Beginning Of The End

Life was good. It had been a nightmare for awhile there, but that was in the past. She was back with Willow, as of the day before, and they were happy, just like they used to be.

Rather than taking the usual route with their relationship and taking things slowly, they had jumped right in where they left off. It was the best decision they had made since they first got together.

They needed no more time apart to mend. They could heal together.

Smiling from across the room, Tara watched Willow as she rearranged her clothes in the chest of drawers. That drawer would soon be hers again. They'd soon be living together once more.

That very thought set her heart alight with the promise of what was to come. If their relationship in earlier days had anything to do with it, they were in for some great times.

This time around Tara knew in her heart that Willow would not endanger it. Willow would not risk using too much magic if it meant losing her again. She had proven herself.

Their happy ending had begun.

A sudden crack splits the air and for a moment, Tara cannot comprehend what made the sound. Her eyes lock onto Willow's, questioning her without a word. And then she sees the splatter of red against the white of Willow's blouse.

"Your shirt," she said, frowning.

Before she knew what was happening, she fell forward and Willow ran towards her.

"Tara? Tara?! Baby?"

Tara could feel Willow take her in her arms right before her body went limp.