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Chapter 1: Legend of the four clowns

Once there was a legend, the Millennium Earl was still wrecking havoc on Earth. The humans lived in fear everyday, even though there were people with strange powers to stop the demons of the Earl which were called Akumas. One day, four of these people with strange powers gathered together, they were called Clown, Pierriot, Marionette and Puppeteer. These four had gathered together to stop the Earl once and for all.

They met the Earl face to face. A battle started soon after, and what a magnificent battle it was. However, these four loss their lives fighting to save humanity, but they had managed to weaken the Earl tremendously and stopped him from causing more chaos on Earth and their powers were passed down to many others throughout generations.

That was how the legend of the four clowns begun, and hundreds of years later, these four will be reunited once more.

Allen walked down the halls of the Black Order, still half-asleep, to the dining hall for breakfast; Link was following him like a tail. He soon reached the cafeteria and joined the line to the barred counter. The moment he and Link got their food from Jerry, they looked around for a place to eat.

"Allen-kun! Over here!" a voice called out and Allen whirled around to the source, almost causing his mountain to topple, and saw Lenalee waving to him and he headed for the table she was sitting. She greeted him as usual as the white-haired teen sat down, "Morning, Allen-kun!"

"Morning, Lenalee!" Allen said and then he begun gorging his breakfast down, Timcampy swooping in to get a few bites. Lenalee sweat dropped at the teen's appetite, she still couldn't get used to his appetite and the speed at which he can eat. Link ate his own breakfast calmly beside Allen. "Hi, Allen!" another voice called and Allen stopped eating long enough to look at the person. Timothy, the youngest Exorcist to have joined the Black Order some months ago, was the one who called him as he sat next to Allen. Allen smiled politely in response and resumed eating. Timothy and Lenalee sighed at his reaction and then ate their own breakfast.

"Oi! Lenalee! Timothy! Allen! Supervisor wants to see you in his office for your mission," Reever called from the entrance of the cafeteria a few moments after the three finished their meal. The three said Exorcists sighed and then stood up, Link included, and begun to make their way to Komui's office.

They arrived at his office soon after and was greeted by the usual room that was so messy it looked like it got hit by a typhoon or two. They saw Bookman, Kanda, Lavi and Krory in the room too, along with a surprisingly awake Supervisor who was rushing towards them! Fortunately, his face met with Lenalee's foot. "Ni-san! Please don't keep doing this!" Lenalee said, face red with embarrassment. Komui pouted for a moment before going back to his desk.

"Now I've called you all here to brief you on your mission," Komui said.

"Surely there isn't a need for all seven," Lenalee paused and looked at Link then back to her brother, "or eight of us for one mission," Lenalee interrupted.

"Actually, three missions…Allen, Link and Timothy, the three of you will be going to Valencia of Spain to find a thief-"

"A thief? Isn't that kind of for the police to handle?" Timothy interrupted.

"Normally yes, but the fact that he, or she, cannot be caught and the recording, of the last museum robbed, in this golem," Komui took out a black golem, "made it our business." He said as he connected the golem to a projector. The projector then begun to project a video on to a white screen in the messy room.

It was pretty much a dark room, until a black figure appeared stole some items and escaped. The figure was too fast to get a good look at it. The video then paused and begun to rewind frame by frame until it stopped at a certain frame. Everyone gasped in shocked when they saw it.

Allen gasped as he saw the figure very clearly, "What the?"

"What are you playing at, Moyashi?" Kanda stated as he pointed his sword, Mugen, to the white-haired teen's throat.

"Calm down, Kanda! I'm sure it isn't him," Lavi said as he tried to get the blade away from Allen's neck.

"That can't be him and you know that, I mean just look at that figure again," Lenalee said to Kanda. Allen was still watching the frame on the screen, still very, very surprised. On the screen, the figure was shown very clearly. It was wearing a black cowl and had a black left arm, its right arm was white and had claws and it was wearing a gold masquerade mask to cover its face. To put it simply, the figure on the screen was exactly the same as Crown Clown, except the colors were reversed and the claw was on the other arm.

"This is why you'll be going, Allen and the reason for Timothy going…well what better way to catch a thief than a thief himself!" Timothy sweat dropped at that.

"Lenalee, Lavi and Bookman," Komui continued, passing the file with more detailed info on the mission to them, "You'll be going to Rome of Italy to investigate a phenomenum, whenever Akumas appear in Rome, there'll always be one Akuma that turns against its kin." At the point, everyone turned to Timothy, as they knew about his Innocence's, Tsukikami, abilities.

"Don't look at me! I didn't do it! I swear!" Timothy cried out. Then they turned their attention back to their Supervisor.

"I actually wanted to send you on this mission due to your knowledge of controlling (or possessing) Akumas, but your thieving expertises are much needed on your mission with Allen, Timothy," Komui said and the said boy's eye twitched slightly at the reminder of once being a thief who almost ruined other people's lives.

Calm down, Timothy, Tsukikami said and Timothy relaxed slightly.

"Next, Kanda and Krory, you'll be sent to Graz of Austria to find out why Akumas are being destroyed the moment they reach there," Komui said, giving the file to the two said Exorcists, "Now then, you have one hour to prepare and meet up in front of the Ark's gate."

The Exorcists, and inspector, nodded and left the office to their respective rooms to prepare for their respective missions. Lenalee sighed as she made her way towards her room, looking at the ground with a dejected look on her face, thinking…

Why couldn't Ni-san put me with Allen-kun?

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