Chapter 7: Multiple…Innocence?

"T-That Innocence…i-i-it belonged t-to…General Yeegar…"

And there, shining under the light of the full moon, was the chain and the pendulums connected to it…the Innocence of the late General Yeegar.

"Who?!" Timothy asked Link from the streets, a very confused look plastered on his face. Timcampy fluttering above his head.

"General Kevin Yeegar…" Link repeated, still staring at the chains hanging in the air, "One of our oldest General…until he was killed in a fight with two Noahs, along with his Innocence and the nine others he carried with him at that time."

Timothy then turned to look at the chain again, his grip on the stolen scepter tightening.

The chains suddenly reeled back to their current wielder. Allen glared at Phantom Pierriot, who was looking at some round object on his left hand; he was going to ask how he got that Innocence when the thief swung the chained pendulums and they shot towards the white haired boy.

Allen jumped towards his left and off the roof on reflex, seeing the chained pendulum coming towards him rapidly. However, just a split second before he jumped, the pendulum split into three and their course changed, two collided with the roof, while the other one continued moving in the air. The cursed Exorcist then found out that the third pendulum was on the course towards him. His cowl came to life again and swung in front of their wielder. They collided with the pendulum just in time, but the projectile was only deviated to the right a little, resulting in it grazing his right side. The wound was quite deep, but not deep enough to be considered life threatening. The pendulums then reeled back towards their wielder.

"Damn…I didn't see that part where his white whatever that is would protect him…no matter…" the white haired Exorcist heard him say and saw the round object that he was holding, it was the crystal ball that belonged to a girl he met while finding his Master Cross, Mei Ling, and allowed her to see into the future. Allen widened his eyes upon recognition of the ball, thinking, I know I saw Lulubell destroy that Innocence, so…how is he able to use it, General Yeegar's Innocence too?

"How…how did you get that Innocence and use it?" Allen finally manages to voice out his thoughts, trembling slightly.

"Hm?" the thief muttered, and then looking at the crystal ball, then back at the boy, "You mean this? I dunno, sort of…came to me…I guess. Anyways…" Phantom Pierriot trailed off and moved the crystal ball behind him. Allen saw another dim green flash before his opponent pulled out his left hand.

"Kigen! Kuragari!(1)" the thief called out as he pulled out a black blade from behind his back with his left hand. Allen sweat dropped at this, and thought, Just how is he hiding so many weapons behind his back?! And how many?!

The Exorcist was broken out of his train of thought when Phantom Pierriot spoke again. "Why don't you just run away before I kill you, you police?" It wasn't a question; it was more like an order. However, this statement made the two Exorcists and one Inspector sweat dropped, all of them thinking along the lines of 'He still thinks we're police…'

However, Allen didn't have time to think further when he noticed his target suddenly jumping towards him, the black blade held above his head. Phantom Pierriot swung his right arm and the chained pendulums flew towards him. He jumped away, only to see a black sword being swung at him. The white haired boy had, just in time, swung his claw forward and blocked the coming attack. His opponent suddenly jumped back and Allen heard faint sounds of something spinning, getting louder and louder. The cursed Exorcist instinctively jumped aside, and saw three spinning objects whizz past him. They hit the roof across the street and an explosive followed.

When the heck did he do that?! Allen thought. However, before he could do anything, a chain wrapped itself around his ankle and he was pulled backwards, falling face first on the roof. He whipped around quickly, now being dragged on his back, and immediately regretting taking that course of action as a jolt of pain came from his back and side whenever he hit a bump on the roof. Upon seeing his opponent raise his blade and about to thrust it at him, Allen grabbed his left wrist and pulled, transforming it into his Sword of Exorcism.

Both blades collided and the sounds of metal hitting against metal resounded through the night. Allen pulled his free leg back and kicked the thief in the abdomen. Phantom Pierriot grunted and the chain around the white haired boy loosened. The white haired Exorcist took advantage of the moment to completely free his leg and jumped back away from his target, holding his weapon tightly. Allen really didn't want to use his Sword of Exorcism, to be honest, he was actually a little bit afraid to use it. Ever since that day he stabbed himself with his own sword and it hurt him, he was a bit afraid to use it, but he will if he has to.

Phantom Pierriot stumbled back a little, clutching his abdomen. He glared at the white haired Exorcist and Allen returned the glare. Both of them stared at each other from the opposite ends of the roof they were on. Then the cursed Exorcist blinked, and blinked again to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him, it was not…the chained pendulum on his right arm…was now gone.

"You know…You aren't that bad…for a police…" Phantom Pierriot said in between pants, and that last part would have made Timothy, Allen and Link faint if not for the situation at hand.

"I told…you…we're…not with the…police…" Allen said, also between pants, "And you're…not so bad…yourself…"

Both fighters then visibly tightened their grip on their weapons, and, without warning or any sign whatsoever, charged towards each other, their weapons held high above their heads, the distance between the two of them rapidly closing. From down below the streets, the youngest Exorcist and blond Inspector knew the battle was coming to an end.

