life!" Ichigo shouted, turning to the side so the baby wouldn't get hurt if Byakuya decided too. Rukia just looked at him in disbelief.

"Ichigo, stop being an idiot! We can think of a different name, but you don't have to get killed over one!" Rukai said angrily. Ichigo just smirked.

"Sorry Rukia, but you know as well as I do that you partially want to name the baby Hisana as well as I do. If it makes you happier, then I'm going to get her that name one way or another." Ichigo replied. Byakuya just starred into thought for a minute. Is he really foolish to risk his life all for some simple name? He's willing to disgrace the Kuchiki family name by simply throwing his life away? Byakuya thought to himself.

"You know if I do, it'll ruin the lives of not just Rukia and the baby, but everybody who knows you as well, correct?" Byakuya asked. Ichigo just smirked.

"As long as it gives her a name, that's all that matters to me." Ichigo replied. Silence filled the room for a few seconds, everyones' tension running high. Byakuya broke the silence as he sighed, sheathing his sword. Ichigo blinked a bit surprised, thinking he was actually going to die for this.

"I've wasted enough time. If you feel so strongly towards using the name...then so be it." Byakuya said in a calm manor, walking back to his desk as he went back to writing the papers he needed to sign. Ichigo smiled as he bowed in respect, as Rukia just seemed to stare at him somewhat shocked.

"Thank you, Byakuya." Ichigo said, as he began to walk out of the room, still carrying the baby in his arms. Rukia just continued to stand there, somewhat in disbelief.

"Byakuya..." She murmured.

"If it makes you feel any better, you may use the name. Please leave." Byakuya said, knowing Rukia was still there. Rukia smiled even as she felt a tear rolling down her face, knowing that Byakuya cares more about his family than he does the Kuchiki name. Rukia stopped herself as she was about to leave, looking back at Byakuya.

"Say, may I ask for one mroe favor?" Rukia asked, catching Byakuya's attention.

Ichigo moaned as he felt his daughter nibbling on his fingers. He thought it would be painful if she had a full row of teeth, but he's finding it more painful for Hisana, which he's glad to be able to call her now, to bite him with only two teeth. He looked back at the front door as he heard it opening, seeing Rukia and her hand behind her back.

"Oh Hisana..." Rukia said, getting the baby's attention. She revealed, to Ichigo's relief, teething rings. The baby giggled happily as she reached for them as Rukia jiggled them over her head. After awhille, she decided to stop teasing the baby and gave it to her. As expected, the baby began chewing on it much like it had on the rabbit...and Ichigo's hand.

"Thanks.." Ichigo muttered as he handed Hisana to Rukia, wiping his partly chewed hand. Rukia just giggled as she sat next to him on the couch, watching their baby playing with the rings. She laid her hand on Ichigo's shoulders as she rested.

"Thank's Ichigo." Rukia said, stroking the baby's hair. Ichigo just chuckled as he put an arm around her.

"It was nothing..."