Giving birth

For a 16 year old your suppose to have fun go out with friends and have crazy sleepovers but not for Jenny she had to give birth to her dead baby.

On her 16th birthday party Jenny Humphrey lost her virginity to no other then Nate Archibald, no one knew about this it was a secret both of them wanted to hide for the rest of there lives. That was until Jenny came out the drug store with a pregnancy test, she got home and ran to the toilet to check if it was true it came back positive. 4 months later Jenny was starting to show and rumors then had started to go round, one was she was getting fat the other was of course her being pregnant but Jenny decided to just decline whatever they said that was until 4 and a half months later Jenny was in art class when her waters broke no one knew what to do, some stood there confused others were helping her up and some were too bothered in there own little conversation in the end they took her to the hospital where she began giving birth but when the little boy was born he wasn't crying and they took him a way too quick for her to see him.

''What's wrong'' Jenny asked.

''I'm sorry to say this but your baby did not survive he's umbilical cord was wrapped round his neck sometimes this can happen and when it does the baby dies'' The nurse told her.

''How can my baby be dead I just gived birth to it'' Jenny told them crying.

''I'm sorry mam it just happens sometimes''

''Right I'm sure it fucking does, can I ask you a question'' Jenny asked the nurse.

''Sure darling what is it''

''How can a 16 year old get over the death of there baby son when he was just born,and all this was supposed to be a mistake but it still happened'' Jenny told her sobbing again.

''Well I wouldn't know Ive never had a child and I suppose because your so young it must be hard'' With that the nurse walked out the room leaving a sad and lonely Jenny that was until Nate walked through the door.

''Nate, What are you doing here'' She asked him quietly.

''I heard at school that your water broke in art and I guess I knew the baby was mine'' He told her.

''Clever ghess, well if your looking for him then your not going to find him here''

''What do you mean'' He asked.

''I gave birth to a dead baby'' Telling Nate that he's son had died just burst the happy bubble in his belly.

''What'' He asked still not understanding.

''He died NATE'' Jenny shouted at him.

''I gotta go I can't stay here any longer'' He told her quickly and rushed out the doors.

After that day at the hospital things seemed to change for Jenny for a starter she was the headline news of gossip girl, her dad and brother would never leave her alone and Nate despised everything about her he blamed her for there child dying, school wasn't the same either when she would walk passed people they would whisper something to there other friend about her being a slag or about her dying baby and all Jenny could do was watch and the question she kept asking herself was what if there was no baby in the beginning what would of been the change.

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