However, just as the two were mere inches apart and their blades already halfway being brought down, Allen's Sword of Exorcism, cowl and mask emitted a green flash, Phantom Pierriot's black blade, cowl, mask and the air around him also emitted the same green flash. In a blink of an eye, all of them, the mask, cowl and weapons, all disappeared.

Allen and the thief widened their eyes at their weapons disappearance, and because they couldn't stop the forward momentum of their movement, their foreheads collided with each other. Both staggered backwards, clutching their foreheads and crying out in pain, and lost their footing, causing them to start falling towards the ground, screaming. Fortunately, the building they were on was only two stories high. Unfortunately, Link didn't bother to try and catch them, and Timothy couldn't catch them because of his small body, and he also had completely forgotten he could've possessed someone else to catch them. And because of those two factors, the falling duo ended up crashing headfirst into the ground, and Timcampy immediately flew towards its master.

Why didn't you try to catch them, Master? Tsukikami asked his master.

"Um…because I'm too small to catch them…" Timothy countered, saying it in a 'matter of fact' tone.

True…but you do remember you could've possessed someone else to catch them, right? Like that Inspector Link… Tsukikami asked, pointing to the said Inspector. Timothy sweated dropped and didn't answer Tsukikami's question, instead he just ran off towards his white haired comrade.

"You okay?" he asked, helping Allen get up.

"Yeah…but what about him?" the cursed Exorcist asked, rubbing his head looking at the person that was Phantom Pierriot. But before either of the two Exorcists could ask, the person answered.

"Yeah, I'm fine…" he said, trying to get up, "Hey, you with the white hair! What's your name?"

"Who me?" Allen asked, pointing to himself with his index finger.

"No, the old man with white hair beside you," the person said sarcastically, rolling his eyes, then he yelled, "OF COURSE I'M TALKING TO YOU!"

"Oh! My name's Allen, Allen Walker," the said Exorcist replied.

"Hm…The name's Alan, Alan Zenes," the thief introduced, managing to stand up and then he looked like he was thinking before continuing, "But just call me Zenes, cause since mine and Allen's first name are pronounced almost the same, its gonna be damn confusing calling for us. Oh, and Allen…really sorry for trying to kill ya, its just that I sometimes get a little carried away."

"No need to apologize," the white haired assured. Now the Exorcists and Inspector could see their target clearer up-close. He looked a bit like Allen, except with black hair, blue eyes with a tint of green and the lack of a disfigured arm. He also had a red scar running down his left eye in the same fashion as Allen's, except instead of a pentacle with a circle around it on his forehead, it was a red cross. He also looked to be around Allen's age.

"Nice to meet cha! Mine's Timothy Hearst," the youngest Exorcist introduced, "And that Two-Spots over there-" Timothy pointed to the blond Inspector, "-is Link."

"Hey!" the said Inspector retorted.

"So what are you police gonna do with me now?" Zenes asked, crossing his arms.

"I told you, we're not with the police," Allen said, "Why do you steal anyway?"

"I live on the streets with nothing! My parents died a few years back! You try living like that and see if you decide to steal or do nothing!" the black haired teen retorted angrily.

Silence then followed.

"Hey, Zenes…" Timothy called, breaking the silence.

"What…" the said teen responded, calming down.

"How do you want to come back with us and join the Black Order? You'll have a place to stay and have plenty of food to eat."

Zenes raised an eyebrow. "What's the catch?" he asked, leaning forward slightly.

"You'll have to help us defeat the Millennium Earl, his family: the Noahs, and his pawns: the Akumas."

"I don't really get it; I only know the Millennium Earl part."

"Wait…you know about the Earl?" Allen asked.

"Yeah…that's how I got this scar," Zenes explained, pointing to the said scar above his left eye, "But I'll explain it further later, I'm beat."

"Walker, I forgot to ask, but why'd you deactivate your Innocence in that battle?" Link asked, more like ordered, monotonously.

"I didn't! Crown Clown deactivated by itself!" Allen retorted.

"Hey! Is what you call 'Innocence' what Allen and I were using just now?" Zenes asked, causing the other three to look at him.

"Yes, why?" Link answered.

"Cause mine deactivated by itself too."

"I wonder why that happened, maybe we could ask Helvaska when we get back to HQ," Allen said to himself.

"Whatever, I'm gonna find somewhere to sleep, wanna come help me?" Zenes asked, turning around and started walking away.

Just when Allen, Link and Timothy were about to follow him, some people in uniforms and holding guns appeared and pointed their guns at them.

"Freeze! Put your hands above your head!" one of the police ordered, "You four are under arrest for damaging government property, and being suspected of being the accomplices of Phantom Pierriot!"

"WHAT!?!?!?!" Allen and Timothy exclaimed as the police surrounded them, it was only then did Timothy realized that he was still holding the scepter.

"Quiet! You have the right to remain silent!" another one of the police ordered. Zenes then turned to face the two Exorcists with his hands up.

"Wow, I guess you really were telling the truth…that you aren't with the police," he stated, genuinely surprised.

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Translation: (1) Rise! Darkness!

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