It was an average day at the host club, excluding one thing. There were no sweets placed out on the table and on forth of the customers were missing. Also one of the host club members were missing, strangely only one. Mitsukuni Haniozuka was missing. Takashi Morinozuka was there. The cousins were hardly ever separated. Why would they be now. Mori was silent through the whole day not saying a word to anyone. The host club had tried their best to cheer him up, but now the host club was meeting the third music room was open, but no one was happy, no one was laughing, no one was smiling. Everyone just watched as Mori stared blankly out the window, as if he was waiting for someone to appear.

Haruhi watched him as everyone else did, then she looked away. What is Mori thinking at this very second? She wondered repeatedly she looked back, where is Hani?

The host club closed all of the clients left, one by one. Leaving the members who waited for Mori to move, but it was useless. In the end everyone had gone except for Mori himself and Haruhi. She decided to try to talk to him.

As she walked towards him she could hear her footsteps echoing through the room. Complete silence except for her breathing and footsteps. She put her hand on his shoulder and asked "Are you okay?" The simple words meant the world to Mori. No one had asked him that, probably expecting a silent glare, but in truth Mori just wanted someone to ask him that, to care, or pretend to, to not care about the probable silence that would follow.

Haruhi gasped as Mori fell into her arms sobbing, basically crushing her in the effort. It hurt and she was slammed to the floor with him falling on top of her. She let him stay like that, with his head in her lap. Her, petting his hair trying to comfort him, didn't mind even though her legs were going numb. She loved him, she had just realized herself, but somehow, he had known. He had been thinking about her and had watched her since she arrived. Why she called to him while Tamaki was being especially annoying, was beyond him. He watched her enough to know the looks she gave to someone she loved. Unintentionally, probably she had been giving them to him. Now he was alone and he had no one, no one but her.

"Mori Senpei, what is wrong. Will you tell me, can you?" She asked when he had calmed down some.

"Mitsukuni is gone. He has moved." He said quietly, he had only realized what it had meant for him when Haruhi had asked, his life was pointless now. He had no one to protect, no purpose.. Haruhi let out an almost silent gasp. Poor Mori, she thought, he was all alone now. He doesn't have to be though; I would stay with him forever. As that realization poured into her consciousness, she hugged him closer. He returned the hug, treasuring it, basking in it, hoping for all he was worth that she would stay. He could prevent her leaving, in the way he wanted to she wouldn't want to leave, he hoped. He took a risk, in one swift movement he changed the positions so that she was now in his lap.

She didn't struggle she just stayed and curled into him, showing that she returned his love for the first time intentionally. They stayed like that for a long time, him no longer weeping, and her no longer trying to comfort but doing so.

There they stayed, for the rest of the day. Haruhi had to call her father and tell him that she was staying, but strangely, he already knew. "Kyouya" She muttered into the phone. Her father grunted in agreement then hung up not letting anything else slip.

Outside Kaoru and Hikaru sit, hardly concealed, by the window, eating popcorn and videotaping. Kaoru feels slightly guilty for spying on the only person who was ever able to tell them apart and the only person who was able to make Mori happy that day. Hikaru was fuming about having to do the lords dirty work, but in truth was watching with interest. He wondered if this would make Haruhi happy. He couldn't help the feeling that he wanted to protect her. Not too far away Kyoya was sitting with his laptop on his, well, lap. The king was nearby tied to a tree, struggling to get free.

They stayed and soon Haruhi was asleep in Mori's arms. They had hardly spoken the whole time. Then Haruhi woke up at about midnight still in Mori's arms. She looked up at him, had he slept at all? She saw that he was dozing and gently attempted to climb out of his arms. The attempt was futile in the end, because he woke up anyways. He looked down at her silently and cupped her cheek, tilted her head back to an angle that would have hurt had she not been otherwise occupied, and pressed his lips lightly to hers

Haruhi almost broke the kiss with a gasp of surprise but managed to stay and enjoy it. She could feel the love he felt for her rushing through his lips into hers and he felt hers. The sat thee eyes closed enjoying each other's lips for what seemed like hours. When they broke the kiss, Haruhi slipped back onto Mori's lap.

Outside, Hikaru was fuming, for real this time and Kaoru had to hold his twin down to prevent him from storming in there. Hikaru continued shouting profanities until his brother calmed him down.

"You love her, don't you?" Kaoru said calmly to his twin. He nodded begrudgingly. "If you love her, you want her to be happy, don't you." Kaoru said slowly coaxing his brother into the realization. Hikaru nodded again trying to figure out what his brother was getting at. "Then you have to let her go, look at her in there." Haruhi was smiling brighter than ever as she laughed at something that Mori whispered into her ear. "She's as happy as ever with him, you would never be able to give your whole heart to her, to much is already taken." Kaoru looked almost regretful for the bond his brother and him shared. "I'm not saying that you have to let go of her completely, you couldn't do that, I know, but just let go of this particular bond you cling to."

Hikaru was still watching Haruhi with a sad glimmer in his eyes when he said, "I know," And that was all that needed to be said as the couple slowly fell asleep.

Farther away, Kyouya. Was watching the kiss via the video camera he had had the Hitachiin brothers set up. Tamaki was still tied to the tree and struggling.

"Tamaki, it is useless. This was bound to happen. If anything was to happen to Hani, Haruhi was always second to him, now she is first and she will always be, because now she can never leave him."

He stopped struggling and, at the same time Hikaru admitted defeat he said, I know.

Far away in another county across the sea, it was late night, or very early morning, A young looking boy, a senior in high school really was sitting in a well furnished kitchin eating cake with his younger brother looking at him disgustedly from around a corne. Hani muttered these words as he polished off his cake. "They know."