Come Back To Me

A/N This is my first ever Prince Caspian fic. It's based on the movie. I've been wanting to write a Prince Caspian fic for so long but was worried. I've had this idea in my head since Boxing Day last year of Caspian going to see Susan in her world but then finding somebody like her to be his Queen and it's been trapped in my head since then but listening to the Call by Regina Spektor from the movie brought the idea back to me and I figured I should at least try. I hope you guys like.

Caspian sighed sadly as he was in his throne room. He had been ruling over Narnia for a while now since the King and Queens of old had came and helped him take the throne from his uncle Miraz but right now his heart was yearning for somebody, somebody who wasn't in Narnia but he had wanted her to stay.

"Susan......" he thought sadly. It'd been years since that day when Susan had left Narnia with her siblings but deep down wished she'd stayed but knew she had to go back to her world with her siblings.

"I know you miss her." a voice told the King as he turned around.

It was Aslan.

"You have missed Susan since the day she left Narnia with her brothers and sisters but you've never let anybody know your sadness and have ruled Narnia wisely but..... maybe you should go see her.

It'll do you good." the lion told him as he opened the door that led to the human world.....

Kani wondered why her mother was so sad most of the time. Her mother Susan Penvensie had been married for a while but now something bad was happening, divorce. Kani was thirteen years old but looked like her mother but had a wild imagination and loved hearing stories about Narnia that her Aunt Lucy told her about. Unlike the others, Susan had stopped believing in Narnia and forgot about it but who said her daughter couldn't?

It made the child feel better about what was happening in her life.

Kani was a great writer, kind hearted and always believing in things mystical and in this world as well as things adults didn't understand like dreams but she liked archery and caring for animals.

Right now she felt alone......

She wished anything could happen, anything that was better than here......

Caspian was standing on the same platform the Pevensies had been standing on the day he'd summoned them back to Narnia and heard somebody that sounded familiar.

"Susan?" he asked Kani softly as she was waiting for the train to school.

She gasped in awe seeing him.

"I-It's Caspian from Narnia!

But why is he here in our world unless..... what Aunt Lucy said about him and my Mom having a crush on each other was right!" she thought going after him....

He followed Kani to her house as he was telling her about Narnia.

But somebody was watching them, a pale skinned girl with magic glowing in her eyes.....