I have no excuse for not writing for so long. It's like a month into the summer vacation and I've been on the computer enough. I think I may have lost my train of thought for the story since I don't have chapter four on this computer. I'm not even sure I started writing it at all while I was at school. Well enough pointless blabber, back to writing!!

"Mori, where are you?" Haruhi yelled as she ran through the house. Terror flew through her veins as she looked everywhere for her boyfriend. She finally found him in his office his large chair turned around.

"Mori, where have you been, I've been looking for you everywhere." She stated as she walked towards him. The chair turned around, revealing, not Mori, but a black haired child, two years old. Suddenly Mori popped up from behind the chair and walked towards Haruhi in his casual clothes that she found so appealing.

"Haruhi, I've been here all along. Our son gets bored easily." Mori said in a kind voice as he patted the child on the head. Our child. Haruhi thought, questions filled her head as she watched Mori pick up the child, a broad smile on his face. They both started singing her name. "Haruhi, Haruhi."

"Haruhi, wake up it's time for school." Said the voice she'd been wanting to hear since last night. She opened her eyes and saw Mori, dressed in the Ouran High school uniform. She groaned and turned over, then, obediently got out of bed. She stumbled towards the bathroom as she heard Mori laugh from behind her.

"Everyone is staring." Haruhi said as she walked on to the grounds of Ouran High. For the first time, wearing a girl uniform. Her hair had grown out over the summer holiday to its original length. It was like no one had ever seen her before. All of the boys looked at her, their gazes lingering on her large eyes before looking at the rest of her body. She ducked under Mori's arm, she had never been shy but, she thought wryly, there is a first for everything. Mori laughed quietly.

"Your behavior is absurd. You look absolutely gorgeous and should not be ashamed of it." It was the first time he had said so much in front of people who had known him for a long time. The stares turned from wonder to shock then to understanding. The face that Mori and Haruhi were an item would spread quickly across the school. It didn't seem to bother anyone that Haruhi was actually a girl who had been disguised as a guy for a long time. In fact several of the girls boasted that they had known-or had guessed- that Haruhi was a girl from the beginning. Haruhi just blushed and ducked farther into Mori.

Mori couldn't help but notice how good Haruhi looked in the uniform. He also couldn't miss the jealous stares of the boys in the school. So, to stake his claim, before he and Haruhi had to part ways, he kissed her, not just a kiss though, a long, lingering kiss.

Haruhi didn't mind his possessiveness in the least. The gleam in his eyes when he saw other boys looking at her was strangely satisfying. She giggled after he kissed her and watched him turn in a flourish. He started walking down the hall and turned back frequently. Just to make sure she was still there. She waved to him one last time and turned toward her first class. She felt strangely giddy. Then she thought about her dream this morning.

It confused her; she never intended to have children. She didn't believe that Mori intended to have any anytime soon either. What could it possibly mean she wondered as she walked into class.

"Have an interesting summer Haruhi?" Hikaru asked, his words coated with venom.

"He's just mad because you didn't call us, I'm a little peeved myself. I just hide it better." Kaoru said.

"Interesting, yes. Did I miss you guys? Sure, but, I'm content with how my summer turned out. How about you guys." Said Haruhi, her mind elsewhere.

"Well, my best friend ignored me. I guess it could have been worse." Said Hikaru, the venom still there.

"Yeah she could have ignored you and you could look like me." Kaoru joked. The humor completely passed with the burning look Hikaru gave him.

"Yeah, umm…hey guys I'm sorry to ruin your moment and I'm sorry I ruined you summer. But, can we just let the past be the past get over the fact that you two look exactly alike, and start getting along again?" They both turned to her purposely ignoring the other. Haruhi sighed. "All of us." She said and gave them both a questioning look.

They looked at each other and turned away. "Sure, whatever." They said in unison. The contradiction in the moment caused Haruhi to burst out in laughter. They had completely distracted her from her confusing dream. This could be an interesting day. She thought, between the twin's eccentrics and Mori's jealousy, she figured she wouldn't have a thought to spare. The twins started laughing with her and then the bell rang.